Dec 2019 grad seeks advice and connections with Project Managers in business/technology fields

I am a senior graduating in December. My interests lie in the intersection of business and technology, like product management, technical consulting, business analytics, or a start-up jack-of-all-trades. Currently, I am looking for full-time product management jobs. I would like to connect with alum who are PMs, who know PMs very well, or who work with PMs, as engineers, designers, analysts, marketers, or customer support, etc.  I am also interested in your thoughts on the responsibilities, challenges, and metrics of PMs.

I also hope to get advice on the full-time PM job search, or learn of other roles that also lie in the intersection of business and technology. My PM applications usually cannot pass the resume screen, even with lots of transferable skills and relevant experience: software engineering, data analytics, startups, UI/UX, consulting, project management, cross-collaboration w/ engineers and designers, etc. I don’t know if it’s due to lacking referrals, PM internships, or well-polished experience descriptions. Therefore, I hope to get resume feedback, interview advice, networking tips, etc.

Any advice, insights, and opportunities are well appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

Name: Athena Xiao ’19
Majors: Computer science, business
Hometown: Nanchang, China
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Junior seeking bio/neuro alums with non-traditional career paths

Hi!  I’m a junior planning to graduate with a neuroscience degree. While I’ve always been very interested in neuroscience and biology, all of the most popular career paths for a neuroscience degree (pre-med, research, professor) are things I have tried or researched, and I don’t see myself going in those directions. I was wondering if any alumni were in a similar position to me and have branched out to other neuro-related careers, or have any advice that can broaden my perspective on careers that I can look into?  Thank you.

Name: Jane Ussery ’21
Major: Neuroscience
Home town: New Fairfield, CT

Junior seeking alums to explore fields of digital marketing/art for social change

This is Nicole Zamora, a junior majoring in business and psychology and minoring in creativity, the arts and social transformation. So far, I have identified a deep interest in digital marketing, personal development/advancement, and using art as a vehicle for social change. As I plan for an internship next summer, I would like to connect with people who are in either of those fields to learn more about their experience. I will use these insights to clarify what career path I will further explore this summer and to find out if there is an overlap between any of my interests.

Additionally, feel free to share any internship or career-related opportunities that could help narrow my focus.

Thank you in advance for reading this!

Name: Nicole Zamora Flores ’21
Majors: Business, psychology
Minor: Creativity, the arts and social transformation
Home town: Quito, Ecuador
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Junior seeking experience in product management/marketing at a tech company

I am a junior majoring in business with finance & accounting and management concentrations; I am also minoring in economics, international and global studies, and East Asian studies.

This past summer I interned at a tech startup in the skincare industry as a marketing and branding intern. I also participated in the Justice Brandeis Semester program where my team developed and presented an online platform for peer to peer tutoring and communication. I focused primarily on business and marketing, but I also worked alongside programmers to articulate product features and user experiences.

I am looking to apply to internship positions for summer 2020 to explore career options in the intersection of business and tech because I really enjoyed working in an innovative and fast-moving environment. I am thinking about associate product manager/marketing roles in a tech company. Are there any other options that I should explore? What are some technical skills that will strengthen my resume? Thank you so much!

Name: Iris Hao ’20
Major: Business
Minors: East Asian studies, economics, international and global studies
Home town: Beijing, China
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Junior deciding between a software engineering co-op or graduating early and starting FT job

Hello, Brandeisians! I am a junior, studying computer science. I can now graduate one semester early. I am trying to decide between applying for a software engineering co-op during my last semester at Brandeis, or graduating early and getting a job. What would be better for my career? I appreciate your help!

Name: Osamah Mandawi ’21
Major: Computer science
Home town: Baghdad, Iraq
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Any advice on finding internships that combine finance and computer science?

I am a junior double majoring in business and computer science. I am currently seeking  finance internship positions, but I am also looking to combine my business and CS background for summer 2020.  Any advice on companies, roles, or opportunities that would blend these two interests would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Name: Karrina Xie ’21
Majors: Business, computer science
Home town: Shanghai, China
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Mid year coming to Brandeis in January has questions about journalism careers

I am an incoming first year who will enter Brandeis next January. During the half gap year, I did a marketing internship and studied documentary film making at NYFA. Now I am currently interning in the advertising department of a Chinese newspaper company.
However, journalism as a career is still a myth to me. If possible, I’d like to get to know your thoughts on the following:
1. What has been your path in journalism ? How did you get to your position now?
2. Is it possible to switch specialties, for example from econ to politics reporting, or video making to writing?
3. Do you find that you are able to cover the topics you are interested in?
4. Are you aware of any journalism summer internships that are open to first year students?

