Leads on private school positions in NYC

I’m graduating this May and seeking full-time positions in New York City private schools for grades K-6! Do alumni have any leads on open positions for a recent grad?

Name: Rosie Ettinger ’17
Email: rosiee8@brandeis.edu
Major: Psychology
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To reply to this ad, email Rosie directly at rosiee8@brandeis.edu and cc: wisdomwanted@brandeis.edu for tracking purposes.

Junior seeks grad school, teaching advice

I am a junior interested in informal education. I enjoy teaching and tutoring in environments where students are allowed to let their interests guide their learning. I seek advice in fields where this is possible and advice for career or graduate school paths.

Name: Kristin Diamantides ’18
Email: kdiaman@brandeis.edu
Major: Biology
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To reply to this ad, email Kristin directly at kdiaman@brandeis.edu and cc: wisdomwanted@brandeis.edu for tracking purposes.

Archived Ad: Senior looking for storytelling opportunities

My name is Abigail Rothstein and I am a senior majoring in Education Policy with minors in Environmental Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. Before I pursue a higher degree in law, education, or sociology, I am looking for opportunities that will allow me to use media as a platform for social change. As someone who has experience using multimedia to share messages on activism and social movements, I have learned a great deal about the power of communication to share ideas. As such, I am looking for journalism, documentarian, or social justice storytelling organizations that will help people share their stories.

Name: Abigail Rothstein ’17
Majors: education policy, environmental studies, social justice and social policy
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Archived Ad: Psychology/education Grad Seeks Job Advice

I am not sure what path I want to pursue. I would like to get experience in a theater company. I am also interested in youth-based community service, so I might also want to look at being some kind of mentor. Any advice on what I can do with these majors and minors would be helpful!

Name: Yaznil Baez ’16
Majors/Minors: Psychology, sociology/ education studies, theater arts
Hometown: Brockton, MA

Archived Ad: Ed.D. seeks opportunities to apply education, finance experience

I am a 1986 Brandeis alum, and I recently earned my Ed.D. in educational leadership from the University of Georgia this past December. After graduating from Brandeis, my career in the mortgage industry in Atlanta, GA, was successful until the economic downturn of ’08. In the summer of 2009 I immediately went back to school, earned a Master’s in Special Education and began teaching special education in the fall of 2010. While teaching, I continued my education through the University of Georgia, and earned my doctorate in educational leadership. I am currently teaching special education in Atlanta, and I am looking to secure a position where my education, training, and experience in both the field of education and the financial industry can be fully applied.

Archived Ad: Aspiring Bilingual Educator Seeking Guidance

Hi Alumni! I’m graduating with a degree in Spanish and minor in Education Studies. I’m looking to work in the education world, either as a teacher or within international education (working abroad and maybe through a program or as a teacher). I’m considering working for a year at home then teaching English for a year abroad. If anyone has suggestions for teaching abroad or working in bilingual education on the west coast, I’d love your input! I’d also love to incorporate my love for music and the arts however possible. Thank you!

Archived Ad: Japan-Bound Graduate Seeks International Education Advice

I am a graduating senior with a passion for International Higher Education. I have accepted a position to become an Assistant Language Teacher with the JET Program in Japan. As I will be in Japan for at least two years, I am hoping to work or volunteer with organizations that promote international studies and exchange while I am in the new country. I am also hoping to complete an English graduate program about International Higher Education in Japan. I appreciate all advice, tips, connections, and position openings! Thank you!

Archived Ad: Future Veterinarian Seeks Advice

My name is Ariana Boltax, and I am very interested in science education at the University level. After Brandeis, I will be attending veterinary school at Cornell University. My goal is to obtain a DVM followed by a PhD and to integrate the health sciences through education. Veterinary science is a fascinating combination of disciplines in a medically relevant fashion, and I am excited by the contributions that veterinary science has to offer to other health sciences, particularly human medicine.

