Any advice on finding internships that combine finance and computer science?

I am a junior double majoring in business and computer science. I am currently seeking  finance internship positions, but I am also looking to combine my business and CS background for summer 2020.  Any advice on companies, roles, or opportunities that would blend these two interests would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Name: Karrina Xie ’21
Majors: Business, computer science
Home town: Shanghai, China
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Junior seeking advice on breaking into financial services/consulting fields

I am a current economics and politics double-major seeking opportunities in financial services and consulting. I am passionate about being involved in the life-cycle of a business and providing strategic solutions to corporate clients. However, I have struggled to break into the industry. I would love insights, advice, or help connecting with boutique, mid-sized, or large investment banks, consulting firms, or related companies.

Name: Javin Dana ’21
Majors: Economics, politics
Home town: Portland, OR
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Student athlete trying to diversify finance experience beyond wealth management

I am a student-athlete wrapping up my first semester of my junior year. I have a strong passion for finance and the business industry. I have been networking on LinkedIn with alumni in fields that I am interested in. I have had many calls where I have learned more about the industry and different avenues within finance.

I have found interest in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking. I made it to the final rounds of a summer analyst role in Loan Capital Markets with U.S. Bank; however, I failed to land the offer. I apply to at least one internship a day, and I attempt to cast a wide net in terms of size of branch, job, hours, pay, and such. I have the opportunity to return back to Merrill Lynch in Naples, Florida to intern in Wealth Management, but I am trying create more opportunity for myself in other fields.

I am hoping to find more networking opportunities to hopefully get my foot in the door in a big city. I hope to find myself in a position to learn and create opportunity moving forward.

Name: Jackson Carman ’20
Majors: Business, English
Hometown: Naples, FL
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London calling? Junior seeking specific advice from finance professionals in US and UK

Hello. I’m a junior studying economics, business, and computer science. I am very interested in finance, and I have applied to many positions in the following fields: Sales & Trading, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Quantitative Analysis, and Capital Markets. If you have any experience in these industries, I would like to ask some career related questions to help find the right fit for me. For example, do you think one of these industries are in higher demand than the other? Do you think one of the industries will be more valuable in the future?

Also, regarding your current position, what actions did you take to attain your role? Was it through honing your skills through business school or tests like the CFA? Was it through networking? Did you transfer within your company to your current position?

A lot of my internship applications are for positions in London, but I have never been there before. I would love to gain a better understanding of the finance work culture in London compared to the United States before I have an in-person interview with any interested firms.

Some other questions I would like to ask: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? If hiring, what would you look for from new graduates from your firm, and what is the best way to prepare for interviews?

I look forward to speaking with you.

Name: Theo Golob ’20
Majors: Economics, business
Hometown: Wellesley Hills, MA
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Sophomore needs help deciding which area of finance to pursue this summer

Hello. I am a sophomore with a double major in economics and business. On campus, I am an analyst for the Brandeis Undergraduate Investment Club, a teaching assistant for financial accounting, and a member of Brandeis’ club soccer team. Academically, I am very interested in accounting, finance, competitive strategy, and business analytics. However, I have had difficulty determining what specifically I want to do this summer for an internship. I would love to connect with fellow Brandesians who work in finance to learn more about different areas of the field. Additionally, I would appreciate advice as to how to best align myself to succeed in the future financial world (whether it be by learning specific programming languages, reading certain books, practicing certain networking habits, etc.). Thank you, and I look forward to connecting!

Name: Robert Banks ’21
Majors: Economics, business
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
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Insights into finance grad programs and internships

I will graduate in May 2019, and I am a junior student pursuing a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I want to apply to Master of Financial Engineering programs in graduate school. I am interested in quantitative finance and I want to learn more about it. I have multifaceted skills in programming, math modeling, and business.

I am trying to find an internship which is related to quantitative finance in Summer 2018. I would appreciate any insights/suggestions from alumni on what kind of internship I should look for, how to strengthen my skills during my undergraduate school, and different Masters of Financial Engineering programs. Also, I am passionate about start-ups, especially financial start-ups. I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni who are working in this field.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Name: Oliver He ’19
Majors: Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
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Tips on summer internships in the finance world

I am a junior here at Brandeis studying Business and Economics. I would love to hear from some Brandeis alumni as to how they suggest I differentiate myself as I continue the summer internship search in the finance world. I am interested in Human Resources or another field that can combine interpersonal relationships in a quantitative-focused environment. I worked as the Accounting Intern for an office on-campus this past summer and am interested in a bigger, more rigorous internship for the upcoming summer term 2018. I am struggling to “get my name out there” and would really appreciate any tips as to how I can differentiate myself so that I can present my application to different companies as best as possible.

