Senior seeking advice for entering the commercial video, TV, film industry

I am in my final semester at Brandeis and am searching for find a job in video for after graduation. I would ultimately like to have a career shooting and editing video. I have interned doing commercial video for American Eagle/Aerie and am hoping for advice on getting started in the commercial video, television and film industry. Additionally, my portfolio can be found at if you are interested in viewing my work. Thank you for your help!

Name: Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman ’19
Majors: Film, television and interactive media; Interpersonal and mass communications
Hometown: Salem, MA
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Senior seeking advice from alumni in media and Los Angeles

I’m a senior majoring in English and Film, Television, and Interactive Media looking for career advice. I’ve been considering moving to L.A. after I graduate to work in the film industry. At Brandeis I’ve focused on expanding my network and developing my technical skills with cameras, editing, etc., but I’m unsure about what the next step would be to work in media production. A long-term goal would be to become a screenwriter, but I’m unsure of how to start on that path—I would love to learn how one starts out in a TV writer’s room. Any advice from people based in the area working in a media industry would be extremely welcome.

Name: Noah Harper ’19
Majors: Film, Television, and Interactive Media, English
Hometown: Austin, TX
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Advice on breaking into screenwriting for TV and film

I am looking to enter the world of film and TV, with a particular interest in screenwriting and comedies. I have worked at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and am currently interning with WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow. I would love to hear about advice on breaking into this field after graduation, as well as more about the film scene in specific locations, as I am wondering about a potential relocation.

Name: Anna Craven ’18
Majors: Film, TV & interactive media; creative writing
Hometown: Boston, MA
Varsity Sport: Fencing
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Archived Ad: Getting Started In Entertainment

Hello! My name is Oye Ehikhamhen and I am a senior double majoring in Business and Health: Science, Society and Policy. Plot twist: Although it is not shown in my areas of study, I have a strong passion in theater and have immersed myself in it by taking classes as well as acting and directing in main stage productions during my time here at Brandeis. My passion for theater has lead to my interest in the entertainment industry as a whole – theater, film, publicity and management. Since I am not majoring in theater or films studies, my resources on “next steps” have been limiting. I am currently seeking advice on aspects of the entertainment industry including: how to get into this industry, managing the cutthroat environment, as well as how to balance work and personal life. I am more than welcoming of any advice that you believe will be useful to me or any of your own personal experiences that you can share with me. Thank you in advance!

Name: Oye Ehikhamhen ’17
Majors: business, health: science, society and policy
Hometown: Boston, MA

Archived Ad: Senior Seeks Television Industry Insight

I am looking for advice regarding entry level positions in the television industry with a focus on development, casting, or writing. I am currently working a remote position with a marketing company and planning on moving to LA during the summer or early fall.

Name: Fiona Merullo ’16
Majors: Film/television, psychology
Hometown: Shrewsburg, MA

Archived Ad: Seeking Tips for Cross-Country Move

Hello! My name is Naomi Rodriguez-Finer and I’m a graduating senior ready to pursue a career in entertainment in the city of Los Angeles. I’m aiming to start as a PA and learn as much as I can. Moving across the country feels like a big step and I’m sure there are a number of ways to avoid some common mistakes. I would like to ask anyone who has ever moved house for advice on how you handled the move, where you found housing, transportation, etc. Did you have a secured job before you moved? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Name: Naomi Rodriguez-Finer ’16
Majors: Business, women’s studies
Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA

Archived Ad: Health Major Looking to Enter Field of Journalism

My name is Madeline Rosenberg and I am a senior graduating in May 2016 studying Health: Science, Society and Policy and Environmental Studies. I have strong passions for public health, environmental studies, sociological phenomenon, and art, and have channeled these interests into social science research, writing, and reading.

My academic and work experiences are varied: I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Environmental Health and Justice JBS; a research assistant for a senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism; a research intern for a documentary series with Warrior Poets; a research assistant for a scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center; and a thesis candidate with the HSSP department focused on the relationship between tattoos, college age women, and health.

After reflecting on these experiences, I am gripped by and subsequently hoping to pursue work in the fields of journalism (written, broadcast, documentary), film/TV, and publishing.
For someone whose formal academic areas of study are different from these specific career paths, what should my next steps be? How do I catch up on knowledge of these fields that I would have studied in a classroom setting? Where should I be looking for jobs? How should I go about becoming a more competitive candidate to production companies, journalistic and news companies and organizations, and publishing firms?
Any advice regarding these fields or questions is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your time!

Name: Madeline Rosenberg ’16
Major: Health: Science, Society and Policy
Hometown: Scarsdale, New York

Archived Ad: English Major Seeks Career Path Advice

My name is Sarah DeLuca, and I am a junior double majoring in English and Film, Television, and Interactive Media with a focus in media studies and communications. This past summer I explored several possible career paths by interning at two different companies. I was an editorial intern for a celebrity news website, The Hot Zone USA, and I also interned at a new social media marketing firm in my hometown of Syosset, New York. I would like to continue learning about possible career options for an English major and gain further insight into what various work environments are like. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Sarah DeLuca ’17
Major: English, Film, Television and Interactive Media
Hometown: Syosset, NY

Archived Ad: Breaking into the World of Television Production

I’m a graduating senior double majoring in Music and American Studies. Ideally, I would like to find a job in tv production, specifically working on a scripted series, but I’m having some trouble finding opportunities. The one I have found is at a start up but I’m not sure if that’s the right fit for me. I would love to speak with any alums who have advice to give on breaking into the field and what my next steps should be.


