Senior looking to focus on community organizing, advocacy and policy analysis

Hello! I am a senior currently applying for entry-level positions in community organizing and policy analysis. My ideal career would actualize social justice through politics, likely through advocacy and organizing. I have been applying mostly to nonprofits, but am hoping to hear advice about the full range of jobs I should be considering (e.g. government, private sector, political campaigns). One of the issues I am struggling with is choosing an issue to work on – I have experience in gun violence prevention activism but am also interested in sustainability, mental health, and criminal justice, to name a few.

Where do you see someone like myself starting their career? When and how do you recommend that people focus on a specific issue in their advocacy?
Thank you in advance!

Name: Sagie Tvizer ’19
Majors: Politics, history
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ
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2015 grad hoping to connect with alums in wildlife conservation, advocacy, outreach or research

I have worked extensively with animals and always had a passion for the environment. I want to combine the two and go into wildlife conservation. I’m seeking advice from anyone who works in conservation advocacy, outreach or research. I’d love to know what you do and what experiences have led you to your career. Thank you in advance!

: Sarah Copel ’15
Majors: Biology, psychology
Minor: Theater arts
Hometown: Yorktown, NY
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Senior looking to take on entry-level job in publishing, marketing, or digital media

I am a graduating senior looking to tackle an entry-level job ideally in marketing, publishing, or digital media. My internship and work experience have given me a thorough understanding of marketing and sales. However, with my majors being in politics and my minors being in creative writing and environmental studies, my practical experience is a unique blend of disciplines. I am currently a Marketing Assistant at Brandeis International Business School, Social Media Strategist for an environmental nonprofit, and an Amazon Prime Student Ambassador for the school year. I prefer to be busy, which is hopefully evident. My dream has always been to enter the publishing industry because I am a passionate reader and amateur book reviewer. I have found it difficult to get past step one when applying to publishing-related roles, so any advice there is absolutely wanted. I am always finding new ways to blend these passions of mine, but am finding it difficult to find a clear path forward. Any advice and discussion are valuable! Thanks.

Name: Charlotte Lang ’19
Majors: Politics, Environmental studies
Minor: Creative writing
Hometown: Hollis, NH
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Senior seeking advice for entering the commercial video, TV, film industry

I am in my final semester at Brandeis and am searching for find a job in video for after graduation. I would ultimately like to have a career shooting and editing video. I have interned doing commercial video for American Eagle/Aerie and am hoping for advice on getting started in the commercial video, television and film industry. Additionally, my portfolio can be found at if you are interested in viewing my work. Thank you for your help!

Name: Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman ’19
Majors: Film, television and interactive media; Interpersonal and mass communications
Hometown: Salem, MA
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Senior seeking advice from alumni in media and Los Angeles

I’m a senior majoring in English and Film, Television, and Interactive Media looking for career advice. I’ve been considering moving to L.A. after I graduate to work in the film industry. At Brandeis I’ve focused on expanding my network and developing my technical skills with cameras, editing, etc., but I’m unsure about what the next step would be to work in media production. A long-term goal would be to become a screenwriter, but I’m unsure of how to start on that path—I would love to learn how one starts out in a TV writer’s room. Any advice from people based in the area working in a media industry would be extremely welcome.

Name: Noah Harper ’19
Majors: Film, Television, and Interactive Media, English
Hometown: Austin, TX
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Sophomore hoping to connect with corporate lawyers

Hi! I am double majoring in economics and psychology. This past summer I interned at the Legal Aid Society as an investigative intern and had an amazing experience. I would love to explore the corporate world of law and am looking for advice on how to leverage my past experience to make me an ideal candidate for corporate law positions. I would also just love to talk to anyone in the legal field and learn more about what you do!

Name: Noa Hankin ’20
Majors: Economics, psychology
Hometown: New York
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Posted in Law

Senior seeking speech pathologist for advice on gap year, grad school

I am a current Brandeis senior looking for work for next year and possibly even next semester as I will be reduced status. I am hoping to go into the field of Speech Language Pathology and would love to do something related to that field during a gap year as I apply to graduate schools. I have already taken most of the prerequisite classes for graduate school online and have begun looking into fields such as ABA therapy or classroom aide positions for next school year. I would also love any advice on anything that will be helpful when applying to graduate school.

Name: Arinn Polinsky ’19
Major: Linguistics
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
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Neuro major seeking advice on internships, grad schools that focus on human-machine interaction

Hello! I’m a sophomore pursuing a BS/MS in neuroscience, and I work in a systems neuroscience lab exploring memory and learning. I am really interested in how digital technology affects humans and have taken some CS and anthropology courses. After graduation, I want to conduct and/or report research on related topics, both as a scientist and as a writer. I am reaching out to seek recommendations for graduate school programs that focus on human-machine interaction and possible internship/volunteering opportunities that would better my understanding of the topic. Thank you so much!

Name: Ziyi Guo ’21
Majors: Neuroscience, psychology
Hometown: Waltham, MA
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Careers that support the mental health/legal rights of immigrants?

I am a senior graduating in May that is interested in supporting the mental health of Latino immigrant families, especially unaccompanied minors. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have worked in many multilingual settings.
To better support this population, I am hoping to work in the field of immigration law this summer. I am most interested in non-profit organizations, but I am also open to immigration law firms, especially if they are in the Bay Area. What motivates you most about your job and how has your role changed over your time in this field?
I have applied for a Fulbright scholarship to teach English and work at a community health clinic in México for the following academic year, so I would also love to learn more about that program. What were the benefits and challenges of taking this gap year program?
In sum, I would like to hear from alumni that have experience working with immigrant families, whether it be by way of health or legal assistance. Thank you in advance for your time!

Name: Nina Rosenblatt ’19
Majors: Psychology, Hispanic studies
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area
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Student athlete trying to diversify finance experience beyond wealth management

I am a student-athlete wrapping up my first semester of my junior year. I have a strong passion for finance and the business industry. I have been networking on LinkedIn with alumni in fields that I am interested in. I have had many calls where I have learned more about the industry and different avenues within finance.

I have found interest in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking. I made it to the final rounds of a summer analyst role in Loan Capital Markets with U.S. Bank; however, I failed to land the offer. I apply to at least one internship a day, and I attempt to cast a wide net in terms of size of branch, job, hours, pay, and such. I have the opportunity to return back to Merrill Lynch in Naples, Florida to intern in Wealth Management, but I am trying create more opportunity for myself in other fields.

I am hoping to find more networking opportunities to hopefully get my foot in the door in a big city. I hope to find myself in a position to learn and create opportunity moving forward.

Name: Jackson Carman ’20
Majors: Business, English
Hometown: Naples, FL
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London calling? Junior seeking specific advice from finance professionals in US and UK

Hello. I’m a junior studying economics, business, and computer science. I am very interested in finance, and I have applied to many positions in the following fields: Sales & Trading, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Quantitative Analysis, and Capital Markets. If you have any experience in these industries, I would like to ask some career related questions to help find the right fit for me. For example, do you think one of these industries are in higher demand than the other? Do you think one of the industries will be more valuable in the future?