Name: Debbie-Lee Baskir ’19
Majors: Business; minor in Legal Studies and Economics
Hometown: Newton, MA
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Advice on careers in finance

I am graduating this December with a Master of Science in Finance degree and internship experience in a boutique investment bank in New York, where I did TMT equity research and financial analysis. I also worked at a mutual fund called Guoxin Capital, doing quantitative stock research and factor modeling for evaluating over 10 factor exposures to be used for long-term undervalued stock filtration, a dynamic asset allocation strategy.

I am seeking advice from professionals in the financial quantitative stock research or financial risk management field. Any advice or connections are very much welcome!

Name: Connor (Hua) Zhao ’17
Majors: Master of Science in Finance
Hometown: Changsha, China
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Quick learner seeks advice on addressing gaps in tech skills

I am an upcoming graduate with interests in technology, strategy consulting, marketing, and data analytics. My past internship experiences have ranged from financial accounting/reporting to marketing consulting and analytics. These experiences have honed my quantitative and analytical skills, and I am looking to continue leveraging them. However, I am currently grappling with applying to jobs online that require or prefer specific technical skills. I am aware that firms train you on software. However, when applying to a position that is highly competitive in regards to having advanced knowledge of specific software, how do I show employers that, although the specific technical/computer skills may not be listed on my resume, I can learn them quickly and thoroughly after landing the job?

Name: Nomunaa Purevbayar ’18
Majors: Business and economics
Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Business school student seeks finance internship

I am an international business school graduate student from Brandeis University. This summer I am seeking a finance internship in MA to gain experience for my future career. What is your advice for most effectively finding and applying to graduate-level finance internships?

Name: Hua Zhao, MS’18
Major: Finance with concentration in risk management
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Archived Ad: Next Steps for a Career in Finance

I am a senior graduating with a B.A. in economics and mathematics. I am applying to Masters of Financial Engineering programs and would like to learn more about careers in quantitative finance, what kind internship or full-time positions you would suggest I look for, how to strengthen my skills during graduate school, and insights about different Masters of Financial Engineering programs. Thank you.

Name: Chutong Wu ’17
Majors: economics, mathematics
Hometown: Zhejiang, China

Archived Ad: Looking for Business and Finance Career Insight

My name is Rishab Verma, and I am an economics and mathematics double major in my second year at Brandeis University. I have developed my analytical and quantitative skills at Brandeis and I hope to apply them in a future internship. I am looking for an internship in finance, business development, or statistics. I am motivated to learn and want to gain valuable experience. With my double major, I have taken a broad range of classes from Linear Algebra to Statistics in Economics to Financial Accounting. However, I am still confused to what career I can pursue with this range of interests. I have taken a couple business classes here and I love them, as you learn to apply all your interests from philosophy to psychology. Business is a field in which I am interested in as I love figuring out real world problems.  Any advice from alumni in this field would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Rishab Verma ’18
Majors: Mathematics, economics
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Finance and Business Career Direction

Hello, my name is Daniel Yao, a senior about to graduate with a double major in chemistry and business. My unique background provides me with a more analytical base that I want to use in a business/finance setting. I have been an active member in the Brandeis community, from being a TA for Financial Accounting to working at Brandeis’ Student Financial Services, where I work with the Department of Education and other companies to promote responsible financing, to the Global Microfinance Brigade, where I lead a group of students on volunteer missions in impoverished nations like Honduras. If you have any career advice or job leads where I can continue to explore the business/finance industry, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you! Thank you for your consideration!

Name: Daniel Yao ’16
Majors: Chemistry, business
Hometown: North Andover, MA

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Operations Insight

My name is Tifani Ng, and I am a senior double majoring in Business and Economics. During this past summer, I interned in Operations within a financial services company and recently accepted a full-time offer from the company. In order to gain a better understanding of this field, I am looking to learn more about Operations roles within organizations, big or small. What kind of work did you/ are doing in  Operations? What challenges are you/ have you faced in Operations? If any alums have experience working in this field, I would love to talk to you!

