Junior seeking bio/neuro alums with non-traditional career paths

Hi!  I’m a junior planning to graduate with a neuroscience degree. While I’ve always been very interested in neuroscience and biology, all of the most popular career paths for a neuroscience degree (pre-med, research, professor) are things I have tried or researched, and I don’t see myself going in those directions. I was wondering if any alumni were in a similar position to me and have branched out to other neuro-related careers, or have any advice that can broaden my perspective on careers that I can look into?  Thank you.

Name: Jane Ussery ’21
Major: Neuroscience
Home town: New Fairfield, CT
Email: jussery@brandeis.edu

Advice for first year student seeking summer internship in computer science

Hi! I’m currently a first-year at Brandeis University, planning to major in computer science and biological physics. One goal I have is to secure an internship this summer, preferably in the Boston area, that specializes either in research or CS-related work. However, I noticed that I am disadvantaged as a first-year, since I am competing with other upperclassmen who have taken more relevant coursework and have more experiences than me. How could I stand out as an applicant for these internships?

Name: Daniel Hariyanto ’23
Majors: Computer science, biological physics
Home town: Jakarta, Indonesia
Email: danielhariyanto@brandeis.edu
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2015 grad hoping to connect with alums in wildlife conservation, advocacy, outreach or research

I have worked extensively with animals and always had a passion for the environment. I want to combine the two and go into wildlife conservation. I’m seeking advice from anyone who works in conservation advocacy, outreach or research. I’d love to know what you do and what experiences have led you to your career. Thank you in advance!

: Sarah Copel ’15
Majors: Biology, psychology
Minor: Theater arts
Hometown: Yorktown, NY
Email: scopel@brandeis.edu
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Varsity baseball player with interests in chemistry and biology looking for advice on finding first internship

Hi! I am a sophomore at Brandeis University. I am an aspiring Chemistry and Biology major. I am also on the Varsity Baseball team here at Brandeis. I have learned a lot from my teammates, who I consider to be family. They have taught me how to work hard. Regarding advice, I am looking for my first real summer job/internship and I am a little overwhelmed. I would like to hear how alumni got their career started! Any advice will be useful. Thanks!

Name: Daniel Frey ’21
Majors: Chemistry, biology
Hometown: Boston, MA
Email: dfrey21@brandeis.edu
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Graduating senior hoping to connect with computational biologists or bioinformatics researchers.

I’m currently looking for bioinformatics research positions or computational biologist roles in Boston-area labs and industry.  I hope to connect with other computational biologists from Brandeis.

Name: Radhika Jangi
Email: rjangi@brandeis.edu
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Acton, MA
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Forensics, anyone? Graduating senior seeks advice on entering the field.

I am a graduating senior looking for people who are working or have worked in the forensic sciences and are willing to talk about their experiences. I’m thinking about looking for a job in the field and would like to know more about what working in the forensic sciences would entail (different positions, work hours, work environment, general advice, etc.).

Name: Linda Liu ’18
Email: lliu18@brandeis.edu
Majors: Biology and Russian Studies
Hometown: Boxborough, MA
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Sophomore seeking advice for career in conservation biology

I’m a sophomore at Brandeis studying Biology with minors in Environmental Studies and English. I have an interest going into conservation biology, however many of the opportunities available to get hands on experience in this field requires a large fee. I’m wondering how I can manage to get some experience in this field without going broke in the meantime. Any wisdom regarding graduate school programs would also be deeply appreciated.

Name: Jessica Kinsley ’20
Email: jekinsley@brandeis.edu
Major: Biology
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
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Pre-med student seeking gap year and application advice

As an aspiring physician, I would like to seek any opportunities to explore the medical field and healthcare during my last year of college and gap year. I am a junior, majoring in Biology, and I intend to apply for medical school in the spring of 2019. Last summer, I shadowed several surgeons; currently, I volunteer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and TA for Organic Chemistry Lab. I would also definitely like to explore and pursue clinical research and public health, as well as interacting with working professionals in these fields.

I would definitely appreciate any insight from Brandeis alumni on finding these opportunities and maximizing my time before I graduate. Additionally, I would be grateful for any guidance on navigating the process of applying for medical school and entering the medical field.

Name: Trevor Lee ’19
Email: trevorelee123@brandeis.edu
Major: Biology
Hometown: San Ramon, California
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Recent graduate seeks technical lab experience

I am a recent grad seeking advice from professionals in the biological and life sciences industry. I graduated with a major in biology and minor in anthropology, with some experience teaching labs. I also worked independently in a project lab in microbiology, and did ecological field work in Hawaii. I hope to gain more technical experience in labs prior to pursing a masters degree. I would love to hear advice on starting in the research field. Any advice or connections are welcome!