Also, regarding your current position, what actions did you take to attain your role? Was it through honing your skills through business school or tests like the CFA? Was it through networking? Did you transfer within your company to your current position?

A lot of my internship applications are for positions in London, but I have never been there before. I would love to gain a better understanding of the finance work culture in London compared to the United States before I have an in-person interview with any interested firms.

Some other questions I would like to ask: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? If hiring, what would you look for from new graduates from your firm, and what is the best way to prepare for interviews?

I look forward to speaking with you.

Name: Theo Golob ’20
Majors: Economics, business
Hometown: Wellesley Hills, MA
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Sophomore needs help deciding which area of finance to pursue this summer

Hello. I am a sophomore with a double major in economics and business. On campus, I am an analyst for the Brandeis Undergraduate Investment Club, a teaching assistant for financial accounting, and a member of Brandeis’ club soccer team. Academically, I am very interested in accounting, finance, competitive strategy, and business analytics. However, I have had difficulty determining what specifically I want to do this summer for an internship. I would love to connect with fellow Brandesians who work in finance to learn more about different areas of the field. Additionally, I would appreciate advice as to how to best align myself to succeed in the future financial world (whether it be by learning specific programming languages, reading certain books, practicing certain networking habits, etc.). Thank you, and I look forward to connecting!

Name: Robert Banks ’21
Majors: Economics, business
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
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Varsity baseball player with interests in chemistry and biology looking for advice on finding first internship

Hi! I am a sophomore at Brandeis University. I am an aspiring Chemistry and Biology major. I am also on the Varsity Baseball team here at Brandeis. I have learned a lot from my teammates, who I consider to be family. They have taught me how to work hard. Regarding advice, I am looking for my first real summer job/internship and I am a little overwhelmed. I would like to hear how alumni got their career started! Any advice will be useful. Thanks!

Name: Daniel Frey ’21
Majors: Chemistry, biology
Hometown: Boston, MA
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French-speaking senior hoping to start career at think tank or risk assessment firm, in US or abroad

Hello! I’m a politics and French major set to graduate in spring 2019, and I’m looking for career advice. My interests include U.S. foreign policy, European politics, and transatlantic relations. Right now I’m working on an honors thesis concerning NATO expansion. Having spent a semester in Paris, I am open to working abroad, especially in Europe. I am also fluent in French.

All that said, I’m most interested in working at a think tank or risk assessment firm, and would love to talk to alumni about them. Thank you for your time!

Name: Peri Meyers ’19
Majors: Politics, French
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
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Senior English major seeking career advice in the publishing industry

Hello! I am a senior majoring in English and anthropology, and I know I would like to work in book publishing after graduation. This past summer I interned at Massie & McQuilkin, a literary agency in NYC, and I am currently in the process of applying and interviewing for Boston-area editorial internships for spring 2019. I am looking for advice from those who have found work in publishing, regardless of whether or not you work in an editorial department. It would be so helpful to hear about your career trajectories; what was your first job? Did you apply to work at magazines or newspapers as well? Additionally, if anyone has any insight on the Boston publishing scene, and how it differs from New York, I would love to hear about that. There seem to be less publishing opportunities in Boston, and I want to ensure I begin my job search in a place where there is room for growth. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Name: Abigail Gardener ’19
Majors: English, anthropology
Hometown: Nutley, NJ
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Senior soccer player seeking advice on preparing for physician assistant school or the medical field

My name is Emily and I am a senior hoping to continue on to Physician Assistant school after taking a gap year. I am most interested in working in gynecology or neonatology and am intrigued in the intersections between human health and the environment. Last spring I was fortunate to have an opportunity to work in neonatal research and while I really enjoyed it, I would like to understand what other opportunities are out there for aspiring physicians to gain experience. As I prepare to graduate in the Spring I would really love advice on how to make my gap year as meaningful as possible and how to navigate finding patient contact opportunities or clinical hours. Any advice from alumni on how you navigated your gap year and balanced finding experience while applying to schools is greatly appreciated!

Name: Emily Thiem ’19
Majors: HSSP
Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ
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Senior seeking direction for entering human capital management and/or consulting

Hi there, my name is Dustin and I am a senior at Brandeis University majoring in business with a specialization in HR. After doing an internship in HR and taking a variety of classes, I realized I really enjoyed Human Capital Management and Consulting. I’d love to get some advice on how to break into this field! I’d also love general advice about landing interviews, conducting case interviews, and professional networking. Thank you!

Name: Dustin Lee ’19
Majors: Business (Specialization in Human Resources and Leadership)
Hometown: Houston, TX
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Junior seeking internship advice for advocacy, human rights, immigration fields

I am a junior majoring in Politics and International and Global Studies with a minor in East Asian Studies. I am interested in learning more about the fields of law, public policy and advocacy . I am interested in finding summer internships in these field with focuses in advocacy for human rights, immigration law, and other public interest sectors. I would greatly appreciate any resources or advice.

Name: Rolanda Donelson ’20
Majors: Politics, international and global studies
Hometown: Washington, DC
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Econ student interested in fashion industry

I am an economics major and I am interested in going into the fashion industry, particularly in being a fashion buyer. I am finding it difficult to get into that industry since Brandeis is not an art/fashion school. I am looking for advice on how I could get involved in the fashion industry with a background like mine. Leads to internships at a fashion company would also be very much appreciated.

Name: Andrea Murillo ’20
Majors: Economics, history
Hometown: Chicago, IL
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Junior seeking business internships in Mandarin-speaking countries

Hello, I am a junior, majoring in anthropology and business. I am learning Mandarin Chinese and am looking for business internships that will help me explore my interests and be exposed to different levels and varieties of business areas. I am looking for advice specifically on international business internships (preferably in Mandarin-speaking countries) with strong mentorship programs or support systems for undergrad interns.

Name: Isabel Yeoh
Class Year: 2020
Majors: Anthropology, business
Hometown: Honolulu
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Mid-career alum seeking program management opportunities in Arabic-speaking countries

I’m a mid-career professional trying to get back to the field that I majored in at Brandeis. I’m completing a MS in Program Evaluation this spring and am looking for evaluation, monitoring, or program management opportunities in the Arabic-speaking Middle East. What’s the best door for entry? Large organizations like the UN or smaller, grassroots humanitarian organizations? In both cases, I’m looking for alumni connections to help me learn more about building a career in this field.

Name: Elizabeth (Bowman) AlFayad
Class Year: 2010
Majors while at Brandeis: Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, international & global studies
Hometown: Rochester, NY
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Do I need to double major in business and co-sci to succeed in data science, or is a minor OK?

I am majoring in computer science and business right now, but the work load is really heavy. In regards to the business and data science industry, is it fundamental that I continue with both these majors? Or is pursuing a minor in business or economics sufficient in order to be prepared for the industry?

Name: Hangyu Du ’21
Majors: Computer Science, Business
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Are co-sci classes necessary to succeed in AI/machine learning? Neuroscience student looking to pivot.

I’m an BS/MS in neuroscience candidate in my last year, with most of my research consisting of neural simulations and computational work. I am interested in applying to jobs in the field of A.I/ machine learning after graduation but did not complete many computer science courses while at Brandeis. How much is coursework in CS valued in the industry as compared to the experience I’ve already had in neuroscience, and what are some things I could do in the next year to strengthen my resume?