Name: Tifani Ng ’16
Majors: Business, Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Triple major seeks advice on consulting, banking

My name is Vicky Liu, a rising senior triple major in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics. I currently work at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Analyst working in the Actuarial Team under Specialty. During the school year, I serve as an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the Economics department, and Teaching Assistant for Advanced Macro-Economics, Econometrics and Econ Stats. I would love to learn more about the financial industry especially consulting areas. I greatly enjoyed my internship this summer, but I would love to learn more about other areas with more intensive work loads and greater challenges. I hope to seek advice on career choices, work environment, work load as well as job functions in consulting and i-Banking.


Archived Ad: Ed.D. seeks opportunities to apply education, finance experience

I am a 1986 Brandeis alum, and I recently earned my Ed.D. in educational leadership from the University of Georgia this past December. After graduating from Brandeis, my career in the mortgage industry in Atlanta, GA, was successful until the economic downturn of ’08. In the summer of 2009 I immediately went back to school, earned a Master’s in Special Education and began teaching special education in the fall of 2010. While teaching, I continued my education through the University of Georgia, and earned my doctorate in educational leadership. I am currently teaching special education in Atlanta, and I am looking to secure a position where my education, training, and experience in both the field of education and the financial industry can be fully applied.

Archived Ad: BA/MA Student Interested in Finance Industry Subareas

I am currently a first year BA/MA student and I am interested learning more about the difference in various subareas within the financial service industry, like investment banking, assets management and risk management. If any alumni could share with me their industry insights, their opinion on what qualifications make candidates strong in each field, or give me some suggestions for job hunting I would greatly appreciate it.


Archived Ad: Business Senior Looking for Help Focusing Career Goals

Im a senior currently interested in Business, but not sure what I want to do. I like finance, marketing, analysis, international business, and consulting, but I don’t know how to narrow down what I want to do. Until I know what I want, I feel that I can’t really connect with the right people. How did you start your job search, and how and why did your goals change? I have had several networking opportunities, interviews, and even internships, but I am unsure of both how to describe myself and to describe what I seek in a job, which could present an issue during interviews. That said, I would love to hear and speak with any and everyone, to really help me hone in my future. Thanks in advance!


Archived Ad: New York Bound Senior Interested in Human Resources

My name is Quan Vu and I am a senior in Brandeis studying Psychology with a keen interest in Business and Finance. Recently I have discovered that I want to pursue a career that is a combination of my passion in counseling, helping people and my interest in Business and realized that I want to go in Human Resources/Human Capital, specifically in the subfield of Employee Relations. Having been a New Yorker for more than 5 years before getting to Brandeis, I wish to go back to the city after my graduation and work at the department of Human Resources at a big corporation where I could help contribute in the field with my experience and be sponsored (I’m an international student). I’m looking to expand my network with any alumnus who is based in New York City right now and to possibly be introduced to your colleagues at your company’s HR department. Please check out my LinkedIn if you wish to review my qualifications and please contact me if you want to begin a conversation.Thank you all so much for your time.


Archived Ad: Law School Bound Sophomore Seeking Advice on Planning Effective Gap Years

Hi, My name is Brandon Odze and I am a current junior looking to take two gap years between graduating from Brandeis and going to Law School. I would like to work in public finance, but was wondering if it would look better or make me look more appealing if I worked for a government agency or non-profit. I would eventually like to end up in business law but I also want to make my resume appealing to law schools and show that I used my gap years extremely efficiently. If you have any advice for me, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to look at my Wisdom Wanted ad.


Archived Ad: Business/Econ Junior Interested in Operations in Finance

I am a junior majoring in Business and Economics and am interested in the operations division at a financial services company. I would love to learn about what role the operations division has in a company and what a future career path in operations looks like. Any advice or experience in operations would be great!


Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Law & Business

I am currently a senior with a variety of interests. I have been looking at job opportunities that combine the areas of business and law. In terms of business, I have been focusing on positions in the finance and accounting fields as well as business intelligence. With respect to the legal field, I am very interested in entertainment law, contracts, and business law (such as mergers and acquisitions as well as working with companies undergoing financial fraud investigation). I would really appreciate any advice from alumni who have some experience with either of these industries and suggestions or ideas as to how I can get my foot in the door. Thank you!