Name: Deesha Patel ’16
Email: deesha7@brandeis.edu
Majors: Biology
Hometown: Millis, MA
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Senior seeks bio alumni for career exploration

I’m graduating this May, and I’m exploring the types of jobs available for biology grads. I’d love to speak with other bio alumni to hear what you’ve done and hopefully help me narrow in on the options!

Name: Stephanie Heimler ’17
Email: sheimler@brandeis.edu
Major: Biology

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Seeking alumni with graduate degree in neuroscience

I am graduating this May, and am interested in going to graduate school to continue my studies in neuroscience. Have any other alumni gone on to a neuroscience program and what have you done after? Any suggestions?

Name: Yuki Dai ’17
Email: yukidai@brandeis.edu
Majors: Biology, neuroscience

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Bio grad seeks research positions

I am graduating in May and am seeking a research assistant position in biology. I would love to speak with bio grads working in the field about how they found their first job.

Name: George Popa ’17
Email: gpopa247@brandeis.edu
Majors: Biology
Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ
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Archived Ad: Seeking healthcare and medical career advice

I am excited to be graduating Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology this coming May. Currently, I work as a research technician preparing equipment for the researchers in the lab including creating and testing antibiotic plates, sterilizing pipettes, Eppendorf tubes, and glass tubes, and creating various medias.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to work as a physician office assistant (POA) at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital through the
Healthcare Administration Summer Support Program. Through this position, I handled heavy telephone volume, rescheduled patients tests and appointments, and updated electronic medical records (EMR).

I am interested in learning about two different paths: emergency medicine and its work environment as well as healthcare consulting. Post graduation I would like to work either as a clinical researcher in emergency medicine or some entry-level healthcare consulting. I am very excited to hear from Brandeis Alumni and your experiences!

Name: Caitlin King ‘ 17
Majors: biology
Hometown: Queens, NY

Archived Ad: Advice on temporary jobs before med school

I’m a senior pre-med student majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I’ve always known that I want to be a doctor and my experiences during my years at Brandeis have only reinforced that desire. In the last 10 years or so, it has become clear that taking a year or two off between being an undergraduate student and enrolling in a medical school is a path that these institutions prefer to see their applicants take. Therefore, I have recently begun a job search for gap year opportunities in clinical research or public health service projects. However, I have found the process of searching for a job that I know I will likely only hold for a short period of time to be somewhat awkward and difficult to approach. It has been challenging to express my interest in potential jobs while being perfectly honest about my intended path in life because most employers don’t want to hire someone who they know is there temporarily. That being said, does anyone have advice for an appropriate way that pre-med students can earnestly express interest in jobs they plan on holding for only a year or two?

Name: Alex Landau ’17
Major: Biology
Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Archived Ad: Still undecided about med school

I am currently a sophomore on the pre-med track with an intended double major in biology and HSSP, and an interest in neuroscience. I am interested but still unsure about pursuing medical school, and would appreciate any advice from anyone who might have been in a similar position. I would love to gain insight on why you chose to go to medical school or pursue an alternative career in the health field. If you are a recent grad, I would love to learn about your post-graduate/current medical school experience.

Name: Maytal Babajanian ’19
Majors: Biology, HSSP
Hometown: Roslyn Heights, NY

Archived Ad: Seeking Physician Assistant Career Insight

I am senior graduating this upcoming May with a Bachelors in biology, and I am interested in learning more about physician assistant programs. I would like to know what potential pathways I can take towards becoming a PA, as well as how current PAs feel about their profession.

Name: Alexis Corrado ’17
Major: biology
Hometown: Baldwin, NY

Archived Ad: Bio Major Seeks Geology/Biology Career Insight

I am a current senior at Brandeis graduating with a B.A. in Biology and Philosophy. I am fascinated by the natural world and want to figure it out, both metaphysically and scientifically. My interest in these subjects was piqued when I took the class Philosophy of Science with Professor Marusic. Next year, I hope to be teaching biology in Sierra Leone as a Peace Corps volunteer—and become a Philosopher King in the process. Afterwards, I hope to attend graduate school for geology or evolutionary biology through the Peace Corps Coverdell Program. I would like to learn more about careers in these fields, get general career advice, and learn how to strengthen my graduate school application.

Name: Kathryn Semerau ’17
Majors: biology, philosophy
Hometown: Oceanside, CA