Name: Jose Alejandro Garcia ’19
Major: Neuroscience

BA/MA student seeking roles that leverage multicultural, communication, and relationship building skills

I am a BA/MA grad student studying comparative humanities. I have strong multicultural communication and relationship cultivation skills, and excel at visual and content marketing. I am hoping to speak with alumni who currently use these skills in their daily roles to get a better sense of how I can employ them after graduation. I greatly appreciate any help!

Name: Xinyi Du ’18 (BA)
Major: Comparative Humanities
Hometown: Beijing, China
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Sophomore co-sci major looking to transition to consulting/business fields

Hi!  I am a computer science and business double major sophomore. I got experience working at a top-level tech giant when I interned at as a software engineer this summer. I really want experience working in business or consulting next summer. Any advice for transitioning and leveraging my skills would be appreciated.

Name: Hangyu Du ’21
Majors: Computer Science, Business
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Seeking alums who attended southern law schools and/or attorneys practicing advocacy or disability law

I am currently a senior at Brandeis applying to law school. I’m looking at schools in the southeast such as UNC School of Law, UGA, and Wake Forest. I wanted to hear from a current Law student or attorney interested in/practicing Child Advocacy or Disability Law. This is my main field of interest, and as I am currently in the process of applying, I wanted to hear from people who have already done what I am currently doing. Did you take a gap year before you attended, and did you find that experience valuable? What are your favorite parts of the job, and what challenges do you think are most present in daily life because of your career?

Name: Sabrina Greer ’19
Majors: Anthropology and Psychology
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
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Senior seeking advice about product market/management

I am a senior double majoring in International & Global Studies and Sociology interested in learning more about product marketing and/or product management! Last summer, I was first introduced to the product community after doing a product marketing internship. I would love to connect with anyone for advice, opportunities, and resources to learn more about product.

Name: Lauren Chin ’19
Majors: IGS, Sociology
Minor:Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Acton, MA
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Senior seeking career advice on psychology fields that work with underserved populations

Hello! I am a senior studying psychology, and I am working on figuring out the direction I’d like my career to go after college. I have had a variety of experiences helping others, including working as a Teaching Assistant at Lemberg Children’s Center for the past few years, working with survivors of acquired brain injury at Supportive Living Inc., volunteering as a peer supporter for STAR, and volunteering at a mental health services center when I studied abroad in Denmark. I also am currently doing my senior thesis at the CoPE Lab, studying how different coping strategies can buffer against the effects of stress on depression symptoms.
It has become clear to me that I want to help others, especially those in underserved communities. While I love working one-on-one with people, I am also very interested in planning as a whole to help people (lately I have been particularly been interested in at-risk youth in underserved communities). I have been looking into macro-social work, and I was thinking this might be the right field for me, but I’m not quite sure. Do you have any insight into other fields I could look at? Also, do you have any advice for positions and experiences to seek right after graduation? Thank you in advance!

Name: Rachel Groth ’19
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Hauppauge, NY
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Math and economics major seeking internship advice after successful summer at Ernst & Young

This summer, I had an internship at Ernst & Young at the Transaction Advisory Services Department. I want to build on this experience, and currently I am applying for summer internship positions, such as analyst, trader, and market researcher. At Brandeis, I am majoring in Applied Math and Economics. I am seeking advice on possible positions and internship opportunities in this field, and was also wondering which elements of my experience I should highlight when applying to these internships?

Name: Yueting Chen ’21
Major: Math and Economics
Hometown: Beijing, China
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Politics student seeking undergraduate opportunities in international law

Hi!  I am a junior studying politics. I recently participated in the Brandeis in the Hague program for international law, and really fell in love with the field. I was wondering as an undergrad how I can possibly get involved in the international law arena before law school through? Are there internships or other preparatory methods you’d recommend?  Also, I was wondering if you know of any paid opportunities to fund my living expenses while I am interning for such an organization? Thank you so much!

Name: Tom Alger ’20
Major: Politics
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
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Business student with passion for start-ups and aerospace industry

Hi! My name is Amanda Fernbach and I’m a junior studying business with minors in physics and economics. My dream is to work in the aerospace industry because I love space. Alternatively I am also potentially interested in pursuing consulting for start ups. I am seeking for internships for this upcoming summer and would be grateful for the opportunity to speak with anyone working in either the aerospace industry or with start-ups! Thank you so much!

Name: Amanda Fernbach ’20
Major: Business
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
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IGS student seeking opportunities/advice in foreign services, diplomacy, or international NGOs

I am a junior majoring in IGS and politics and am looking to pursue a career in foreign service and diplomacy. Ideally I’d like to work at an FSO for the State Department, but I am also open to other opportunities in international organizations like the UN, UNESCO, World Bank, Interpol, etc. I would love to learn about international opportunities and other organizations with an international focus, and seeking any advice from those who have worked in this field! Thanks so much!

Name: Natalya Wozab ’20
Major: International and Global Studies, Politics
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Recent alum seeking advice on GIS job search

I’m a recent alumna seeking opportunities/advice on utilizing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in a professional job, preferably in New York or Boston. Any advice on jobs or companies to pursue that are seeking people with this knowledge or other skills that might go in conjunction with GIS would be appreciated!

Name: Tova Perlman ’18
Major: Art History
Hometown: Pittsburgh
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2012 grad seeking jobs that promote equity through advocacy/education in NYC

Hi everyone, I am a 2012 alum looking for jobs in NYC working for a foundation, doing corporate social responsibility work, and/or working for the city government. I have my BA in Public Health and MA in Education Policy. For the past three years, I have and currently work for a small non-profit organization doing educational policy and advocacy work on behalf of Native American students.

I am incredibly passionate about serving disadvantaged communities and driven by working towards equity for all communities. Please email me if there are any individuals or organizations that you recommend I follow up with. I am looking to move to work NYC by the end of the summer so any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Name: Dimple Patel ’12
Major: HSSP
Hometown: Washington
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Any actuaries out there? Graduating senior seeks advice on exams, related fields, entry-level positions.

As a double major in math and economics, I am very interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science. I have passed one SOA exam FM and taken exam MFE in March. Currently, I am studying for exam P. Without prior internship experience, I find it very hard to start a career in actuarial science. Should I consider starting a career in related fields while completing more exams? Would you have any tips to learn VBA? Thank you very much for reading this. I greatly appreciate it!

Name: Coco Xiang ’18
Majors: Math and Economics
Hometown: Chongqing, China
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Class of 2016 alum with MPH seeking advice on health policy/communications positions in Boston area.

I am a 2016 graduate of Brandeis. I am about to graduate in a month from Boston University with my MPH, and am looking for a health policy or health communications job in the Boston area. I would love to talk to anyone about potential opportunities, or even just advice on finding a job in public health that is the right fit for me – any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Jessica Plante ’16
Majors: Politics, Health: Science, Society and Policy
Hometown: Hampden, MA
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Forensics, anyone? Graduating senior seeks advice on entering the field.

