Dec 2019 grad seeks advice and connections with Project Managers in business/technology fields

I am a senior graduating in December. My interests lie in the intersection of business and technology, like product management, technical consulting, business analytics, or a start-up jack-of-all-trades. Currently, I am looking for full-time product management jobs. I would like to connect with alum who are PMs, who know PMs very well, or who work with PMs, as engineers, designers, analysts, marketers, or customer support, etc.  I am also interested in your thoughts on the responsibilities, challenges, and metrics of PMs.

I also hope to get advice on the full-time PM job search, or learn of other roles that also lie in the intersection of business and technology. My PM applications usually cannot pass the resume screen, even with lots of transferable skills and relevant experience: software engineering, data analytics, startups, UI/UX, consulting, project management, cross-collaboration w/ engineers and designers, etc. I don’t know if it’s due to lacking referrals, PM internships, or well-polished experience descriptions. Therefore, I hope to get resume feedback, interview advice, networking tips, etc.

Any advice, insights, and opportunities are well appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

Name: Athena Xiao ’19
Majors: Computer science, business
Hometown: Nanchang, China
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Junior deciding between a software engineering co-op or graduating early and starting FT job

Hello, Brandeisians! I am a junior, studying computer science. I can now graduate one semester early. I am trying to decide between applying for a software engineering co-op during my last semester at Brandeis, or graduating early and getting a job. What would be better for my career? I appreciate your help!

Name: Osamah Mandawi ’21
Major: Computer science
Home town: Baghdad, Iraq
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Any advice on finding internships that combine finance and computer science?

I am a junior double majoring in business and computer science. I am currently seeking  finance internship positions, but I am also looking to combine my business and CS background for summer 2020.  Any advice on companies, roles, or opportunities that would blend these two interests would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Name: Karrina Xie ’21
Majors: Business, computer science
Home town: Shanghai, China
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First year international student wants to connect with neuroscience/computer science alums

I am a first year planning to major in neuroscience and computer science, and likely to minor in economics or psychology.  I am an international student, but I wish to work in the US after graduation, continuing specializing in comp sci or neuroscience.  I look forward to connecting with more neuroscience or computer science alumni, and knowing more about these fields. Another further, less urgent goal of mine is to have an internship in the Boston area next summer. Any advice or help will be appreciated!

Name: Long Yi ’23
Majors: Neuroscience, computer science
Minors: Economics, psychology
Home town: Beijing, China
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Advice for first year student seeking summer internship in computer science

Hi! I’m currently a first-year at Brandeis University, planning to major in computer science and biological physics. One goal I have is to secure an internship this summer, preferably in the Boston area, that specializes either in research or CS-related work. However, I noticed that I am disadvantaged as a first-year, since I am competing with other upperclassmen who have taken more relevant coursework and have more experiences than me. How could I stand out as an applicant for these internships?

Name: Daniel Hariyanto ’23
Majors: Computer science, biological physics
Home town: Jakarta, Indonesia
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Senior exploring other options after experience in tech, consulting, math research

I am a senior majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. I also studied abroad in an international business school in Switzerland before. Previously, I held a consulting internship at Deloitte, worked as a technical intern in a tech startup, and conducted summer research in discrete mathematics and machine learning at the University of Maryland.

Due to my vast interests and diverse experiences in computer science and business, I am not sure what career path fits my skill sets and interests the most.  I know I don’t want to work extremely long hours (like consulting), nor do I want to do software engineering for life (I can do at least a few years though). Overall, I see myself as a resourceful, entrepreneurial person who is curious about everything and not afraid of taking the road less traveled. I feel like I don’t fit the stereotype of a software engineer, but not sure where I should start my career with all these different experiences and coursework. I have been interviewing for data analyst, implementation specialist, and software engineer positions right now, but I am also want to explore other possible career paths for me.

Insights, advice or past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Name: Athena Xiao ’19
Majors: Computer science, business
Hometown: Nanchang, China
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Neuro major seeking advice on internships, grad schools that focus on human-machine interaction

Hello! I’m a sophomore pursuing a BS/MS in neuroscience, and I work in a systems neuroscience lab exploring memory and learning. I am really interested in how digital technology affects humans and have taken some CS and anthropology courses. After graduation, I want to conduct and/or report research on related topics, both as a scientist and as a writer. I am reaching out to seek recommendations for graduate school programs that focus on human-machine interaction and possible internship/volunteering opportunities that would better my understanding of the topic. Thank you so much!