Name: Teresa Shi ’23
Major: Undecided
Minor: Journalism
Home town: Beijing, China
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Law or international trade? Sophomore seeks alums with experience in these fields

I am a sophomore majoring in philosophy and economics, probably minoring in legal studies. Currently, I am not sure whether to pursue law-related careers or international trade. I would love to have the opportunity to chat with anyone who works in those two fields.

Last summer, I worked as an intern in an export and import company specialized in artificial greenery and garden design. For the upcoming summer of 2020, I am seeking a law-related internship to help me get a better sense of what the field of law looks like. I greatly appreciate any advice or resources.

Name: Yi Zhang ’22
Majors: Philosophy, economics
Minor: Legal studies
Home town: Hangzhou, China
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First year international student wants to connect with neuroscience/computer science alums

I am a first year planning to major in neuroscience and computer science, and likely to minor in economics or psychology.  I am an international student, but I wish to work in the US after graduation, continuing specializing in comp sci or neuroscience.  I look forward to connecting with more neuroscience or computer science alumni, and knowing more about these fields. Another further, less urgent goal of mine is to have an internship in the Boston area next summer. Any advice or help will be appreciated!

Name: Long Yi ’23
Majors: Neuroscience, computer science
Minors: Economics, psychology
Home town: Beijing, China
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First year with interests in art history and neuroscience seeks alumni in museum/urban design roles

Hi, I’m a first-year grappling between two polar fields: neuroscience and art history. I would really love to connect with any alumni currently working in creative spheres—specifically those relating to curation, museum direction, or urban design—to learn about what your current position entails, and the path that you took to get to it. Any and all insight is appreciated!

Name: Sasha Carnes ’23
Majors: Neuroscience, art history
Home town: Winchester, MA
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Senior seeks info on solutions-oriented roles in marketing, strategy, consumer behavior or social responsibility

I am a graduating senior majoring in business and economics with a minor in east Asian studies. I studied abroad in Singapore during my junior year taking classes concentrating on marketing, consumer behavior, and international business.

This past summer I interned at a human resources technology startup working in their client services department and I really enjoyed working in the tech and innovation space. Currently, I am a board fellow at the Waltham Chamber of Commerce working on a corporate social responsibility project.

I am looking to apply for entry-level positions that will allow me to develop and apply my qualitative and quantitative skills to create solutions and problem-solve. However, due to my vast interests in marketing, strategy, and social responsibility, I am unsure of what roles would suit my interests and skills. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Carmen Huang ’20
Majors: Business, economics
Minors: East Asian studies
Home town: Quincy, MA
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Business/art history/philosophy senior with background in analytics seeking creative career in brand management

I’m a senior majoring in business with minors in art history and philosophy. I am seeking career opportunities in brand management (particularly in the CPG/F&B industries) but have found it to be quite difficult to break into the field. Any advice about how to break into the industry? My previous experiences have been focused on analytics and consulting ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, which is why my resume is getting picked up for much more quantitative than creative roles.

Name: Doria Leibowitz ’20
Major: Business
Minors: Art history, philosophy
Home town: New York
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Advice for first year student seeking summer internship in computer science

Hi! I’m currently a first-year at Brandeis University, planning to major in computer science and biological physics. One goal I have is to secure an internship this summer, preferably in the Boston area, that specializes either in research or CS-related work. However, I noticed that I am disadvantaged as a first-year, since I am competing with other upperclassmen who have taken more relevant coursework and have more experiences than me. How could I stand out as an applicant for these internships?

Name: Daniel Hariyanto ’23
Majors: Computer science, biological physics
Home town: Jakarta, Indonesia
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Senior seeks advice about careers in human factor design/engineering psychology

I am a senior graduating with a degree in Biology. After years of academic lab work and time in dental practices, I’m exploring opportunities that will allow me to use my analytical and problem-solving skills in new and interesting ways. I am extremely interested in human factors and I would like to learn more about careers in the field, which industries might be the best fit for me, and if I should seek graduate education before entering the field

Name: Max Halpern ’20
Major: Biology
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
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Young alum seeking marketing/advertising connections in Denver, CO

Hello! I am a 2018 Brandeis alum and have been working in Boston in marketing for the past year. I am planning to relocate to Denver, CO and am on the hunt for careers in the marketing/advertising field. Any help would be much appreciated!