I am a graduating senior looking for people who are working or have worked in the forensic sciences and are willing to talk about their experiences. I’m thinking about looking for a job in the field and would like to know more about what working in the forensic sciences would entail (different positions, work hours, work environment, general advice, etc.).

Name: Linda Liu ’18
Majors: Biology and Russian Studies
Hometown: Boxborough, MA
View Linda’s LinkedIn profile.

Rising junior seeking internship in marketing/strategy in law or health industry.

I have a strong passion for marketing and business strategy, and would love to apply my knowledge from the classroom and previous positions . I am interested in the fields of business, law, and health. I have worked both nationally and locally, from a non-profit start up in Tel Aviv, Israel to a legal research institute in the New England area. I want to utilize my summer as an intern to make a long-lasting impact. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your organization and explain in more detail my previous experiences and coursework.

Name: Jamie Jason ’20
Majors: Business, Hispanic Studies, Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
View Jamie’s LinkedIn profile.

No marketing major, no problem? Graduating senior seeks advice on California marketing positions.

I am an Economics major looking at career options in California (L.A. or San Francisco preferably) and am very open to different positions. I am particularly interested in careers that are marketing-related and am looking into advertising agencies. Any advice on where to start, especially without a major in marketing, would be helpful. Thank you!!

Name: Yoonjoo Moon
Majors: Economics, Psychology
Hometown: Carbondale, IL
View Yoonjoo’s LinkedIn profile.

Seeking alums who completed MPH at Yale, BU or Emory.

I am a senior looking to talk to any recent alumni who went to Yale, BU, or Emory to complete an MPH (particularly if you were HSSP major while at Brandeis, and pursued your MPH immediately after completing your undergraduate studies). I am in the process of trying to decide which program to attend, so any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Name: Rebecca Miller
Majors: HSSP & Anthropology
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
View Rebecca’s LinkedIn profile.


Class of ’17 alum weighing nursing or DO after MSN-RN degree.

I am a Brandeis Alum (2017) currently pursuing an MSN-RN at Columbia University. I am going to graduate in August and would love to work in the Boston area, preferably in a pediatric, OB, or psychiatric setting. I am planning on pursuing a medical or NP degree after working for a couple years, and would love to gain more experience in a supportive, fast-paced, diverse work environment that will help me become the best health provider possible, and that will invest in my potential. I am very torn between nursing and medicine, and also am unsure of what specialty I would like to pursue (thinking of peds transplant, cardiology, endocrine, or OB/GYN). My program provides very little support and resources, and I would love to speak to a Brandeis grad/connection who can give me a well-rounded and unbiased view of medicine, if it’s worth it with healthcare today to pursue medicine (note: I am interested in DO), and if being an NP is basically on-par with a physician. Thank you!

Name: Rachel Dobkin ’17
Majors: HSSP & Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
View Rachel’s LinkedIn profile.

Math major exploring career options upon graduation.

I am a senior, graduating in May with a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in economics. I am looking to enter the job market, but at the moment I am not sure what career path I would like to pursue. I am originally from Long Island, N.Y. but am planning on moving away after graduation. The city that piques my interest the most is San Diego, although I am open to living and working anywhere.

My previous working experience is varied; I have had internships in residential real estate as well as in government, and since my sophomore year have had an on-campus job in the athletic department.

Potential career-related interests of mine include sports and public transit, and I would definitely be interested in jobs in those fields. Working in the public sector or for a non-profit also piques my interest, but I am willing to consider anything.

If anyone was in a similar situation towards the end of their undergraduate years or has any advice to offer, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Name: Corey Cohen ’18
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Plainview, NY
View Corey’s LinkedIn profile.

Seeking advice on research positions in public health & health policy

I am graduating this coming May with majors in Political Science and International and Global Studies. During my time at Brandeis and through internships that I participated in, I became very interested in health policy and public health research, taking multiple courses in this area to further my academic knowledge. I have been applying to various research positions within these fields, for example at Dartmouth College, MGH, Boston Childrens, RTI and others. I was wondering if you have any advice for a young professional who is seeking to enter the health policy and public health field. I would also like to hear about your experience within this field, how you got started, what your job search process looked like and your experience so far.

Name: Helena Voltmer ’18
Majors: IGS and Politics
Hometown: Windsor, VT
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Business-turned-law senior seeking info on securing entry-level paralegal positions in NYC.

I’m a graduating senior studying Sociology and Business. However, my true passion is law. Although I am not studying law, I have taken course such as Introduction to Law and Business Law to help solidify my interest. After graduation I am moving to NYC and taking a year off before applying to law school. Within that year, I would really enjoy working for a law firm of any sort (small or large) to gain valuable experience before law school. I have begun the process of applying for jobs and find it difficult to obtain a paralegal/legal assistant position without attending law school first. I am searching for any advice a past Brandeis Alum may have to help me better understand how to acquire a job in the legal field. I appreciate any and all feedback!

Name: Eve Hart ’18
Majors: Business & Sociology
Hometown: Manasquan, NJ
View Eve’s LinkedIn profile.

Graduating senior seeks advice on public health jobs before MPH degree.

I am a senior seeking advice on pursuing a Master of Public Health degree, as well as careers relating to public health, government, and non-profits. I have a double major in Health: Science, Society, & Policy and Sociology with broad interests in community health, global health, health communications, health policy, food security, and urban design.

I plan on taking time off before pursuing a MPH and am interested in speaking to alumni who have done the same. I would appreciate advice on applying to public health graduate programs and building work and research experience after graduation. I am eager to listen to your stories and for any guidance you can provide. Thank you!

Name: Sharon Cai ’18
Majors: Health: Science, Society, & Policy and Sociology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
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Senior Basketball Player Seeks to Combine Marketing and Athletics

I am a Sociology major with a minor in business. I am also captain and member of Brandeis Women’s Basketball. My interests in the future is marketing. With my background in athletics, I have found that sports marketing has particularly grabbed my interest because it combines two things that I have a passion for. My internship this fall semester dealt with sports apparel at a start up in Boston and it was a positive and valuable experience. However, I am also eager to doing marketing work with sporting organizations like the NBA. I am grateful for all advice in how to continue to pursue a marketing career, what companies to put on my radar, or just general insight on how to tackle the career field as a senior.  Thank you for your time!

Name: Noel Hodges ’18
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Southampton, New York
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Seeking advice for publishing summer opportunity before grad school

I am a senior seeking advice on entering and working within the publishing industry. I have a double major in European Cultural Studies, & Language and Linguistics. I have additional minors in Classical Studies, Comparative Literature and Culture, and Creative Writing. I have been admitted to the Master of Arts Program in Comparative Humanities at Brandeis University for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Professionally, I work with resident scholar Marg Berg on multiple translation and editing projects through the Women’s Studies Student-Scholar Partnership program. Additionally, I have a position in Office Support in the Brandeis Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. On campus, I am the current Undergraduate Departmental Representative for Comparative Literature and Culture, and I am co-president of Charlamos, a Spanish speaking social group.

I am interested in learning about opportunities to network and gain experience in the summer of 2018 and during grad school.