Archived Ad: MLK Scholars Seeking Film Portfolio Advice

My name is Naomi Rodriguez-Finer and I have started my own video production company with Kristen Ward-Chalk ’16. Our mission is to create quality films, embodying truth, inclusivity and tact. We are already building up our portfolio, and have started to reach out to faculty for advice. I would like to know if any alumni have advice for a) juggling involvement with a start-up with pursuing a degree and b) how to build a reputation outside of the Brandeis community. As MLK Scholars, we are very passionate about this endeavor and appreciate any advice/recommendations.

Archived Ad: Recent grad seeks environmental/film leads in NYC

My name is Jenny Cheng and I recently graduated from Brandeis University with a major in Environmental Studies and minors in Business and Film, Television and Interactive Studies. I am based in New York City. I have various interests and would like to pursue a career that includes any combination of them. I am interested in sustainability, social issues (especially women’s rights), photography, and video editing. I am currently looking at administrative assistant jobs in organizations that have to do with any of my interests. Any opportunities that relate to my interests or advice on what path I could take would be very helpful. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Law & Business

I am currently a senior with a variety of interests. I have been looking at job opportunities that combine the areas of business and law. In terms of business, I have been focusing on positions in the finance and accounting fields as well as business intelligence. With respect to the legal field, I am very interested in entertainment law, contracts, and business law (such as mergers and acquisitions as well as working with companies undergoing financial fraud investigation). I would really appreciate any advice from alumni who have some experience with either of these industries and suggestions or ideas as to how I can get my foot in the door. Thank you!

Name: Jonathan Greengarden ’15
Major(s): Business; Film, Television, and Interactive Media
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
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Archived Ad: Aspiring Film Actress/Educator Heading to NYC

I’m a graduating senior who will be moving to NYC, looking to break into the acting industry. I’m interested in both stage and film, although I’ve been leaning towards film recently. I’ll graduate in May with my Massachusetts Elementary Education certification, so I’m hoping to find some kind of teaching part-time job as well. Any advice about breaking into the NYC acting field or education community would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Corrie Legge ’14
Major(s): Biology (minors: Theater Arts, Elementary Education)
Hometown: Falmouth, ME
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Archived Ad: Media Management Career Advice for Graduating Radio Mgr

I’m a soon-to-be graduate with majors in business and history. I spent my time at Brandeis as the general manager of WBRS and I found that I am interested in media management. I want to know what careers are out there for a student like myself. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you.

Name: Lee Nisson ’14
Major(s): Business & History
Hometown: Denver, CO
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Archived Ad: Physics Major & Film Minor Seeks Advice on Combining Interests

Phyics Major and Film Minor seeks advice for integrating physics and film together into a career. I have recently discovered my love for film creation, but also have my long time love of physics. These two interests often conflict, which makes finding a career including both very difficult. If anyone knows of, or is in, a career that incorporates both of these subjects, I would love to talk with you about it! Suggestions need not be “normal” careers, seeing as the integration of physics with film will likely not reside within a “normal” job.

Name: Edan Chen-Zion ’16
Major(s): Physics
Hometown: West Hills, CA
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Archived Ad: Senior Looking to Break into Entertainment Field

Senior looking for advice on how to search and apply for jobs in the Entertainment field. Interested in writing, production and management. Looking for general career jump-start advice. Thank you!

Name: Chastity DeLorme ’14
Major(s): Film, Television & Interactive Media, minors in Business and Creative Writing
Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Marketing/Advertising/PR Seeks Advice from Experienced Alumni

Graduating senior, member of the Women’s Soccer team, majoring in Business, seeking advice about breaking into the consumer products, sports, or fashion/retail industry at the corporate level. My dream is to fulfill a marketing/advertising or public relations leadership position within a large, global retailer. Post-graduation I plan on moving to New York City, Washington D.C., or staying in Boston for a full-time position. I am currently an Account Management Intern at Blitz Media in Waltham, MA where I support strategic media planning and research for clients such as Carbonite, Sears, American Dental Partners, and Elements Massage. This past summer, I interned at an athletic event services company in Somerville, MA, where I acquired skills and experience in marketing/communications, business development, and social media planning. I would love to chat with anyone working in these various industries about their career path. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Name: Megan A. Kessler ’14
Major(s): Business
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Varsity Sport: Soccer

Archived Ad: Creative & Enthusiastic Senior Seeks Advice on Careers that Help Others

I am an enthusiastic, hard worker with exceptional organizational skills! I am interested in jobs in college admissions, television production, event planning, human resources and counseling. Through any of these areas I hope to put my skills to good use in an active environment where I can be creative and work to help others. I would love to speak to alumni who have experience in any of these fields or have advice for finding a job in which every day is a new experience!

Name: Laine Meyer ’14
Major(s): Psychology, Sociology
Hometown: Westchester, NY

Archived Ad: Recent grad ready for her spotlight

Seeking career advice from alums in the film industry. Would love to speak with producers in television, film, commercials, directors, and assistant directors. Hoping to find a graduate program to propel my career in the film industry. Any advice available for how to go from production assistant work into a full-time career?

Name: Tricia Miller ’13
Major: Film, Television & Interactive Media
Hometown: Cambridge, MN