Law or international trade? Sophomore seeks alums with experience in these fields

I am a sophomore majoring in philosophy and economics, probably minoring in legal studies. Currently, I am not sure whether to pursue law-related careers or international trade. I would love to have the opportunity to chat with anyone who works in those two fields.

Last summer, I worked as an intern in an export and import company specialized in artificial greenery and garden design. For the upcoming summer of 2020, I am seeking a law-related internship to help me get a better sense of what the field of law looks like. I greatly appreciate any advice or resources.

Name: Yi Zhang ’22
Majors: Philosophy, economics
Minor: Legal studies
Home town: Hangzhou, China
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Sophomore hoping to connect with corporate lawyers

Hi! I am double majoring in economics and psychology. This past summer I interned at the Legal Aid Society as an investigative intern and had an amazing experience. I would love to explore the corporate world of law and am looking for advice on how to leverage my past experience to make me an ideal candidate for corporate law positions. I would also just love to talk to anyone in the legal field and learn more about what you do!

Name: Noa Hankin ’20
Majors: Economics, psychology
Hometown: New York
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Careers that support the mental health/legal rights of immigrants?

I am a senior graduating in May that is interested in supporting the mental health of Latino immigrant families, especially unaccompanied minors. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have worked in many multilingual settings.
To better support this population, I am hoping to work in the field of immigration law this summer. I am most interested in non-profit organizations, but I am also open to immigration law firms, especially if they are in the Bay Area. What motivates you most about your job and how has your role changed over your time in this field?
I have applied for a Fulbright scholarship to teach English and work at a community health clinic in México for the following academic year, so I would also love to learn more about that program. What were the benefits and challenges of taking this gap year program?
In sum, I would like to hear from alumni that have experience working with immigrant families, whether it be by way of health or legal assistance. Thank you in advance for your time!

Name: Nina Rosenblatt ’19
Majors: Psychology, Hispanic studies
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area
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Junior seeking internship advice for advocacy, human rights, immigration fields

I am a junior majoring in Politics and International and Global Studies with a minor in East Asian Studies. I am interested in learning more about the fields of law, public policy and advocacy . I am interested in finding summer internships in these field with focuses in advocacy for human rights, immigration law, and other public interest sectors. I would greatly appreciate any resources or advice.

Name: Rolanda Donelson ’20
Majors: Politics, international and global studies
Hometown: Washington, DC
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Seeking alums who attended southern law schools and/or attorneys practicing advocacy or disability law

I am currently a senior at Brandeis applying to law school. I’m looking at schools in the southeast such as UNC School of Law, UGA, and Wake Forest. I wanted to hear from a current Law student or attorney interested in/practicing Child Advocacy or Disability Law. This is my main field of interest, and as I am currently in the process of applying, I wanted to hear from people who have already done what I am currently doing. Did you take a gap year before you attended, and did you find that experience valuable? What are your favorite parts of the job, and what challenges do you think are most present in daily life because of your career?

Name: Sabrina Greer ’19
Majors: Anthropology and Psychology
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
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Politics student seeking undergraduate opportunities in international law

Hi!  I am a junior studying politics. I recently participated in the Brandeis in the Hague program for international law, and really fell in love with the field. I was wondering as an undergrad how I can possibly get involved in the international law arena before law school through? Are there internships or other preparatory methods you’d recommend?  Also, I was wondering if you know of any paid opportunities to fund my living expenses while I am interning for such an organization? Thank you so much!

Name: Tom Alger ’20
Major: Politics
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
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Rising junior seeking internship in marketing/strategy in law or health industry.

I have a strong passion for marketing and business strategy, and would love to apply my knowledge from the classroom and previous positions . I am interested in the fields of business, law, and health. I have worked both nationally and locally, from a non-profit start up in Tel Aviv, Israel to a legal research institute in the New England area. I want to utilize my summer as an intern to make a long-lasting impact. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your organization and explain in more detail my previous experiences and coursework.