Name: Talia Franks ’18
Majors: European Cultural Studies; Language and Linguistics
Hometown: Framingham, Massachusetts
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Senior interested in healthcare consulting or biotech/pharmaceutical marketing

I’m an HSSP senior interested in healthcare consulting or biotech/pharmaceutical marketing.  Healthcare consulting piqued my interest because of its wide reach and variety, so I’m looking for advice on entering the industry, finding companies with employment opportunities, and other potential career paths where health plays a major role in the company.

For several summers I’ve interned for a biotech company in the sales development and marketing departments. I want to keep my foot in the science and technical details while being part of the communications, marketing, and PR within the company. Similarly, I’m looking to hear more about people’s experiences with their roles, companies of interest/mention, and other pathways to be involved in this industry.

It’s helpful for me to hear people’s stories, so hearing where you got where you currently are and lessons you’ve learned on the way is a great help!

Name: Avanti Mohan ’18
Major: HSSP
Hometown: Groton, Massachusetts
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Senior hoping to publish paper at CoSci conference

I am seeking advice on how to write successful research papers in computer science. I hope to publish a paper in a computer science conference before I graduate. I am graduating this spring and will go to computer science graduate school, focusing on machine learning and bioinformatics. I have worked on two projects, one is of computer vision and the other is of graph matching and pattern learning. My coauthor and I have submitted the later project to a top bioinformatics conference and got rejected. I would love to hear advice on how to write a competitive paper. Any advice or connections are welcome!

Name: Martin Ma ’18
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: China
Preferred Location: San Francisco Bay area
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Recent grad looking to combine interests in sustainable agriculture and culture

I am a recent graduate of Brandeis with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. I am looking for ways to combine my interests for sustainable agriculture, culture, and working with people. I am looking for advice as to what type of direction I can take within these areas of study. I have experience in education, summer camp, and gardening/farming. I am looking to explore possibilities in the non-profit world, but am open to any suggestions or ideas. Thank you!

Name: Lilah Doris ’17
Major: Environmental Studies, Anthropology
Hometown: Northport, New York
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Sophomore seeking advice for career in conservation biology

I’m a sophomore at Brandeis studying Biology with minors in Environmental Studies and English. I have an interest going into conservation biology, however many of the opportunities available to get hands on experience in this field requires a large fee. I’m wondering how I can manage to get some experience in this field without going broke in the meantime. Any wisdom regarding graduate school programs would also be deeply appreciated.

Name: Jessica Kinsley ’20
Major: Biology
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
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Senior seeking advice on self-marketing for consulting jobs

I am a senior at Brandeis University majoring in Economics and HSSP. I am interested in consulting as a career path post graduating. I was wondering what is the best way to market myself as a strong candidate and gain the initial interviews for post-graduation opportunities? In addition, what advice would you give to seniors in college entering the workforce? Is there anything that you would have done differently looking back now? Thank you!

Name: Shriraj Shah ’18
Majors: Economics and Health: Science, Society & Policy
Hometown: Elmhurst, New York
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Senior interested in machine learning, data science, AI seeks advice on research, grad school

I am a mid-year junior gradating in Dec. 2018. I double major in computer science and mathematics. My interests lie in machine learning, algorithms, combinatorics, natural language processing, data science and AI. I have had an internship experience in software engineering and coursework related to machine learning. Currently I am actively seeking summer research or industry internship opportunities in ML. In the long run, I am thinking about getting a PhD. Any advice you have regarding the following questions would be great!

1. I want to find a research area that lies in the intersection of computer science and mathematics.
2. I am deciding between getting a ML related job vs applying for graduate school directly.
3. I am wondering what are most important things to do to be a competitive ML job candidate or grad school applicant.

I am happy to connect with industry professionals or researchers whose work involves ML, data science, or any fields above. Insights, advice or past experience would be greatly appreciated for a new grad entering these fields.

Thank you so much!

Name: Athena Xiao ’18 (Dec)
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics
Hometown: Nanjing, China
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Pre-med student seeking gap year and application advice

As an aspiring physician, I would like to seek any opportunities to explore the medical field and healthcare during my last year of college and gap year. I am a junior, majoring in Biology, and I intend to apply for medical school in the spring of 2019. Last summer, I shadowed several surgeons; currently, I volunteer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and TA for Organic Chemistry Lab. I would also definitely like to explore and pursue clinical research and public health, as well as interacting with working professionals in these fields.

I would definitely appreciate any insight from Brandeis alumni on finding these opportunities and maximizing my time before I graduate. Additionally, I would be grateful for any guidance on navigating the process of applying for medical school and entering the medical field.

Name: Trevor Lee ’19
Major: Biology
Hometown: San Ramon, California
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Sophomore seeking political campaign experience using marketing skills

I am a sophomore, looking for advice on how to intern for political campaigns. I am a Politics major, but my experience is in marketing and communications.  I have had three jobs that have taught me a lot about digital marketing and networking, along with communications and social media. I believe the perfect intersection for me would be working on political campaigns. The only experience I have in campaigning is going door to door in NH for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary. I am hoping to make some connections and get some advice that would help me break into this field in NY. All advice is welcome!

Name: Liv Molho ’20
Majors: Politics, Studio Art
Hometown: Larchmont, New York
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Aspiring Writer Seeking Literary Agent

I am currently a senior at Brandeis University. I recently fulfilled my dream of writing a young adult novel. It is based on a lot of my own experiences as a college student and in life in general. I am currently in search of a literary agent and need advice for finding one and navigating the publishing world.  I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your help and expertise!

Name: Patricia Cordischi ’18
Majors: Theater, Legal Studies
Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts
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Senior interested in aligning skill set with healthcare careers

I am a senior triple majoring in Health, Science, Society, and Policy; International Global Studies; and East Asian studies. I am looking to explore areas within healthcare on a local, state, and/or international scale.

I have conducted many healthcare research projects while studying abroad in Denmark and at my internship focused on brain injury rehabilitation programs. They include analysis of medical and circumvention services such as IVF and healthcare in correlation with media and advertisement priority.

I am currently doing a thesis on the relation between advertisements and medical vs circumvention tourism services such as abortion, fertility, and ART across the globe.

I am also proficient with web design with self-taught HTML and am currently working on graphic design skills which I believe can help me when looking at careers focused on healthcare awareness and administration.

I am open to career advice and building my alumni networks concerning any healthcare companies, hospitals, or organizations that would be interested in this particular skill set.

Name: Amy Zhang ’18
Majors: HSSP, International Global Studies, and East Asian Studies
Hometown: North Providence, Rhode Island
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Senior weighing law school vs. public policy program

I am a senior looking for career advice on the legal and NGO fields. I am majoring in international & global studies, politics, and business. I am considering getting more experience before going to law school or a masters program in public policy.

After attending the Brandeis in the Hague summer program, I interned at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Before then, I interned at an arbitration court in China. From these experiences, I developed an interest in civil rights and international law, and gained strong legal research skills. I am also interested in public policy and would like to learn more about NGOs. I look forward to talking to alums and hearing more about their career paths. Also, I would greatly appreciate any insights on JD/MPP degrees, as well as connections in legal/NGO industries, especially for international students. Thank you so much!

