Senior seeking career advice on psychology fields that work with underserved populations

Hello! I am a senior studying psychology, and I am working on figuring out the direction I’d like my career to go after college. I have had a variety of experiences helping others, including working as a Teaching Assistant at Lemberg Children’s Center for the past few years, working with survivors of acquired brain injury at Supportive Living Inc., volunteering as a peer supporter for STAR, and volunteering at a mental health services center when I studied abroad in Denmark. I also am currently doing my senior thesis at the CoPE Lab, studying how different coping strategies can buffer against the effects of stress on depression symptoms.
It has become clear to me that I want to help others, especially those in underserved communities. While I love working one-on-one with people, I am also very interested in planning as a whole to help people (lately I have been particularly been interested in at-risk youth in underserved communities). I have been looking into macro-social work, and I was thinking this might be the right field for me, but I’m not quite sure. Do you have any insight into other fields I could look at? Also, do you have any advice for positions and experiences to seek right after graduation? Thank you in advance!

Name: Rachel Groth ’19
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Hauppauge, NY
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