Name: Jamie Jason ’20
Majors: Business, Hispanic Studies, Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
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Business-turned-law senior seeking info on securing entry-level paralegal positions in NYC.

I’m a graduating senior studying Sociology and Business. However, my true passion is law. Although I am not studying law, I have taken course such as Introduction to Law and Business Law to help solidify my interest. After graduation I am moving to NYC and taking a year off before applying to law school. Within that year, I would really enjoy working for a law firm of any sort (small or large) to gain valuable experience before law school. I have begun the process of applying for jobs and find it difficult to obtain a paralegal/legal assistant position without attending law school first. I am searching for any advice a past Brandeis Alum may have to help me better understand how to acquire a job in the legal field. I appreciate any and all feedback!

Name: Eve Hart ’18
Majors: Business & Sociology
Hometown: Manasquan, NJ
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Senior weighing law school vs. public policy program

I am a senior looking for career advice on the legal and NGO fields. I am majoring in international & global studies, politics, and business. I am considering getting more experience before going to law school or a masters program in public policy.

After attending the Brandeis in the Hague summer program, I interned at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Before then, I interned at an arbitration court in China. From these experiences, I developed an interest in civil rights and international law, and gained strong legal research skills. I am also interested in public policy and would like to learn more about NGOs. I look forward to talking to alums and hearing more about their career paths. Also, I would greatly appreciate any insights on JD/MPP degrees, as well as connections in legal/NGO industries, especially for international students. Thank you so much!

Name: Ziyang Chen ’18
Majors: International and global studies; politics; and business
Hometown: Shenzhen, China
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Politics major seeks leads on civil rights path

I am a junior majoring in politics and minoring in business and economics. I am interested in learning more about the field of law as well as public policy. I am looking for summer internships within these fields that focus on civil rights issues such as housing discrimination.

Name: La’Dericka Hall ’19
Major: Politics
Hometown: Southaven, MS
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Sophomore looking to build connections

I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies. I am extremely interested in both behavioral economics and law. Last summer, I interned at a microfinance non-profit as the Fundraising and Development Intern and gained communication and research skills. In addition, I am a member of The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII) club, which is a Waltham-based nonprofit that provides humanitarian legal services to the local immigrant community. As a member of the club, I am being trained to provide legal counsel to low income persons at no cost. I am currently looking for internships in both the public and private sector and would very much appreciate advice on how to network and build connections with professionals in these fields.

Name: Noa Hankin ’20
Majors: Economics and Psychology
Hometown: New York, New York
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Recent grad seeking alumni advice on law, investigative journalism

I am a recent graduate who is currently looking to connect with alumni involved in the legal, communications or investigative journalism fields. I have experience working in both research-oriented and administrative roles. I look forward to talking to alumni about their experiences.

Name: Rachel Shaw ’17
Major: History, minor in legal studies
Hometown: Rockville, MD
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Recent grad seeks legal experience before law school

I’m a recent grad looking for advice on how to gain experience in a legal setting before going to law school. If any alumni have any connections to any law firms seeking paralegals that would also be very welcome! Anything would be helpful; advice or if you can connect me to someone who could offer advice. Thank you!

Name: Ashley Morales ’17
Majors: Politics, International & Global Studies
Hometown: Queens, NY

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Aspiring civil rights attorney wants to hear your path

I am a double major in history and American studies with minors in politics and legal studies. I am considering going to law school to be a civil rights lawyer but would love to hear more options and what other grads with similar interests are doing!

Name: Jessica Eichinger ’17
Majors: American studies, history

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Leads on media roles in NYC

I am graduating this month and currently seeking employment in the media industry. As an American studies major and journalism minor my strong interest in the media landscape in the United States has driven my career prospects and past internship experiences. I have experience in marketing, product development, content creation, publishing, and communications roles. I am looking to build on these experiences in my next role and work in a similar position or in the legal department at a media company. After taking journalism ethics and business law courses at Brandeis I realized my passion for media law and hope to go to law school and one day serve in a legal counsel position at a media company. Please reach out with any advice, tips, or positions that you think would be of interest to me. Thank you!

