Archived Ad: Game Developer/Robotics Engineer Seeks Industry Advice

I have many passions. In terms of my career, I see two options and pursue them simultaneously, so I ask for advice on both accounts. First, as an aspiring game developer, I’d like to stay as independent as possible in order to have control over the games I make. Where can I find artists who are reliable, consistent, and available for short-term (1-3 month) projects? Also, where should I look for funding (not including crowd sourcing or angel investors)?

Second, as an aspiring robotics engineer, I need far more experience with hardware engineering. What are some resources that could offer a similar level of expertise to a degree in EE, without the cost? I know there are a number of online courses, but is that really the best place to start? What platform(s) and tools are considered industry standards? Which seem likely to continue leading the charge on robotics?

I would appreciate any insight. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Name: Ophir Silverman ’14
Major(s): Computer Science, Philosophy
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
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