Name: Ziyang Chen ’18
Majors: International and global studies; politics; and business
Hometown: Shenzhen, China
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Politics major seeks leads on civil rights path

I am a junior majoring in politics and minoring in business and economics. I am interested in learning more about the field of law as well as public policy. I am looking for summer internships within these fields that focus on civil rights issues such as housing discrimination.

Name: La’Dericka Hall ’19
Major: Politics
Hometown: Southaven, MS
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Psychology student curious about social work

I’m a junior pursuing a degree in psychology. My primary interest is in clinical psychology, and I plan to earn a Masters in Social Work post-graduation. Throughout my time at Brandeis, I have worked as a psychology Research Assistant for the Aging, Culture, and Cognition Lab, a Teaching Assistant for Lemberg Children’s Center, a Peer Counselor, and an Undergraduate Representative for the Psychology Department. In the spring, I will be studying clinical psychology in Copenhagen and am now in the process of registering for a clinical practicum placement. I am curious about how approaches to mental health treatments differ across cultures. I am also curious about your thoughts and experiences regarding working with a diverse group of patients versus specializing in treating one demographic. If you have any thoughts about these questions or experience in the field of social work, I look forward to connecting with you!

Name: Lauren Puglisi ’19
Majors: Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY
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Student seeks advice on career fields and tech companies

I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies, with a minor in Economics. I am looking for career advice on what field(s) I could go into with my seemingly odd combination of studies and how I could differentiate myself from other people who are possibly better programmers but are not that international as I am. Specifically, I would like to know how I could present myself to technology-related firms and gain their attention. So far I have interned in summer camps as a counselor and an architect firm helping with daily operations and customer connections. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Name: Jingyun (Roderick) Huang ’19
Majors: Computer Science, Hispanic Studies; minor in Economics
Hometown: Hangzhou, China
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Insights into finance grad programs and internships

I will graduate in May 2019, and I am a junior student pursuing a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I want to apply to Master of Financial Engineering programs in graduate school. I am interested in quantitative finance and I want to learn more about it. I have multifaceted skills in programming, math modeling, and business.

I am trying to find an internship which is related to quantitative finance in Summer 2018. I would appreciate any insights/suggestions from alumni on what kind of internship I should look for, how to strengthen my skills during my undergraduate school, and different Masters of Financial Engineering programs. Also, I am passionate about start-ups, especially financial start-ups. I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni who are working in this field.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Name: Oliver He ’19
Majors: Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
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Sophomore looking to build connections

I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies. I am extremely interested in both behavioral economics and law. Last summer, I interned at a microfinance non-profit as the Fundraising and Development Intern and gained communication and research skills. In addition, I am a member of The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII) club, which is a Waltham-based nonprofit that provides humanitarian legal services to the local immigrant community. As a member of the club, I am being trained to provide legal counsel to low income persons at no cost. I am currently looking for internships in both the public and private sector and would very much appreciate advice on how to network and build connections with professionals in these fields.

Name: Noa Hankin ’20
Majors: Economics and Psychology
Hometown: New York, New York
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Aspiring comedy performer/writer heading to Chicago

I am a junior looking for opportunities in comedy performance or writing. I am hoping to have an internship this summer with NBC or Reductress. I am nervous because I do not have any direct production experience. However, I am currently Media Intern for Flotilla TV and Naffy Improv, and I am a performer at ImprovBoston. I am also going to Chicago next semester for the Comedy Studies program at Second City.

What are some ways I can make myself a more competitive applicant for NBC internships? Are there opportunities in Chicago for production experience? Thank you for your help.

Name: Mina Bond ’19
Majors: Women’s, gender and sexuality studies; creative writing, and environmental studies
Hometown: Northampton, MA
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Aspiring architect seeks to leverage liberal arts degree

I am graduating early from Brandeis this December with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Architectural Studies. I am looking to do an internship for an architecture firm this spring with a focus (or branch focusing on) sustainable/green design. I have two internship experiences- one working in a firm with a focus on sustainable residential design and the other, a firm which primarily does LEED certifications. I am looking for advice from professionals in Boston without a degree in a traditional architecture program. How do I appear competitive in the market without a Bachelor of Architecture but with a degree from an liberal arts program like Brandeis? Thank you!

Name: Stephanie Strifert ’17
Majors: Environmental Studies; minor in Architectural Studies
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
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Culture passionate student seeks career advice

I am looking for career advice on client-facing roles with a heavy emphasis on communication and people skills, such as sales, marketing, and business development. I am looking primarily into these departments and the Software and Financial Services sectors. I have experience working in Business Development at Salsify, a growing startup in downtown Boston. Also, I worked at Vorwerk while abroad in Shanghai, China handling specialty consumer behavior projects. I hope to use my background and international work experience at companies with global capabilities since I have a deep passion for people and culture. I enjoy fast-paced, high-intensity environments as well, and I am open to connecting with alumni that work in similar environments.

Name: Eric Goldberg ’18
Majors: International & Global Studies, East Asian Studies
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
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Advocate interested in public outreach work

I am a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies. I am interested in public outreach work relating to issues of environmental safety, particularly in how it relates to minority and low-income groups who are generally affected the most. I have experience working in a position at WATCH CDC advocating for housing justice in Waltham, where I meet with clients to help find solutions to their housing, food access and economic issues they faced. I really valued the personal connections I made there, and I am looking for advice on types of jobs that will get me experience on the ground with these kinds of issues so that I can fully understand them and find my next steps.

Name: Sam Lieb ’19
Majors: Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Omaha, NE
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Creative international student interested in business

I am a second-year international student from Jamaica looking to make connections with those working in the fields of international business and marketing. I have always been interested in the creative and business industries and would love to learn more about how to explore and bridge the two. To date, I have only had internship experience working in accounting as an assistant to the credit controller for an agro-producer and in marketing as an executive marketing assistant for some corporate companies in the Caribbean region. These experiences have been very valuable, but I am now looking to apply and further develop the skills that I have garnered through an internship in the U.S. or wider international market. I am curious to see if there are any alumni who have successfully gone about using their creative skills in the international business market. I would greatly appreciate any advice and guidance on how best to navigate the business industry while abroad as an international student in order to gain valuable internship experience and make some useful connections.

Name: Rasheed Peters ’20
Majors: Business and International and Global Studies
Hometown: St. Catherine, Jamaica
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Prospective marketer seeks industry advice

I am a junior double majoring in International and Global Studies and Sociology, with a minor in Hispanic Studies, and pursuing a career in marketing, communications, and public relations. I would like advice on how to successfully break into the private sector as someone with more public sector (non-profits, charity) experience. Specifically, what is the best way to gain skills and expertise in marketing and communications without having formally studied business? Last summer, I started my transition from the public to private industry by working as a content marketing specialist for the Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies program. I would like to continue learning more about the industry and welcome any advice from alumni.

Name: Lauren Chin ’19
Majors: International & Global Studies and Sociology, minor in Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Acton, MA
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Future HR specialist seeks advice on conveying soft skills

I am a junior majoring in Business, with a specialization in Human Resources and Leadership, and HSSP. Recently, I have found myself being interested in human capital management and applied for internships in this field. I have worked in India, Israel, and the United States in a variety of industries, which have helped me polish my self-monitoring and communication skills. I am also on the electoral boards of three clubs and work as the Front Desk Assistant at the library on campus. All these experiences have sharpened my communication skills. However, I am wondering what the best way to convey these soft skills through my job application is?

