Mid year coming to Brandeis in January has questions about journalism careers

I am an incoming first year who will enter Brandeis next January. During the half gap year, I did a marketing internship and studied documentary film making at NYFA. Now I am currently interning in the advertising department of a Chinese newspaper company.
However, journalism as a career is still a myth to me. If possible, I’d like to get to know your thoughts on the following:
1. What has been your path in journalism ? How did you get to your position now?
2. Is it possible to switch specialties, for example from econ to politics reporting, or video making to writing?
3. Do you find that you are able to cover the topics you are interested in?
4. Are you aware of any journalism summer internships that are open to first year students?

Name: Teresa Shi ’23
Major: Undecided
Minor: Journalism
Home town: Beijing, China
Email: yatongshi@brandeis.edu
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Recent grad seeking alumni advice on law, investigative journalism

I am a recent graduate who is currently looking to connect with alumni involved in the legal, communications or investigative journalism fields. I have experience working in both research-oriented and administrative roles. I look forward to talking to alumni about their experiences.

Name: Rachel Shaw ’17
Email: rshaw5@brandeis.edu
Major: History, minor in legal studies
Hometown: Rockville, MD
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To reply to this ad, email Rachel directly at rshaw5@brandeis.edu and cc: wisdomwanted@brandeis.edu for tracking purposes.

Leads on media roles in NYC

I am graduating this month and currently seeking employment in the media industry. As an American studies major and journalism minor my strong interest in the media landscape in the United States has driven my career prospects and past internship experiences. I have experience in marketing, product development, content creation, publishing, and communications roles. I am looking to build on these experiences in my next role and work in a similar position or in the legal department at a media company. After taking journalism ethics and business law courses at Brandeis I realized my passion for media law and hope to go to law school and one day serve in a legal counsel position at a media company. Please reach out with any advice, tips, or positions that you think would be of interest to me. Thank you!

Name: Leah Newman ’17
Email: lnewman@brandeis.edu
Majors: American studies, journalism
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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To reply to this ad, email Leah directly at lnewman@brandeis.edu and cc: wisdomwanted@brandeis.edu for tracking purposes.

Archived Ad: Senior looking for storytelling opportunities

My name is Abigail Rothstein and I am a senior majoring in Education Policy with minors in Environmental Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. Before I pursue a higher degree in law, education, or sociology, I am looking for opportunities that will allow me to use media as a platform for social change. As someone who has experience using multimedia to share messages on activism and social movements, I have learned a great deal about the power of communication to share ideas. As such, I am looking for journalism, documentarian, or social justice storytelling organizations that will help people share their stories.

Name: Abigail Rothstein ’17
Majors: education policy, environmental studies, social justice and social policy
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Archived Ad: Hoot writer seeks internships in journalism

I am a sophomore double majoring in politics and American studies. I am interested in journalism and would like to intern at a publication this summer. Any advice as to which publications might be interested in a summer intern would be helpful! I have experience with Adobe InDesign and I publish two to three articles weekly in Brandeis’ student-run newspaper, The Hoot. Any advice about how to break into this industry would be helpful!

Name: Elianna Spitzer ’19
Majors: Politics, American studies
Hometown: Martinez, CA

Archived Ad: English Major Seeks Journalism Career Advice

My name is Jaime and I am a senior majoring in English literature and minoring in politics and environmental studies. I’m seeking a full-time position as a reporter at either an online or traditional newspaper.

I have some journalism experience. I was features editor of The Justice for over a year and am currently an associate editor. I’m also a reporter The Editorial, where I conduct and edit interviews with creatives and entrepreneurs in the Boston area. This semester, I am also working as an editorial intern at a public radio program called Living On Earth.

Are you a journalist with insights to share? What smaller/local publications are respected in the industry and what skills do they value most in an entry-level reporter? I’m obsessed with becoming a better interviewer, a better writer and more effective collaborator — any advice on improving my craft and/or navigating this job market is appreciated!

Name: Jaime Kaiser ’16
Major: English literature
Hometown: Pelham, NY

Archived Ad: Health Major Looking to Enter Field of Journalism

My name is Madeline Rosenberg and I am a senior graduating in May 2016 studying Health: Science, Society and Policy and Environmental Studies. I have strong passions for public health, environmental studies, sociological phenomenon, and art, and have channeled these interests into social science research, writing, and reading.

My academic and work experiences are varied: I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Environmental Health and Justice JBS; a research assistant for a senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism; a research intern for a documentary series with Warrior Poets; a research assistant for a scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center; and a thesis candidate with the HSSP department focused on the relationship between tattoos, college age women, and health.

After reflecting on these experiences, I am gripped by and subsequently hoping to pursue work in the fields of journalism (written, broadcast, documentary), film/TV, and publishing.
For someone whose formal academic areas of study are different from these specific career paths, what should my next steps be? How do I catch up on knowledge of these fields that I would have studied in a classroom setting? Where should I be looking for jobs? How should I go about becoming a more competitive candidate to production companies, journalistic and news companies and organizations, and publishing firms?
Any advice regarding these fields or questions is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your time!