Name: Ziyi Guo ’21
Majors: Neuroscience, psychology
Hometown: Waltham, MA
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Do I need to double major in business and co-sci to succeed in data science, or is a minor OK?

I am majoring in computer science and business right now, but the work load is really heavy. In regards to the business and data science industry, is it fundamental that I continue with both these majors? Or is pursuing a minor in business or economics sufficient in order to be prepared for the industry?

Name: Hangyu Du ’21
Majors: Computer Science, Business
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Are co-sci classes necessary to succeed in AI/machine learning? Neuroscience student looking to pivot.

I’m an BS/MS in neuroscience candidate in my last year, with most of my research consisting of neural simulations and computational work. I am interested in applying to jobs in the field of A.I/ machine learning after graduation but did not complete many computer science courses while at Brandeis. How much is coursework in CS valued in the industry as compared to the experience I’ve already had in neuroscience, and what are some things I could do in the next year to strengthen my resume?

Name: Jose Alejandro Garcia ’19
Major: Neuroscience

Senior hoping to publish paper at CoSci conference

I am seeking advice on how to write successful research papers in computer science. I hope to publish a paper in a computer science conference before I graduate. I am graduating this spring and will go to computer science graduate school, focusing on machine learning and bioinformatics. I have worked on two projects, one is of computer vision and the other is of graph matching and pattern learning. My coauthor and I have submitted the later project to a top bioinformatics conference and got rejected. I would love to hear advice on how to write a competitive paper. Any advice or connections are welcome!

Name: Martin Ma ’18
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: China
Preferred Location: San Francisco Bay area
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Senior interested in machine learning, data science, AI seeks advice on research, grad school

I am a mid-year junior gradating in Dec. 2018. I double major in computer science and mathematics. My interests lie in machine learning, algorithms, combinatorics, natural language processing, data science and AI. I have had an internship experience in software engineering and coursework related to machine learning. Currently I am actively seeking summer research or industry internship opportunities in ML. In the long run, I am thinking about getting a PhD. Any advice you have regarding the following questions would be great!

1. I want to find a research area that lies in the intersection of computer science and mathematics.
2. I am deciding between getting a ML related job vs applying for graduate school directly.
3. I am wondering what are most important things to do to be a competitive ML job candidate or grad school applicant.

I am happy to connect with industry professionals or researchers whose work involves ML, data science, or any fields above. Insights, advice or past experience would be greatly appreciated for a new grad entering these fields.

Thank you so much!

Name: Athena Xiao ’18 (Dec)
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics
Hometown: Nanjing, China
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Student seeks advice on career fields and tech companies

I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies, with a minor in Economics. I am looking for career advice on what field(s) I could go into with my seemingly odd combination of studies and how I could differentiate myself from other people who are possibly better programmers but are not that international as I am. Specifically, I would like to know how I could present myself to technology-related firms and gain their attention. So far I have interned in summer camps as a counselor and an architect firm helping with daily operations and customer connections. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Name: Jingyun (Roderick) Huang ’19
Majors: Computer Science, Hispanic Studies; minor in Economics
Hometown: Hangzhou, China
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Dec. 2018 grad seeks alumni insights in data science, start-ups

I will be graduating in December 2018 with a double major in computer science and economics, and pursuing a career in data science. I am actively looking for a summer internship in data analytics, engineering and quantitative research in industries including technology and consulting. I have multifaceted skills in programming, statistics, and business. During my past internship and project experiences, I have dealt with large volumes of data and conducted research using various tools including Stata, Python, and SQL.

I’m trying to decide between finding a full-time job or going to graduate school after graduation. I would appreciate insights from alumni working in the field on what they chose to do, and any advice for finding a summer internship. What’s more, I am passionate about start-ups so I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni working with start-ups. Thank you so much!

Name: Aiden Zhang ’18
Majors: Computer science, economics
Hometown: Hunan, China
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Archived Ad: Cybersecurity insights for humanities grad

My tentative plan is to pursue a post-bacc program in cybersecurity within the UMaine system after I graduate from Brandeis. I’m hoping to speak with someone currently working in the field of cybersecurity to see how they feel about the profession. Given the somewhat non sequitur connection between my undergraduate majors and my post-grad goals, I’d also love advice on transitioning from the world of the humanities to the world of computer science. Thanks for your help!

