Junior seeking alums to explore fields of digital marketing/art for social change

This is Nicole Zamora, a junior majoring in business and psychology and minoring in creativity, the arts and social transformation. So far, I have identified a deep interest in digital marketing, personal development/advancement, and using art as a vehicle for social change. As I plan for an internship next summer, I would like to connect with people who are in either of those fields to learn more about their experience. I will use these insights to clarify what career path I will further explore this summer and to find out if there is an overlap between any of my interests.

Additionally, feel free to share any internship or career-related opportunities that could help narrow my focus.

Thank you in advance for reading this!

Name: Nicole Zamora Flores ’21
Majors: Business, psychology
Minor: Creativity, the arts and social transformation
Home town: Quito, Ecuador
Email: nicolebzf@brandeis.edu
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Senior seeks advice about careers in human factor design/engineering psychology

I am a senior graduating with a degree in Biology. After years of academic lab work and time in dental practices, I’m exploring opportunities that will allow me to use my analytical and problem-solving skills in new and interesting ways. I am extremely interested in human factors and I would like to learn more about careers in the field, which industries might be the best fit for me, and if I should seek graduate education before entering the field

Name: Max Halpern ’20
Major: Biology
Email: mhalpern@brandeis.edu
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
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Archived Ad: Seeking Creative Career Direction

Hello! I would like to learn how best to break into a design career. I have creative interests that span from installation art and production to design strategy and product development. I love to work with people, evaluate ideas, and develop comprehensive solutions for improvement. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or information. Thank you!

Name: Megan Rubenstein ’16
Major/minors: psychology/sculpture, architectural studies, philosophy
Hometown: Ramsey, NJ