Name: Leah Newman ’17
Majors: American studies, journalism
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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Graduating senior seeks connections in Hong Kong

I am looking to connect with alumni based in Hong Kong who are working in law, arbitration, public affairs and/or business.

Name: Joyce Situ ’17
Major: Politics
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
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Archived Ad: Legal assistant work in NYC before law school

I am a December 2016 graduate currently applying to law school and searching for temporary job opportunities as a legal assistant or paralegal in New York City. I recently interned at the New York State Office of the Attorney General and the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission this past summer. From these experiences, I have strong legal research skills, practice preparing written memoranda, and familiarity with the civil litigation process. I would greatly appreciate any advice on where I might search for work opportunities as well as general insight on preparing for law school. Thank you very much!

Name: Aditi Shah ’16
Majors: History, HSSP
Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Archived Ad: Advice from lawyers / public servants before law school

Hello! I’m currently a senior graduating in May ’17. I’m hoping to gain more experience either working for a law firm or politician before perhaps applying to law school. For the past three years I’ve been interning (via internet) as a legislative analyst for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. This work has been fascinating and given me some insight into the whole process of local legislation.

I’ve also been working for the Schuster Institute’s Innocence Project. As a research assistant, I help re-investigate cases and create memos on potential wrongful MA convictions.

I hope to eventually work in policy and help women and children facing systemic inequalities both at home and abroad. I’m interested in connecting with people in law and/or government and would be very grateful to speak with current professionals in these fields.

Name: Olivia Gladstone ’17
Majors: Anthropology, business
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Archived Ad: Advice About PhD Programs for Aspiring Legal Academic

My career goal is to go to law school, practice law for a while, and then become a legal academic. I understand that a disciplinary PhD has evolved from an interesting addition on the resume to a gold standard. My question is quite specific, but I am wondering what the difference might be between a classic academic PhD and a practitioner’s PhD (i.e. Doctorate in Public Policy) for my goal of securing a teaching job? Ideally, my dream job would involve straddling an appointment at a law school with a position at an undergraduate legal studies program.

Name: David Benger ’14
Major: Politics, Russian Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Senior Seeks Pre-Law School Experience and Insight

My name is Lydia McCaleb and I am a senior at Brandeis majoring in Psychology with minors in Legal Studies and Latin American Studies. I am also a captain of the Brandeis Track & Field team. This past summer I was a forensic social work intern at Lawyers For Children, a non-profit in New York City. I worked closely with adolescents in foster care, acquiring resources and advocating on their behalf. I am interested in law, particularly the areas of public-interest and criminal law. I am hoping to work as a paralegal for a couple of years before pursuing law school. I would like to hear about the experiences of alumni working in these fields and learn about the different career paths that may be available for someone interested in going to law school in the near future. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Name: Lydia McCaleb ’16
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Evanston, IL

Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Law Internship Advice

I am a History and Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) double major interested in pursuing a career in law. I have gained some exposure to the practice of law through my internship this summer at Legal Outreach, Inc., during which I interacted daily with attorneys and law students, supervised field trips to a law firm and courthouses, engaged in and prepared students for a mock trial, and learned about various fields of law. I would like to advance my knowledge and understanding of the profession by spending some time working at a law firm. I am strongly considering applying for a part-time paralegal internship in Boston law firms for this spring and was wondering if anyone has tips about steps I should take. I would greatly appreciate any advice about how to approach this process, ideas about where to look for opportunities, and any general tips about applying. Thank you very much!