Name: Khushee Nanavati ’19
Majors: Business and Public Health & Policy
Hometown: Mumbai, India
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Upcoming graduate interested in non-profit work

I am a senior who has a real passion and zest for the environmental field. As I have started looking for jobs after graduation in the spring, I have come across a lot of positions that both require a science-based degree and significant amount of experience. So far, I have found myself considerably overwhelmed with these job listings since I seriously lack credentials. I am most interested in education, advocacy, “some” research, and definitely hands-on work. I just finished an internship involving wildlife care, although I do not see myself doing that in the future. I want to know what it is like to work for non-profit environmental groups. I would love to hear more about the pros and cons of working for climate change-based groups like Audubon, Sierra Club, WWF, etc.

Name: Sabrina Pond ’18
Majors: Environmental Studies and Psychology
Hometown: North Haven, CT
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Advice on careers in finance

I am graduating this December with a Master of Science in Finance degree and internship experience in a boutique investment bank in New York, where I did TMT equity research and financial analysis. I also worked at a mutual fund called Guoxin Capital, doing quantitative stock research and factor modeling for evaluating over 10 factor exposures to be used for long-term undervalued stock filtration, a dynamic asset allocation strategy.

I am seeking advice from professionals in the financial quantitative stock research or financial risk management field. Any advice or connections are very much welcome!

Name: Connor (Hua) Zhao ’17
Majors: Master of Science in Finance
Hometown: Changsha, China
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Recent graduate seeks technical lab experience

I am a recent grad seeking advice from professionals in the biological and life sciences industry. I graduated with a major in biology and minor in anthropology, with some experience teaching labs. I also worked independently in a project lab in microbiology, and did ecological field work in Hawaii. I hope to gain more technical experience in labs prior to pursing a masters degree. I would love to hear advice on starting in the research field. Any advice or connections are welcome!

Name: Deesha Patel ’16
Majors: Biology
Hometown: Millis, MA
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Searching for Advice on Pursuing a Master’s in HR

I am a senior majoring in Psychology and Business with a minor in HSSP. I am an aspiring Human Resources Generalist who is interested in attending graduate school to earn a master’s degree in human resource management or development. After doing some research, I discovered that the senior leaders of some companies’ human resources departments do not have advanced degrees. Is it still valuable for me to pursue a human resources-related master’s degree (I would not be interested in an MBA) if I want to become an upper-level executive, or would my future bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience be sufficient? Thank you very much for any help you can provide me!

Name: Sadie-Rose Apfel ’18
Majors: Psychology and Business
Hometown: Stamford, CT
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Dec. 2018 grad seeks alumni insights in data science, start-ups

I will be graduating in December 2018 with a double major in computer science and economics, and pursuing a career in data science. I am actively looking for a summer internship in data analytics, engineering and quantitative research in industries including technology and consulting. I have multifaceted skills in programming, statistics, and business. During my past internship and project experiences, I have dealt with large volumes of data and conducted research using various tools including Stata, Python, and SQL.

I’m trying to decide between finding a full-time job or going to graduate school after graduation. I would appreciate insights from alumni working in the field on what they chose to do, and any advice for finding a summer internship. What’s more, I am passionate about start-ups so I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni working with start-ups. Thank you so much!

Name: Aiden Zhang ’18
Majors: Computer science, economics
Hometown: Hunan, China
View Aiden’s LinkedIn profile.

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Quick learner seeks advice on addressing gaps in tech skills

I am an upcoming graduate with interests in technology, strategy consulting, marketing, and data analytics. My past internship experiences have ranged from financial accounting/reporting to marketing consulting and analytics. These experiences have honed my quantitative and analytical skills, and I am looking to continue leveraging them. However, I am currently grappling with applying to jobs online that require or prefer specific technical skills. I am aware that firms train you on software. However, when applying to a position that is highly competitive in regards to having advanced knowledge of specific software, how do I show employers that, although the specific technical/computer skills may not be listed on my resume, I can learn them quickly and thoroughly after landing the job?

Name: Nomunaa Purevbayar ’18
Majors: Business and economics
Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
View Nomunaa’s LinkedIn profile.

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Advice on breaking into screenwriting for TV and film

I am looking to enter the world of film and TV, with a particular interest in screenwriting and comedies. I have worked at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and am currently interning with WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow. I would love to hear about advice on breaking into this field after graduation, as well as more about the film scene in specific locations, as I am wondering about a potential relocation.

Name: Anna Craven ’18
Majors: Film, TV & interactive media; creative writing
Hometown: Boston, MA
Varsity Sport: Fencing
View Anna’s LinkedIn profile.

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Big Apple-bound grad seeks NYC theater connections

I graduated in May 2017 with a double major in theater arts and psychology (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa). During my four years at Brandeis, I stage managed countless shows with the Undergraduate Theater Collective and the Department of Theater Arts. In addition to my work on campus, I also worked professionally in Washington D.C., Boston, and Williamstown. I am currently finishing up my second summer working at Williamstown Theatre Festival as a stage management intern. At Williamstown, I am an assistant stage manager on equity productions and a production stage manager with the non-equity company. I am relocating to New York City in September to pursue a career in stage management and my ultimate goal is to work on Broadway. I am looking to be a production assistant or assistant stage manager for off Broadway and Broadway productions. Working at Williamstown Theatre Festival for two summers has allowed me to work alongside and learn from some of the top theater professionals in the county. I am seeking career advice about freelancing in the New York theater scene. Any advice or possible connections would be appreciated.

Name: Hannah Mitchell ’17
Majors: Theater arts and psychology
Hometown: Potomac, MD
View Hannah’s LinkedIn profile.

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Recent grad seeking alumni advice on law, investigative journalism

I am a recent graduate who is currently looking to connect with alumni involved in the legal, communications or investigative journalism fields. I have experience working in both research-oriented and administrative roles. I look forward to talking to alumni about their experiences.

Name: Rachel Shaw ’17
Major: History, minor in legal studies
Hometown: Rockville, MD
View Rachel’s LinkedIn profile.

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Alumni insights into careers in public health

I just graduated in May with a B.A. in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and I am interested in pursuing a career in community health promotion. To me, this entails considering the roles of the built environment and social and environmental determinants of health to come up with ways to improve physical activity, nutrition, and other health trends in a community. Ideally, I would like to work in a setting where I can combine research, theory, and practice. I hope to gain some experience in the workforce before seeking a dual master’s degree in public health and urban planning. I would like to connect with Brandeis alumni who are in the public health field with similar interests who may be able to offer advice and insight into career opportunities.

Name: Nina Sayles ’17
Major: HSSP
Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY
View Nina’s LinkedIn profile.

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Recent grad seeks legal experience before law school

I’m a recent grad looking for advice on how to gain experience in a legal setting before going to law school. If any alumni have any connections to any law firms seeking paralegals that would also be very welcome! Anything would be helpful; advice or if you can connect me to someone who could offer advice. Thank you!