Name: Jonathan Greengarden ’15
Major(s): Business; Film, Television, and Interactive Media
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
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Archived Ad: Breaking Into Event Planning / Finance with Experience Abroad in China

I am a 2013 graduate that has recently returned to the states after spending a gap year in China working as an event coordinator/English teacher. I am hoping to break into either the financial world or the event planning field. Ideally I would like to incorporate Chinese into the work place so that I can continue developing my language skills, though this is more a bonus than necessity. Looking for ideas on appropriate next steps.

Name: Michael Fodera ’13
Major(s): Economics/Philosophy
Hometown: Queens, NY
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Archived Ad: Computer Science Problem Solver Seeks Alumni to Share Experiences

Double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and a candidate for the Columbia Combined Engineering Program for Operations Research. I’m interested in breaking into tech/managerial consulting, finance, and software development. Above all I want the opportunity to work as part of a tight knit and communicative team. Problem solving is fun, whether it’s done by talking, researching, or programming up a solution. I’d love to talk about your favorite recent project and what drives you.

Name: Jess Ochs-Willard ’15
Major(s): Computer Science, Mathematics
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
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Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Data Analytics and Finance Seeks Advice

I am a first semester senior interested in data analytics, quantitative research and finance. My past internship experiences have included roles in financial management & research, team leadership, & consulting for Isreali start up companies. I am looking to gain more knowledge about the finance industry in addition to hearing about career tracks in data analytics and finance. I am actively searching for a summer internship and would appreciate advice on internships in those industries as well.

Name: Alexander Izso ’14
Major(s): Business/History/Computer Science
Hometown: Englewood, NJ
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Archived Ad: Future Business Major Seeks Information on Finance/Financial Services/Consulting Industries

Sophomore with intended majors in Business and Economics, seeking information on different career paths. I am looking to learn about internships and job opportunities that are available in the  Finance/ Financial Services/ Consulting fields, and what factors influenced your decision to go into a specific field. I would also like to know what I can do to prepare for a career in any of those three fields and get exposure to those fields as a sophomore. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!

Name: Tifani Ng ’16
Major(s): Business and Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Future Business Major Curious About Investment Banking

My name is David Maher, I am currently a sophomore on the varsity baseball team. I am an undecided major; however, my plan is to pursue a business major with a computer science minor. For the past few years I have observed my uncle and the work he has done for Barclays on Wall Street. His job is very interesting to me. I love trying to figure out how the market works. I like the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to stocks; it makes the job fun. Any advice that you could give me on the field of investment banking would be much appreciated. I would love to learn more about this field! Thanks for your time.

Name: David Maher ’16
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Varsity Sport: Baseball

Archived Ad: Business/Econ Double Major Looking to Narrow Career Search

I’m a current junior double majoring in Business and Economics with a minor in Politics, and a member of both the Women’s Soccer Team and Track & Field teams. I have an interest in working in finance or a data-oriented field such as marketing analytics. I am looking for information and advice on how to narrow down my focus to steer my career path and internship search in a more specific direction. I have particular interest in the following finance fields: Asset Valuation, Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, and Corporate Banking, but I’m open to any suggestions and willing to learn about different fields! I would greatly appreciate any insight or advice you would be willing to give me!

Name: Alyssa Fenenbock ’15
Major(s): Economics/Business
Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Varsity Sport: Soccer, Track & Field

Archived Ad: Economics/Business Major Seeks Alumni with Finance & Consulting Experiences and Advice to Share

2014 undergraduate with dual majors in Economics and Business looking for learning opportunity in the real consulting and asset management world. As a personal wealth management intern at China’s biggest asset management company, I consulted with clients and worked closely with my colleagues in the trust fund and financial leasing departments. I would love to meet or chat with alumni working in finance or consulting and learn about relevant experiences as well as future opportunities. Thank you very much for your time and help!

Name: Yuhan Mo ’14
Major(s): Economics and Business
Hometown: Beijing, China

Archived Ad: Chicago opportunities in finance/banking/consulting

I graduated Brandeis in 2012 cum laude with high honors in history. I am currently working at Itadaki (an upscale sushi restaurant on Newbury Street). I really enjoy both working as a manager and doing the back office work assisting them in their finances. Besides my experience at Itadaki I was also a sales/marketing intern at Ifbyphone (a tech startup in downtown Chicago), and an investment analyst intern at Lincoln Investment Planning. I am skilled with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Stata. I have studied Mandarin Chinese for four years, which includes six months both studying and working in Beijing. I would ideally like a career that combines my quantitative and interpersonal skills in the financial, banking, or economic consulting fields in the Chicago metropolitan area. If an alum knows of any appropriate opportunities for someone with my skills and experience, I would love to get in touch.