Name: Aditi Shah ’17
Majors: History, HSSP
Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Archived Ad: Politics Major Seeks Gap Year Experience

My name is Brandon Odze and I am a senior considering a gap year before law school. I have a job offer from the political consulting firm I interned with over the summer in Washington D.C., but my contract would end in November after the 2016 election cycle. I would like to go to law school the next fall, August 2017. I am looking to gain insight on law-related or politics-related work for the 7 to 8 months before I enter law school. Thank you.

Name: Brandon Odze ’16
Majors: Politics, Economics
Hometown: Melville, NY

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Interested in Forensics/Criminal Psychology

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice in the field of forensics or criminal psychology. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics or criminology (or possibly law school). I am also interested in how the law and psychology coincide. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Position in Health Policy

I am a senior at Brandeis University and will be receiving a B.A. in Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) with a minor in Legal Studies at the conclusion of this semester. I am currently a Peer Assistant in the HSSP department, and I have completed policy research internships with Health Care For All (a non-profit advocacy agency) and with the Healthcare Financing Committee of the Massachusetts State Senate. I am now looking for a job in the health policy field. Any advice or recommendations on position openings or general information about the field would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Aspiring attorney seeks international law experience

I am currently a junior studying East Asian Studies and International Global Studies. I am passionate about languages, and I am conversational in French, Chinese and Japanese. Through language acquisition and translating, I developed interest in intercultural understanding, international cooperation and dispute resolution. After graduation, I plan to go to law school, however, I would like to gain experience within the law field beforehand. I am hoping to find a legal internship of any kind in Massachusetts for the summer. However, I prefer International Law, Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Litigation and Immigration Law. I would greatly appreciate any advice, connections or leads! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Law School Bound Sophomore Seeking Advice on Planning Effective Gap Years

Hi, My name is Brandon Odze and I am a current junior looking to take two gap years between graduating from Brandeis and going to Law School. I would like to work in public finance, but was wondering if it would look better or make me look more appealing if I worked for a government agency or non-profit. I would eventually like to end up in business law but I also want to make my resume appealing to law schools and show that I used my gap years extremely efficiently. If you have any advice for me, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to look at my Wisdom Wanted ad.


Archived Ad: English/Political Science December Grad Looking to Make Most of Gap Year

My name is Gina Gkoulgkountina, I am a senior graduating in December. I am finishing up my majors in English and Political Science and my minor in Legal Studies. I am currently looking into finding a paralegal position for a firm that’s going to help me figure out what type of law I’m passionate about, and whether law school is the best next step for me. I would love to hear from you if you have advice for how to make the most of my gap year, or if you have any advice for this transitional period. Should I be studying for the LSATs? Should I focus on getting a legal job or would any job do?I look forward to hearing back from you!


Archived Ad: Senior Passionate about Social Justice and Economic Equality Seeks Career Advice

My name is Meredith van der Walde and I am a senior at Brandeis, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with minors in Legal Studies and Social Justice & Social Policy. I am extremely passionate about social justice and economic equality; in particular, workers’ rights, children in the foster care system, poverty, and mental health and illness. As I consider my options for next year, I am eager to find a job where I can help people and make an impact, while also achieving a sense of financial stability for myself. I am hoping to work at an organization, such as a law firm, non-profit, or state agency, where I would be exposed to both law and social work so that I can decide which profession I may ultimately want to pursue. Any advice pertaining to law or social work in general, or specific organizations that I should research, would be incredibly appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: History Major and Future Law School Applicant Seeks Advice

I am a History major and am also considering majoring or minoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy. I am interested in attending law school after I graduate and I was wondering if anyone has tips on what steps I can take that may help me prepare for law school. I am currently on an academic track that may allow me to graduate earlier than expected. I am passionate about history and interested in studying law as a way to allow me to incorporate my various academic and personal interests with my career. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I should approach my future career plans. Thank you very much.


Archived Ad: Law School Bound Senior Looking for Legal Career Advice

Motivated senior majoring in History and minoring in Legal Studies seeks advice about succeeding in law school. I am applying to law schools this semester and would like to know is there anything that you would have liked to know when you were applying to law schools? I am also interested in speaking with someone who is enthusiastic about their legal career. How did you choose your current career and why were you drawn to it?