Name: Gwenyth Fraser ’17
Majors: English, psychology, creative writing
Hometown: Litchfield, ME

Archived Ad: Artist seeks advice on pursuing art outside of 9-5

Hello! I am a senior studying studio art and computer science with a minor in English. I have been lucky enough to find a job that allows me to combine all three, but I’m interested in pursuing painting on the side as well. I would appreciate any advice you may have for working and establishing myself as an artist while also working full time.

Name: Alison Simon ’17
Majors: Studio art, computer science
Hometown: Westfield, NJ

Archived Ad: Seeking Advice on Business/Computer Science Careers

I am interested in software engineering, AI, edX, and consulting. I have combined skill sets of business and computer science as well as various intercultural experiences. I am seeking internship opportunities in both the computer science and business fields. I would like to hear from professionals working in both fields about their professional experience, industry insights, and career path. I am also interested in professional advice on how I can fully utilize my combined backgrounds. I am open to working anywhere in the states or even abroad. Additionally, I am earnest about entrepreneurship and startups. I would be happy to hear from founders of tech-related startups or alumni working in startups or incubators. Thank you so much in advance!

Name: Athena Xiao ’18
Majors: computer science, business
Hometown: Nancang, China

Archived Ad: Sophomore Math Major Seeks Early Career Guidance

As a sophomore majoring in math and minoring in econ and computer science, I am either very early on or have not yet started the course track for my majors and minors. I am looking for an internship in New York City or on Long Island this summer, but am open to exploring different professional avenues. I do not have any primarily math-based prior experiences, but I have worked in education-related fields, having tutored privately and taught at Kumon (although I am not particularly interested in going into education as a career). Math-related interests of mine include probability and statistics, especially as they relate to sports. As I wrote before, though, I am on the beginning part of the math major track and have not yet taken any courses directly related to those fields. If anyone was in a similar situation during their undergraduate years or has any advice to offer, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Name: Corey Cohen ’18
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Plainview, NY

Archived Ad: Seeking Environmental Studies and Computer Science Insight

My name is Brendan Schneider and I am a senior double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Computer Science. I have been looking for environmental internships for this spring as well as jobs after graduation where I can combine my two interests. I love working on and solving environmental issues and would like to use computer programs, data, and statistical analysis to do so. I particularly enjoyed my Geographic Information System courses, so I might be interested in pursuing a career in geospatial analysis. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Name: Brendan Schneider ’16
Majors: Environmental Studies, Computer Science
Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Archived Ad: Artist & Computer Scientist Seeks Internship Advice

I’m a little lost as to what I should look for in a job search. I love my studio art major and I have experience with graphic design, but I also study computer science. I like the idea of combining these two things in front-end design, but I also love working with people – especially kids. I taught in a museum a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I am also interested in marketing/design. I need to start thinking about an internship for the summer, but I don’t know where to start – especially with all of these things I think I’d like to do. I’d appreciate any advice!

Name: Alison Simon ’17
Major: Studio Art, Computer Science
Hometown: Westfield, NJ

Archived Ad: Sophomore seeks CSR opportunities

My name is Heather Spector and I’m currently a sophomore at Brandeis. I’m double majoring in Business and Computer Science. I’m very interested in pursuing a career in Corporate Social Responsibility. Are there any alumni involved in this field that can recommend relevant experience I can get over the summer?


Archived Ad: IT Jobs in Higher Ed Before Grad School

I am a graduating senior with a double major in Classical Studies and HSSP and a minor in Anthropology. I am considering working towards a PhD in Ancient History to eventually become a professor, focusing on ancient medical practices. Before I go into graduate school, however, I wanted to work in IT for higher education.  I have worked four years at the Brandeis International Business School where I have done general help desk work, installed new systems for classrooms and professors, and helped maintain media systems within classrooms. I am hoping to use these skills and experiences to work in the Boston area. I am also hoping to take classes to prepare myself for graduate school. If anyone has worked in Higher Education while taking classes, I would love to hear about the path you took to get there and if you think it was worth it. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Name: Joshua Yankell ’14
Major(s): Classical Studies; HSSP
Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
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Archived Ad: Game Developer/Robotics Engineer Seeks Industry Advice

I have many passions. In terms of my career, I see two options and pursue them simultaneously, so I ask for advice on both accounts. First, as an aspiring game developer, I’d like to stay as independent as possible in order to have control over the games I make. Where can I find artists who are reliable, consistent, and available for short-term (1-3 month) projects? Also, where should I look for funding (not including crowd sourcing or angel investors)?

