Econ student interested in fashion industry

I am an economics major and I am interested in going into the fashion industry, particularly in being a fashion buyer. I am finding it difficult to get into that industry since Brandeis is not an art/fashion school. I am looking for advice on how I could get involved in the fashion industry with a background like mine. Leads to internships at a fashion company would also be very much appreciated.

Name: Andrea Murillo ’20
Majors: Economics, history
Hometown: Chicago, IL
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Archived Ad: Looking for Informational Interviews in Fashion and PR

I just finished my last semester at Brandeis and want to work in fashion, ideally, with a fashion magazine or a PR firm with an emphasis on luxury.

I have previously interned with Oscar de la Renta and Vogue India as a sales and marketing intern, respectively. In addition, while at Brandeis, I was one of the recipients of the 2014 YMA Fashion Fund Scholarship award.

I’m just beginning my job search and would love to conduct some informational interviews and glean any wisdom from alumns. I’d love any advice or guidance from alumns who have worked in the industry or know of someone who has. In addition, any kind words of support and encouragement while undertaking the daunting task of applying to jobs would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Kiran Gill ’15
Majors: Art history, business
Hometown: North Andover, MA

Archived Ad: Fashionable Alumni Advice Needed

2014 graduate who is majoring in Business with minors in Art History and Italian Studies. Seeking advice on breaking into the fashion/retail industry at the corporate level! My dream job is a leadership position within a large retailer in the U.S. who is currently or has interest in expanding internationally. My experience in the industry is working for the past two years at a Banana Republic concept store here in MA. I am about to leave for the semester to study Art History and Italian abroad in Siena, Italy. I would love to be able to chat with any Brandeis alum working in the industry about their career path. Thank you for your time and consideration!
Student: Megan Ann Kessler ’14
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Major: Business