Name: Ashley Morales ’17
Majors: Politics, International & Global Studies
Hometown: Queens, NY

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Seeking alumni in marketing for informational interviews

After learning about the essentials of marketing in class and developing work-related experience, I am confident to bring my capabilities to an organization to help them reach new heights with their marketing efforts. In addition to my majors, I have a range of experiences in different subjects such as entertainment and community building. I am looking forward to conversing with alumni who are experts in their fields to see if they can offer any beneficial information to me in my job search. Thank you!

Name: Oyemen Ehikhamhen ’17
Major: HSSP
View Oyemen’s LinkedIn profile.

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Leads on private school positions in NYC

I’m graduating this May and seeking full-time positions in New York City private schools for grades K-6! Do alumni have any leads on open positions for a recent grad?

Name: Rosie Ettinger ’17
Major: Psychology
View Rosie’s LinkedIn profile.

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Senior seeks bio alumni for career exploration

I’m graduating this May, and I’m exploring the types of jobs available for biology grads. I’d love to speak with other bio alumni to hear what you’ve done and hopefully help me narrow in on the options!

Name: Stephanie Heimler ’17
Major: Biology

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Seeking alumni with graduate degree in neuroscience

I am graduating this May, and am interested in going to graduate school to continue my studies in neuroscience. Have any other alumni gone on to a neuroscience program and what have you done after? Any suggestions?

Name: Yuki Dai ’17
Majors: Biology, neuroscience

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Advice on careers in international relations

I’m graduating from Brandeis in May 2017 and I’m looking for advice about careers in international relations, specifically counter-terrorism and national security. Would love to speak with alumni working in these fields!

Name: Danielle Frankel ’17
Majors: International/Global Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Theater Arts
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Senior exploring careers before business school

All my life, from my experiences living in India and traveling to numerous other countries, I have developed an immense curiosity for different governments, cultures, and the various problems societies face. I have also focused on development and government and NGOs’ role in promoting it. As a result, I tend to have an international perspective on the issues I care about, often looking at them through an anthropological lens.

Over the past few months, I have become interested in business as well. I would like to pursue an MBA in five to six years from now. In the meantime, I want to employ my communications experience, among other skills, in addition to my curiosity and fields of study, in the private sector. I am keen on working for a large private company, ideally in its marketing department. In the long run, I hope to be involved with multiple businesses in different roles. Some may focus on my areas of study while others are in different industries.

I would appreciate any connections with whom I can get advice and learn about possible opportunities after I graduate in May of 2017. Thanks so much.

Name: Rohan Lal ’17
Major: International and global studies
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
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Business school student seeks finance internship

I am an international business school graduate student from Brandeis University. This summer I am seeking a finance internship in MA to gain experience for my future career. What is your advice for most effectively finding and applying to graduate-level finance internships?

Name: Hua Zhao, MS’18
Major: Finance with concentration in risk management
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Junior seeks grad school, teaching advice

I am a junior interested in informal education. I enjoy teaching and tutoring in environments where students are allowed to let their interests guide their learning. I seek advice in fields where this is possible and advice for career or graduate school paths.

Name: Kristin Diamantides ’18
Major: Biology
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Aspiring social worker seeking opportunities to gain experience

I’m a graduating senior looking for advice from professionals about the human services field. I major in psychology (but lately have gained more of an interest in a sociological world view) with minors in Hispanic studies and creativity, the arts, and social change. I am interested in going to graduate school for social work (to be a licensed clinical social worker) in a year or two, but it seems there are many paths to gain experience in the field including non-profit work, working as direct care staff in a mental health facility, etc. I am unsure of how to identify positions and job functions that allow for upward mobility, perhaps heading towards case management experience. I would love to hear more about beginning a career in the field of serving communities and marginalized populations and how to break in and get professional experience starting from zero. Activism is very important to me and some of my specific population interests include at-risk women (such as BARCC or Battered Women’s shelters), queer youth and young adults, and adults with disabilities.

Name: Morgan Winters ’17
Major: Psychology; minors in Hispanic studies, and creativity, the arts and social transformation
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Middle East research opportunities before grad school

As a senior, I am currently working on a thesis project that focuses on Arab nationalism under the Iraqi Ba’ath regime and its use of education. My regions of interest are Middle East and Central Asia. I also have a growing interest in education. I would like to focus on this subject when I apply to graduate school. Before that, I want to gain experience in the sector, preferably through research. I am seeking advice in regards to what kind of a path I should be following for these goals. It would be very useful to hear about the challenges and rewards of this path as well. Thank you!

Name: Sumeyra Ekin ’17
Majors: International and global studies, history
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
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Opportunities in health, policy, Jewish leadership for recent grad

I am interested in opportunities in healthcare, public policy and Jewish professional leadership after graduation. I’d love to speak with alumni working in any of these fields to explore opportunities!

Name: Jonas Singer ’17
Majors: HSSP, minor in politics
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Advice on careers in international public health

I am an HSSP major and an anthropology minor. I know that I want to do work in the public health field, but I’m not sure exactly what. I’m interested in incorporating international cultural practices/alternative medicine in the Western healthcare system. What advice do you have for finding careers related to this field?

Name: Takisha Edwards ’17
Majors: HSSP

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Aspiring civil rights attorney wants to hear your path

I am a double major in history and American studies with minors in politics and legal studies. I am considering going to law school to be a civil rights lawyer but would love to hear more options and what other grads with similar interests are doing!

Name: Jessica Eichinger ’17
Majors: American studies, history

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Leads on media roles in NYC

I am graduating this month and currently seeking employment in the media industry. As an American studies major and journalism minor my strong interest in the media landscape in the United States has driven my career prospects and past internship experiences. I have experience in marketing, product development, content creation, publishing, and communications roles. I am looking to build on these experiences in my next role and work in a similar position or in the legal department at a media company. After taking journalism ethics and business law courses at Brandeis I realized my passion for media law and hope to go to law school and one day serve in a legal counsel position at a media company. Please reach out with any advice, tips, or positions that you think would be of interest to me. Thank you!

Name: Leah Newman ’17
Majors: American studies, journalism
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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Graduating senior seeks connections in Hong Kong

I am looking to connect with alumni based in Hong Kong who are working in law, arbitration, public affairs and/or business.

Name: Joyce Situ ’17
Major: Politics
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
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International senior choosing between US and China

I’m hoping to connect with international alumni about how they chose whether to stay and work in the states or return to China after graduation.

Name: Jiayue Yu ’17
Majors: Business, economics
Hometown: Beijing, China
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Bio grad seeks research positions

I am graduating in May and am seeking a research assistant position in biology. I would love to speak with bio grads working in the field about how they found their first job.

Name: George Popa ’17
Majors: Biology
Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ
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Seeking alumni connections in marketing

Graduating senior trying to meet alumni working in marketing. Industries of interest include music and entertainment in particular. Class and work experience includes marketing, business law, and finance.

Name: Bruce Dreyfus ’17
Majors: Business, minor in legal studies
Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ
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Environmental studies senior seeks advice on life after Brandeis

I would like to receive career advice on how to network effectively and how to make life-long plans for myself after graduation.

Name: Yutong Chen ’17
Majors: Environmental studies, business
Hometown: Wanjing, China

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