Archived Ad: Graduating Anthropology Major Seeks Career Guidance

I am a senior double majoring in anthropology and music, with a minor in classical studies. Since I am graduating in May 2016, and have little to no clue about how to proceed forward, I would absolutely love any advice, knowledge, past experiences, stories, general information or tidbits of brainstorming guidance. Seriously. Any and everything is more than welcome!

Besides my studies, I am also passionate about community service and non-profit work. I have been a coordinator for the Waltham Group since freshman year, and have spent the past six summers working with underprivileged youth. I’ve also run the gamut in terms of summer work, from a camp counselor in Cambridge, MA, to a volunteer in Bangalore, India, to working on an archaeological dig in Kabri, Israel. Since I have been somewhat around the world, I am not too picky in terms of location either.

If anyone has any advice in the fields of anthropology, music, archaeology, classical studies, non-profit, international development or anything that just seems fun and creative, I am all ears!

Name: David Kapaon ’16
Majors: Anthropology, music
Hometown: Northborough, MA

Archived Ad: Linguistics/Anthropology Major Looking for Advice on Museum, Education, Archeology, Non-profit, & Government Fields

December 2013 Grad in Linguistics and Anthropology with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Looking for full time opportunities or advice in the museum, education, archaeology, non-profit, and government sectors. I have completed archaeology field school, interned at a museum, and am currently a Hebrew school teacher, an annotator/adjudicator for the Spatiotemporal Annotation Project, and a teaching assistant for Introduction to Linguistics. I am interested in networking with Brandeis alumni involved in any of these fields and learning about possible career paths. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you!

Name: Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting ’13
Major(s): Linguistics and Anthropology
Hometown: Robesonia, PA

Archived Ad: Future Psychology/Anthropology Major Curious what Alumni Have Done with Their Degree

I’m currently a 2016 undergraduate and member of the Varsity Softball team who intends to major in Psychology (possibly clinical or sports related) and Anthropology. I love helping and working with people in any situation, and I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding careers or job benefits related to my majors. I would like to speak to alumni who will help me learn more about my area of study in the professional world, and I’m curious as to how you reached your current position.

Name: Danielle Novotny ’16
Major(s): Psychology, Anthropology
Hometown: Milford, NJ
Varsity Sport: Softball

Archived Ad: Summer experience before grad program in archaeology

I would like some advice about how to secure a summer job before I head to graduate school (a classical Archeology MA Program at Tufts). I’ve applied to a few customer service positions at Boston-based historical societies and museums, but I have not heard back yet. Any leads would be much appreciated!

Name: Hilary Cheney ’13
Major: Classical Studies
Hometown: Cumberland Center, ME