Name: Abigail Grinberg ’18
Majors: Economics, international and global studies
Home town: Mahomet, IL
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Junior seeking advice on breaking into financial services/consulting fields

I am a current economics and politics double-major seeking opportunities in financial services and consulting. I am passionate about being involved in the life-cycle of a business and providing strategic solutions to corporate clients. However, I have struggled to break into the industry. I would love insights, advice, or help connecting with boutique, mid-sized, or large investment banks, consulting firms, or related companies.

Name: Javin Dana ’21
Majors: Economics, politics
Home town: Portland, OR
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HSSP rising junior seeking informational interviews with professionals in fields of healthcare, law, politics

Hello! My name is Emma Wolters and I am a rising junior who is starting to explore possible career paths. While I eventually plan to attend law school, I first hope to work for a few years in a field that roughly pertains to my major. However, I would love the opportunity to chat with anyone about their field as it relates to health care, any sort of policy analysis, law, politics, data analysis, government etc.

I’m hoping to build a greater picture around the possibilities of work after graduation. Any advice, insights, or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Emma Wolters ’21
Majors: Health: science, society & policy
Home town: Denver, CO
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HSSP/psych senior seeking roles at mission-driven health policy or advocacy organizations in DC

Hi! I am a senior majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Psychology with a minor in Business. Last summer I had the privilege to intern with Waltham’s Congresswoman Katherine Clark in her Washington D.C. office, and fell in love with the city.

Additionally, I’ve worked at a non-profit in Israel focused on improving the health of women and children. At Brandeis, I worked in Undergraduate Admissions as a Student Interviewer,  and I also served as a Student Coordinator for Alumni Weekend.

I am currently applying for entry-level positions in mission-driven health policy and advocacy organizations. With my passion for health equity, I see myself working for a similarly passionate non-profit/think tank/advocacy organization that mirrors my own interests. I am looking for advice on how to jump-start my career in a competitive city such as Washington D.C. and overall, any advice from alumni in this field!

Name: Sage Rosenthal ’19
Majors: Health: science, society & policy, psychology
Minor: Theater arts
Home town: Great Neck, NY
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Senior exploring other options after experience in tech, consulting, math research

I am a senior majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. I also studied abroad in an international business school in Switzerland before. Previously, I held a consulting internship at Deloitte, worked as a technical intern in a tech startup, and conducted summer research in discrete mathematics and machine learning at the University of Maryland.

Due to my vast interests and diverse experiences in computer science and business, I am not sure what career path fits my skill sets and interests the most.  I know I don’t want to work extremely long hours (like consulting), nor do I want to do software engineering for life (I can do at least a few years though). Overall, I see myself as a resourceful, entrepreneurial person who is curious about everything and not afraid of taking the road less traveled. I feel like I don’t fit the stereotype of a software engineer, but not sure where I should start my career with all these different experiences and coursework. I have been interviewing for data analyst, implementation specialist, and software engineer positions right now, but I am also want to explore other possible career paths for me.

Insights, advice or past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Name: Athena Xiao ’19
Majors: Computer science, business
Hometown: Nanchang, China
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Junior seeking summer internship in environmental law/conservation policy

I’m a junior graduating a semester early with a B.S. in HSSP and minors in legal studies and philosophy. I studied international criminal law in The Hague last summer and spent my childhood living as an expat in Shanghai among other overseas experiences, which have made multinational communities feel accessible and endlessly inspiring.

Through independent studies and extracurricular pursuits I’ve developed a keen interest in environmental work and in particular, environmental law. This summer job or internship would be my first exposure to work in the environmental sector, so I’d like to work for a smaller-sized organization that would allow me more freedom to expand the breadth of my understanding of how conservation policy works. I can’t wait to channel my collaborative spirit and dedication to seeing things through into the people, projects, and mission I support this summer and beyond.

I’d appreciate your career advice or to hear about your own career journey.

Name: Kaitlyn Mok ’19
Major: Health: science, society, and policy
Minors: Legal studies, philosophy
Hometown: Irvine, CA / Shanghai, China
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