Archived Ad: Aspiring attorney seeks international law experience

I am currently a junior studying East Asian Studies and International Global Studies. I am passionate about languages, and I am conversational in French, Chinese and Japanese. Through language acquisition and translating, I developed interest in intercultural understanding, international cooperation and dispute resolution. After graduation, I plan to go to law school, however, I would like to gain experience within the law field beforehand. I am hoping to find a legal internship of any kind in Massachusetts for the summer. However, I prefer International Law, Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Litigation and Immigration Law. I would greatly appreciate any advice, connections or leads! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Seeking Alumni with Nonprofit Leads in the Bay Area

As a compassionate and analytically-minded recent graduate (May 2014), I am currently looking for opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area with a non-profit geared toward women’s empowerment, development work in the Middle East, a non-profit consulting firm, or a research institution. I’m particularly looking to leverage my study of Arabic, sociology, and the Middle East – as well as my recent experience as a Public Policy Intern for the World Food Program in D.C. Any advice on your experience breaking into the non-profit world in the Bay Area, suggestions about how to continue adding valuable skills and experiences for this field or insight about organizations to look into would be deeply appreciated! Thank you in advance.


Archived Ad: Future Spanish/English/ESL Teacher Looking for Advice

I am a senior studying Spanish Comparative Literature and Linguistics who is interested in teaching Spanish, English, and/or ESL at a Massachusetts public school. Looking to talk with any public school teacher who has gone through the process and could offer some advice!

Name: Ryan Nicoll ’14
Major(s): Anthropology, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Hometown: Lancaster, MA
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Archived Ad: Combining Anthropology & Hispanic Studies

Anthropology major with a concentration in sociocultural studies. I am interested in learning about fieldwork as well as developing language skills and cultural knowledge. I would love to work and study abroad in order to achieve these goals. My previous work experience has been focused on children and arts programming. I would welcome any advice on career paths that would help me marry my interests in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies, and the appropriate setting to do so. Thank you!

: Mara Flack ’15
HometownBuffalo Grove, IL
Majors: Anthropology; Hispanic Studies

Archived Ad: Maximizing Glide Year

Pre-med undergraduate seeks advice about how to maximize a glide year, as well as firsthand accounts of personal experiences working in the medical field. I hope to connect with recent graduates currently in a glide year, or alumni whose medical careers unfolded following a successful glide year. I am invested in opportunities in a setting in which I would be able to improve my Spanish skills and/or work with children. I would appreciate the chance to speak with you regarding advice or recommendations of how to find such opportunities and incorporate them into my preparedness for medical school.

Student: Sarah Azarchi ’13
: Marlboro, NJ
: Biology, HSSP