Pre-med turned health-tech senior seeking opportunities in NYC & Boston

Hello!  I’ve always been on the pre-med track, but lately I’ve become interested in the health-tech industry.  I’m applying to jobs in that field in the New York and Boston areas.  I would love to hear from any alumni currently or previously working in health-tech, particularly if you started as pre-med too.  Thank you!

Name: Isaac Graber ’19
Majors: Business, pre-med
Home town: Memphis, TN
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Any neuroscience grad school alums? Senior seeking advice to prepare.

In the next few years, I’m hoping to attend graduate school in neuroscience.  I’m hoping to connect with alumni who have started or completed degrees in this discipline to learn more about your selection and application process and the experience of being in school.  Thank you in advance!

Name: Emma Gao ’19
Majors: Neuroscience, psychology
Hometown: Beijing, China
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Advice for full time roles in arts administration/theater production or political campaigns?

I am seeking a full-time role in arts administration or theater production.  I also have an interest in political campaigning, as well.  I am hoping that alumni in these fields might be able to share some advice, resources, or contacts that may help me approach my search.  Thank you for your time!

Name: Bryan Alexander McNamara ’19
Majors: Politics, history
Minor: Theater arts
Home town: Hopewell Junction, NY
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Junior seeking opportunity to use creative skills in business fields

I am a third-year international student from Jamaica looking to make connections with those working in the fields of international business and marketing. I have always been interested in the creative and business industries and would love to learn more about how to explore and bridge the two. To date, I have only had internship experience working in accounting as an assistant to the credit controller for an agro-producer and in marketing as an executive marketing assistant for some corporate companies in the Caribbean region. These experiences have been very valuable, but I am now looking to apply and further develop the skills that I have garnered through an internship in the U.S. or wider international market. I am curious to see if there are any alumni who have successfully gone about using their creative skills in the business industry. I would greatly appreciate any advice and guidance on how best to navigate the industry as an international student in order to gain valuable internship experience and make some useful connections.

Name: Rasheed Peters ’20
Major: Business
Minor: Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation
Hometown: St. Catherine, Jamaica
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Seeking alums in R&D or marketing in biotech/healthcare industry.

I’m particularly seeking people in research and development, or even marketing, in biotech or health environment.  I’m seeking an exploratory and learning experience that encourages growth after graduation.  Thank you!

Name: Anwesha Ghosh
Majors: Biochemistry, Economics
Hometown: Franklin, MA
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Neuro and math major pursuing research opportunities post-Brandeis.

I’ve held research positions at Brandeis and several Boston-area hospitals.  I hope to work for a few years, specifically in research, before pursuing graduate studies/PhD programs.  Any advice would be appreciated!

Name: Tanaz Abid
Majors: Neuroscience & Mathematics
Hometown: Lexington, MA
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Senior seeks advice from alums who took several years off before MD/PhD program.

Hi!  I’ve always wanted to do a MD/PhD program and go into clinical research, but I’m planning to take a few years off first so that I can have some experience with clinical research and know that’s what I want to do.  I’d like to talk to someone who’s been down this path before, about how to pursue short-term research jobs (I’m just starting my search) and who to make the most of this time before pursing graduate school.

Name: Leila “Rubi” Fettig
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Worcester, MA
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Bio major explores different avenues in healthcare: research, med school, and community outreach.

I am seeking advice on opportunities in public health (specifically community outreach), clinical research, and medical school.  Also, any information about doing MD/MPH programs vs. separate degrees would be helpful.  Mentorship and general life advice would be great.  Thanks!

Name: Linda Forrester
Major: Biology
Hometown: Bronx, NY
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Med-school bound senior seeking mentorship, advice, and networking with alums in health professions.

I am pursuing a career in medicine and health-related fields.  I would like to connect with alumni who work in these professions or are on their journey to medical school for mentorship, networking and career opportunities.

Name: Magdalena Skumial
Majors: HSSP & Biology
Hometown: New York, NY
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Licensed elementary ed grad seeking first job working with students in Massachusetts.

I am graduating with a BA in English and minors in linguistics and elementary education, as well as a license in elementary education in Massachusetts.  I am open to positions, both full and part-time, working with children in schools.  Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Caitlin Kelly
Major: English
Hometown: Ellington, CT
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Graduating senior hoping to connect with computational biologists or bioinformatics researchers.

I’m currently looking for bioinformatics research positions or computational biologist roles in Boston-area labs and industry.  I hope to connect with other computational biologists from Brandeis.

Name: Radhika Jangi
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Acton, MA
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