Name: Ariana Boltax ’14
Major(s): Chemistry, Biology
Hometown: Great Neck, NY
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Archived Ad: Aspiring Film Actress/Educator Heading to NYC

I’m a graduating senior who will be moving to NYC, looking to break into the acting industry. I’m interested in both stage and film, although I’ve been leaning towards film recently. I’ll graduate in May with my Massachusetts Elementary Education certification, so I’m hoping to find some kind of teaching part-time job as well. Any advice about breaking into the NYC acting field or education community would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Corrie Legge ’14
Major(s): Biology (minors: Theater Arts, Elementary Education)
Hometown: Falmouth, ME
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Archived Ad: Seeking shadowing opportunity in occupational therapy

I just recently discovered occupational therapy as a career path and am intrigued about getting a chance to channel my creativity while integrating children back into their communities and social spheres. I am interested in shadowing an occupational therapist who works with children in any setting this summer and learning more about the field and the kinds of skill sets and commitment it requires.

Name: Ina Karanxha ’15
Major(s): Psychology, Education Studies
Hometown: Stoneham, MA
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Looking for Advice on the Not for Profit Job Sector

Hi all! I am currently a senior and I am looking for connections in NYC with people who work in the not for profit sector. Ideally I am interested in empowering women in poverty to better themselves, especially with teenagers and sexual health. Also, helping to fix the education disparities growing in urban communities. If anyone works/has worked in these fields, I was just wondering if I could pick your brain about how you got started, and if you have any tips for me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

Full name: Emma Blamuth-Loris ’14
Major(s): International and Global Studies
Hometown: Concord, MA
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Archived Ad: Future Spanish/English/ESL Teacher Looking for Advice

I am a senior studying Spanish Comparative Literature and Linguistics who is interested in teaching Spanish, English, and/or ESL at a Massachusetts public school. Looking to talk with any public school teacher who has gone through the process and could offer some advice!

Name: Ryan Nicoll ’14
Major(s): Anthropology, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Hometown: Lancaster, MA
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Archived Ad: Senior Seeks Advice on Career Paths in Combining Education and Non-Profit Work

I am a senior studying Spanish, Judaic Studies and participating in the Elementary Education licensing program at Brandeis.  I am considering teaching or teaching assistant positions for next year but am also interested in using my education skills to work with youth in the non-profit sector with the Spanish speaking community or in the Jewish world.  I am looking to gain more knowledge about potential career paths available to me.

Name: Rebecca DeHovitz ’14
Major(s): Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeking Advice on Careers Combining Museum Work and Education

Senior majoring in Art History and East Asian Studies and current Lipper Intern at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. I am interested in working in a museum, possibly more on the educational side. With graduation quickly approaching, I would love to learn about others’ experiences, advice for entering the museum field, and more. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you!

Name: Hallie Frank ’14
Major(s): Art History, East Asian Studies
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
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Archived Ad: HSSP/Psychology Major interested in Health Communication & Health Education

I am a double major in HSSP and Psychology graduating in December of 2014. I recently had an “ah-ha! moment” and realized that what I would truly like to do is become a health educator at the high school level. Before going into teaching, however, I’d love to gain some experience in the health communications field with organizations geared towards the prevention of diseases such as eating disorders and obesity. I’ve also been looking into masters programs that combine Health Communications & Health Education and would love to talk to anyone who has any experience with this type of graduate program and/or the field itself. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Sara Hazelnis ’14
Major: HSSP & Psychology
Hometown: Liberty, NY

Archived Ad: Linguistics/Anthropology Major Looking for Advice on Museum, Education, Archeology, Non-profit, & Government Fields

December 2013 Grad in Linguistics and Anthropology with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Looking for full time opportunities or advice in the museum, education, archaeology, non-profit, and government sectors. I have completed archaeology field school, interned at a museum, and am currently a Hebrew school teacher, an annotator/adjudicator for the Spatiotemporal Annotation Project, and a teaching assistant for Introduction to Linguistics. I am interested in networking with Brandeis alumni involved in any of these fields and learning about possible career paths. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you!