Name: Alexander “Yoni” Katz12
Major(s): Economics, History
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Archived Ad: Asset, Private Equity & Hedge Fund Management

2014 undergrad seeks advice on entering a career in asset, private equity and hedge fund management in the US/UK. Currently studying philosophy, economics and business. Through my internship experiences and extensive readings, I have become extremely passionate about investing and enjoy the excitement of making an impact. Previous internships include Proprietary Investment Summer Analyst at China Investment Corporation (Sovereign Wealth Fund), Portfolio Management Summer Analyst at GE Asset Management and Hedge Fund Summer Analyst at a Long/short equities hedge fund in Hong Kong. These experiences not only extended my knowledge in fundamental investment analysis for different industries, but also helped me understand more about different investment strategies. I would welcome the chance to talk to well-rounded professionals in private equity, hedge fund, asset management industries or any investing related area (including investment banking) to have the chance to learn about your career path and the industry.

Student: Lei Li ’14
: Shenzhen, China
: Philosophy; Economics


Archived Ad: Skills to Succeed as an Investment Analyst

Double major in Economics and Psychology with a strong interest in finance and investments seeking more information about possible careers in the finance/investment management field. I am currently interning as a financial planning analyst at Lincoln Investment Planning, and interned in the accounting department at Diesel. I would ideally want to land a job as an analyst after graduation, so what would be the best skills to help me succeed?  It would also be wonderful if I got the chance to meet or speak with someone currently working in finance or investments to learn about necessary steps to take to break into the field.
Student: Shirley Lee ’14
Hometown: Union, NJ
Majors: Economics; Psychology


Archived Ad: Quantitative Senior Seeks Investment Management Advice

As an Economics major, I enjoy using my knowledge and quantitative skills to solve problems. Before my current role as a Risk Management Intern at Sovereign Bank, I have done research on actively managed ETFs at a division under the Oliver Wyman Group and assisted a Brandeis Economics Professor in his research and data analysis work (using STATA). After Brandeis, I want to continue understanding fundamentals and conducting quantitative analysis. Therefore, I have a passion for any position related to investment management, marketing/data analytics, valuation, and economic consulting. As a graduating senior, I am looking for entry level opportunities in the Greater New York City area and I look forward to meeting or chatting with alumni working in these industries. Thank you in advance for your help; I am all ears, for any experience you are willing to share and any advice you may have!

Student: Feifei Yang ’14
Hometown: China
Major: Economics

Archived Ad: Graduate School vs. Trading & Economic Research

Mathematics & Economics major graduating in 2014 with a strong interest in applying macroeconomic reasoning to financial markets. Generally, I love anything that’s about making and evaluating market-related arguments. Right now I’m trying to decide between pursuing a career in macro research, trading, or grad school. I would be particularly interested in speaking with those who work in trading or economic research. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about choices and opportunities in research, trading, or any other economics/finance paths. I appreciate and am very grateful for your time and effort to read this.

Student: (Osmond) Hong Bo Wang ’14
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: Mathematics; Economics

Archived Ad: Alum Looking for Finance Advice from Fellow Alum

Recent Brandeis alum who has worked in economic consulting for four years and will likely apply to business school next year. Has a strong financial modeling background and passed the CFA level 1. Also has a strong interest in finance and would like to transition to a career in equity/fixed income research or asset management, preferably with a focus on emerging markets. Would like to speak to a fellow alum who works in finance, specifically equity/fixed income research or investment management.


Student: John G. Farr ’08
Hometown: Washington, DC
Major: Economics

Archived Ad: Banking Bound

2013 undergrad looking for full time opportunities or advice on breaking into investment banking and management consultancy! I am currently studying abroad at Oxford University and have found myself interested in investment banking and management consultancy industries through my past work experiences at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and The Oxford Student Consultancy. This summer I will intern at Eaton Partners, a leading alternative asset placement agent, and work with my colleagues to raise capital for investment managers through private equity, real assets, real estate and hedge fund strategies. I would love to meet or chat with Brandeisians working in finance or consulting and learn about relevant experiences and future opportunities.

Student: Kaiyan Chen ’13
Hometown: China
Major: Economics; Mathematics