Student athlete trying to diversify finance experience beyond wealth management

I am a student-athlete wrapping up my first semester of my junior year. I have a strong passion for finance and the business industry. I have been networking on LinkedIn with alumni in fields that I am interested in. I have had many calls where I have learned more about the industry and different avenues within finance.

I have found interest in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking. I made it to the final rounds of a summer analyst role in Loan Capital Markets with U.S. Bank; however, I failed to land the offer. I apply to at least one internship a day, and I attempt to cast a wide net in terms of size of branch, job, hours, pay, and such. I have the opportunity to return back to Merrill Lynch in Naples, Florida to intern in Wealth Management, but I am trying create more opportunity for myself in other fields.

I am hoping to find more networking opportunities to hopefully get my foot in the door in a big city. I hope to find myself in a position to learn and create opportunity moving forward.

Name: Jackson Carman ’20
Majors: Business, English
Hometown: Naples, FL
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