Name: Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting ’13
Major(s): Linguistics and Anthropology
Hometown: Robesonia, PA

Archived Ad: 2010 Alum Seeks Advice on Entering Consulting Field

2010 Brandeis Graduate with a Masters in Higher Education from U Penn looking to go into consulting.  I’m currently working in Higher Education and love the assessment and strategic planning elements of the job.  Interested in specifically management or non-profit consulting.  Would love to learn about others’ experiences, advice for entering the field, and more!

Name: Nate Rosenblum ’10
Major(s): Politics, Business, Higher Education
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Archived Ad: Creative & Enthusiastic Senior Seeks Advice on Careers that Help Others

I am an enthusiastic, hard worker with exceptional organizational skills! I am interested in jobs in college admissions, television production, event planning, human resources and counseling. Through any of these areas I hope to put my skills to good use in an active environment where I can be creative and work to help others. I would love to speak to alumni who have experience in any of these fields or have advice for finding a job in which every day is a new experience!

Name: Laine Meyer ’14
Major(s): Psychology, Sociology
Hometown: Westchester, NY

Archived Ad: Alumni working with Jewish children’s orgs

I’m looking to build my professional network with alumni who work with children in Jewish settings. In the near future, I’m interested in working with kids in the 4th grade and older in youth groups, Hebrew schools, camps, etc. In the far future, I’m looking to work in informal Jewish education settings (specifically camps) and potentially join the rabbinate through Hebrew Union College. Any advice would be helpful!

Name: Rachael Pass ’13
Majors: Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, Psychology

Archived Ad: Seeking meaningful nonprofit experiences

I am a class of 2013 graduate who studied sociology and education with a focus on social justice and social policy.  I wish to be part of a nonprofit team to use my proven leadership and facilitation skills to achieve key goals and make a difference. Last summer I had an incredible internship at the Jewish Teen Funders Network where I jumped into the philanthropy world and created materials to help teens get hands-on experience as grant makers. I want to learn more about your career experiences in nonprofit, development and grant-making–whether you’re a recent grad adjusting to post-college life and getting your feet wet in the nonprofit world or a professional with years of experience that have contributed to a meaningful career. Thank you for your time and help.

Name: Rebecca Bachman ’13
Major(s): Sociology, Education Studies
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY


Archived Ad: Museum Education & Special Education

Studio art major interested in speaking with professionals in career fields including museum education and special education, and also art therapy, art education, occupational therapy, museum studies, and other related disciplines. I am interested in learning about what steps I should take to enter these fields, as well as other career possibilities related to these interests. At Brandeis, I work at the art museum, and run a social skills playgroup for children with autism. Any kind of guidance in these fields is very welcome!

Student: Estie Martin ’14
: Newton, MA
: Studio Art; Anthropology

Archived Ad: Combining Anthropology & Hispanic Studies

Anthropology major with a concentration in sociocultural studies. I am interested in learning about fieldwork as well as developing language skills and cultural knowledge. I would love to work and study abroad in order to achieve these goals. My previous work experience has been focused on children and arts programming. I would welcome any advice on career paths that would help me marry my interests in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies, and the appropriate setting to do so. Thank you!

: Mara Flack ’15
HometownBuffalo Grove, IL
Majors: Anthropology; Hispanic Studies

Archived Ad: Future Clinical Psych PhD

Psychology and Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) major working on thesis about the experience of illness of epilepsy and diabetes for young adults who have experienced the college campus atmosphere, with Prof. Conrad, chair of Sociology and HSSP program. Also working at Aging, Cognition and Culture lab with Laura and Prof. Gutchess on cross cultural differences of categorical memory in the US, Israel and Turkey. My true passion is working directly with children. I now volunteer in three organizations for low-income children fun enrichment programs and spent my summer as a camp counselor in Istanbul. I hope to complete a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after getting work experience in the healthcare/mental healthcare/childcare fields in the US. I seek advice about options for entry level positions with that goal in mind.  Where do healthcare, childcare and education converge? What do employers look for in such fields? What advice do you have for a college senior hoping to start a career in these fields?

Student: Rozi Levi ’13
: Izmir, Turkey
: Psychology, HSSP