Second, as an aspiring robotics engineer, I need far more experience with hardware engineering. What are some resources that could offer a similar level of expertise to a degree in EE, without the cost? I know there are a number of online courses, but is that really the best place to start? What platform(s) and tools are considered industry standards? Which seem likely to continue leading the charge on robotics?

I would appreciate any insight. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Name: Ophir Silverman ’14
Major(s): Computer Science, Philosophy
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
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Archived Ad: Computer Science Problem Solver Seeks Alumni to Share Experiences

Double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and a candidate for the Columbia Combined Engineering Program for Operations Research. I’m interested in breaking into tech/managerial consulting, finance, and software development. Above all I want the opportunity to work as part of a tight knit and communicative team. Problem solving is fun, whether it’s done by talking, researching, or programming up a solution. I’d love to talk about your favorite recent project and what drives you.

Name: Jess Ochs-Willard ’15
Major(s): Computer Science, Mathematics
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
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Archived Ad: Interdisciplinary Complex (Dynamical) Systems Major Seeking Advice on Non-Academic Research Careers

Interdisciplinary complex (dynamical) systems major looking for advice about non-academic research careers! My major combines physics, neuroscience, and economics on a foundation of mathematics and computer science. After working in a lab, I have a strong interest in continuing working in research but I’d like to understand what options are available for me outside of research in academia. I’m also unsure whether to rush straight to grad school or explore options before pursuing further education. I would love the chance to learn about your career path. Thank you very much for your time and help!

Name: Vincent Wong ’14
Major(s): IIM Complex Systems
Hometown: Muncie, IN

Archived Ad: Aspiring Management Consultant Looking for Advice on Breaking into the Industry

My name is Asaf Meir; I’m a senior and an international student from Israel studying computer science and economics. I attended Brandeis after completing 3 years of mandatory army service in the Israeli Defense Forces. I have previous work experience with start-ups and larger tech corporation such as Microsoft. Looking ahead, I would like to pursue a career within the management consulting industry particularly with start-ups and high-tech companies. I would love to learn more about the consulting management field, your career path, and how I can potentially enter the industry.

Name: Asaf Meir ’14
Major(s): Computer Science & Economics
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Archived Ad: Future Business Major Curious About Investment Banking

My name is David Maher, I am currently a sophomore on the varsity baseball team. I am an undecided major; however, my plan is to pursue a business major with a computer science minor. For the past few years I have observed my uncle and the work he has done for Barclays on Wall Street. His job is very interesting to me. I love trying to figure out how the market works. I like the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to stocks; it makes the job fun. Any advice that you could give me on the field of investment banking would be much appreciated. I would love to learn more about this field! Thanks for your time.

Name: David Maher ’16
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Varsity Sport: Baseball

Archived Ad: Entrepreneurial computer science student seeks advice

I am a computer science major who is interested in growing fields such as educational technologies, cloud computing, and app development. I would like to talk to someone who has experience implementing ideas in computer science, because I have many and am seeking your insight on how to apply my ideas in the most productive way.

Name: Michael Shemesh ’15
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Livingston, NJ

Archived Ad: Start-Up & High-Tech Consulting With International Background

I’m a junior and an international student from Israel studying computer science and economics. I attended Brandeis after completing three years of mandatory army service in the Israeli Defense Forces. I have previous work experience with start-ups and larger tech corporations. Looking ahead, I would like to pursue a career within the management consulting industry particularly with start-ups and high-tech companies. I would love to learn more about the the consulting management field, your career path, and how I can also enter the industry. In addition, I’m interested in the venture capital world and would appreciate information from those with experience in the field.


Student: Asaf Meir ’14
Hometown: Israel
Majors: Computer Science; Economics

Archived Ad: Entrepreneurs Wanted

Computer science and business double major seeks advice as an aspiring entrepreneur! My dream is to run a business, but I don’t have any ideas. (It’s a peculiar problem, since my understanding is that people usually get an idea first and then decide they want to start a business.) Is it too early for me to be thinking about this? My particular interests include consulting, entrepreneurship and innovation, financial planning, and company culture dynamics. I would love the chance to speak with you about your own entrepreneurship story and career path.

Student: Raya Stantcheva ’15
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Majors: Computer Science; Business