Sophomore needs help deciding which area of finance to pursue this summer

Hello. I am a sophomore with a double major in economics and business. On campus, I am an analyst for the Brandeis Undergraduate Investment Club, a teaching assistant for financial accounting, and a member of Brandeis’ club soccer team. Academically, I am very interested in accounting, finance, competitive strategy, and business analytics. However, I have had difficulty determining what specifically I want to do this summer for an internship. I would love to connect with fellow Brandesians who work in finance to learn more about different areas of the field. Additionally, I would appreciate advice as to how to best align myself to succeed in the future financial world (whether it be by learning specific programming languages, reading certain books, practicing certain networking habits, etc.). Thank you, and I look forward to connecting!

Name: Robert Banks ’21
Majors: Economics, business
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
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