Name: Madeline Rosenberg ’16
Major: Health: Science, Society and Policy
Hometown: Scarsdale, New York

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Public Relations Career Advice

I am a senior graduating in May, majoring in Business and American Studies and minoring in Journalism. I am looking for entry-level positions in public relations, preferably in the Boston area. I am particularly interested in creative public relations and the media industry. I have interned at a public relations firm in New Jersey for two summers, and interned at Hot Press, a music magazine in Dublin, Ireland last spring while I studied abroad there. At Brandeis, I have been actively involved with The Justice, and have worked for the Women’s Studies Research Center as a research assistant, as well as with the English Language Programs office as a mentor and English tutor. For my American Studies honors thesis, I am researching and writing about animation during World War II. As you can see, I have varied interests and experience and am trying to find a good fit for me for after graduation. I have started the process of job searching, but I want to make sure that I am looking at all possible opportunities. If you have any career advice or public relations connections in Boston, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you. Thank you for your consideration.

Name: Ilana Kruger ’16
Majors: Business, American Studies
Hometown: Englewood, NJ

Archived Ad: Journalism Grad Student Seeks Communications Leads

Hello! I recently graduated with my master’s degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in 2013. While my background includes television reporting and media production, I am also exploring public relations/media positions. I am looking to utilize my writing and storytelling skills and apply them to a more creative platform. I wanted to see if any alumni had any suggestions for me in my job search or any advice for an aspiring communications professional. Thank you for your help!

Name: Andi Mucasey ’13
Major: International and Global Studies
Hometown: Missouri City, TX

Archived Ad: Writer Enthusiastically Seeking Employment

I am a communicator, a humanitarian, and most of all, an innovative thinker. As a liberal arts student who has rounded out my studies with journalism experience, I have taken courses on many current topics and learned to quite succinctly analyze and synthesize information – skills relevant to any job. I am hoping to apply my degree to either nonprofit and philanthropy work, public policy, marketing and communications, publishing, or public affairs – and am seeking entry-level opportunities in either New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I would love to speak with alumni in these fields who have any advice or leads.

Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Alumni in French-Speaking Countries

Seeking alumni in French-speaking countries: Senior double major in International & Global Studies and French with a minor in Legal Studies. I studied abroad in Paris last semester and am nearly fluent in French. I would love to be able to work internationally, and would like to speak with alumni doing so, to possibly follow in your footsteps.


Archived Ad: International & Global Studies/French Major Interested in Legal Careers

Senior double major in International & Global Studies and French with a minor in Legal Studies and an interest in journalism seeking advice on careers in the legal field including public international law and public service law. I work at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism as a research assistant with the Justice Brandeis Law Project investigating a possible wrongful conviction. I am also writing a thesis on the future of the law of genocide, inspired by my six weeks in The Hague this summer where I studied international law. Any advice from those in the field would be greatly appreciated.

Archived Ad: Graduating Sociology Major Needs Help Focusing Job Search

I seek advice concerning my career choices and opportunities as a sociology major. I have been applying to jobs in HR, reception, sales, customer service, operational support, and recruiting. I would like to do something with reading and writing, perhaps editing or journalism, but I only have academic experience with that field. Social justice and legal services also interest me, as I have participated in student activism and loved mock trial in high school. Also, I do improv comedy and love it! I am staying in the Boston area and would love to connect with Brandeis alumni. Thank you!

Name: Jesse Hart ’14
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Worthington, OH
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Archived Ad: Graduating Journalist Seeks Reporting & Research Opps

Graduating senior and aspiring journalist with experience in conducting research and writing for print and broadcast news outlets looking for reporting and research opportunities as well as advice from those in the field. I contributed writing for the local NPR station’s Morning Edition newscasts, local ABC affiliate’s evening newscasts as well as the campus newspaper’s News and Arts sections. I also have experience in conducting research for projects appearing in major print and broadcast media outlets, and was named the Michael Ratner Scholar in Investigative Journalism as a result of my contributions to investigative projects through the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. I am fluent in Greek and proficient in Spanish, and have lived in both Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens) and Spain (Salamanca).

Name: Lydia Emmanouilidou ’14
Major(s): American Studies, Minors: Journalism, Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Newton, MA
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Archived Ad: 2013 Alumnus Seeking Advice on Breaking into Journalism Field

2013 graduate with a double major in philosophy and psychology. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Journalism at Stony Brook University. I am still refining my interests within journalism. My current program focuses on science, health, and environmental reporting. I am also interested writing about sports. I am seeking advice about how to break into professional journalism  and would love to speak with you about your experiences.

Name: Alex Kramer ’13
Major(s): Philosophy & Psychology
Hometown: North Andover, MA
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Archived Ad: Chicago-based summer internship in journalism/social media/activitism

Rising junior and news editor who is studying English and journalism seeks a summer internship that utilizes my skills in communications and my passion for social activism. Interested in journalism, publishing, social media, and any nonprofit position.  I would like to speak with people who are hiring immediately for Chicago summer internships, paid or unpaid, in any of these fields.

Name: Rachel Hirschhaut15
Major(s): English, Journalism, Business, Social Justice & Social Policy
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Archived Ad: Exploring Journalism & Advocacy

Sophomore double major in IGS and French with minors in Journalism and Environmental Studies seeks policy or advocacy focused experience, or experience at an established newspaper. Looking for guidance in getting tips from alumni established in international law, government and diplomacy, or print journalism on finding an internship and/or being prepared to go into their respective fields for the summer and/or after graduation. Classroom experience in writing policy memos and international negotiation exercises. Journalism experience includes writing, editing, layout, photography. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign on Mac and PC. Speak, read, and write French at an intermediate to advanced level.


Student: Alyson Eller ’15
Hometown: Plainview, NY
Major: IGS, French and Francophone Studies