Junior seeking summer internship in environmental law/conservation policy

I’m a junior graduating a semester early with a B.S. in HSSP and minors in legal studies and philosophy. I studied international criminal law in The Hague last summer and spent my childhood living as an expat in Shanghai among other overseas experiences, which have made multinational communities feel accessible and endlessly inspiring.

Through independent studies and extracurricular pursuits I’ve developed a keen interest in environmental work and in particular, environmental law. This summer job or internship would be my first exposure to work in the environmental sector, so I’d like to work for a smaller-sized organization that would allow me more freedom to expand the breadth of my understanding of how conservation policy works. I can’t wait to channel my collaborative spirit and dedication to seeing things through into the people, projects, and mission I support this summer and beyond.

I’d appreciate your career advice or to hear about your own career journey.

Name: Kaitlyn Mok ’19
Major: Health: science, society, and policy
Minors: Legal studies, philosophy
Hometown: Irvine, CA / Shanghai, China
Email: keitaylo@brandeis.edu
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