Name: Jasmine Etesse ’15
Major(s): History
Hometown: Medford, MA

Archived Ad: International & Global Studies/French Major Interested in Legal Careers

Senior double major in International & Global Studies and French with a minor in Legal Studies and an interest in journalism seeking advice on careers in the legal field including public international law and public service law. I work at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism as a research assistant with the Justice Brandeis Law Project investigating a possible wrongful conviction. I am also writing a thesis on the future of the law of genocide, inspired by my six weeks in The Hague this summer where I studied international law. Any advice from those in the field would be greatly appreciated.

Archived Ad: Senior Abroad Hoping to Make Post Grad Plans Including Conflict Resolution or Law

Hello! My name is Mia and I am a senior currently studying abroad in Gulu, Uganda. I spent one semester studying international criminal law in The Hague which inspired a semester in Uganda to explore the reality of post-conflict justice on the ground. I’m currently conducting research towards a thesis on perceptions of International Criminal Court intervention in northern Uganda. I’m torn about what steps to take post-graduation. I’ve considered the Peace Corps, law school, and graduate school. I hope to make travel and academics a permanent part of my life. However, I have to strongly consider my finances. Any advice about continuing my education in conflict resolution or law in a financially feasible way would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Rising Senior Seeks Advice on Law, Move to Israel

I am a rising senior and I am doing lots of thinking about my next steps. I would like to go to law school, but I would also like to move to Israel within the next 10 years. I want to know what it is like moving to Israel with an American law degree, and what I should expect with regards to my chances of employment and quality of life. Thank you.


Archived Ad: Chicago-based Student Seeks Law-Related Networking Opportunities

My name is Mara Flack and I am a senior. I am majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology and double minoring in Hispanic Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies. I worked and lived in downtown Chicago this past summer. I am seeking advice about the field of immigration law and looking for networking opportunities in this field as well as advice about law school for next year.

Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Law & Business

I am currently a senior with a variety of interests. I have been looking at job opportunities that combine the areas of business and law. In terms of business, I have been focusing on positions in the finance and accounting fields as well as business intelligence. With respect to the legal field, I am very interested in entertainment law, contracts, and business law (such as mergers and acquisitions as well as working with companies undergoing financial fraud investigation). I would really appreciate any advice from alumni who have some experience with either of these industries and suggestions or ideas as to how I can get my foot in the door. Thank you!

Name: Jonathan Greengarden ’15
Major(s): Business; Film, Television, and Interactive Media
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
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Archived Ad: Graduating Sociology Major Needs Help Focusing Job Search

I seek advice concerning my career choices and opportunities as a sociology major. I have been applying to jobs in HR, reception, sales, customer service, operational support, and recruiting. I would like to do something with reading and writing, perhaps editing or journalism, but I only have academic experience with that field. Social justice and legal services also interest me, as I have participated in student activism and loved mock trial in high school. Also, I do improv comedy and love it! I am staying in the Boston area and would love to connect with Brandeis alumni. Thank you!

Name: Jesse Hart ’14
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Worthington, OH
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Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Advice on Gap Year Between Graduation and Law School

I am Xingyue Li and I am considering a law career. What specially interests me is corporate law. I want to have a gap year between my graduation and law school. I am just wondering what should I prepare (in terms of taking courses, internships, use of gap year)  for this corporate law career. Thank you!

Name: Xingyue Li ’15
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: China

Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Advice on Human Resources, Organizational/Industrial Psychology & Law Fields

I am a senior majoring in Business and Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies seeking advice on how to best utilize my majors and minor.  I am hoping to enter a field that will combine aspects of these three areas for my impending job search.  I have been told to look into Human Resources, Organizational/Industrial Psychology or Law.  I would really appreciate your advice about any of these specific careers or other careers that I might explore based on my interests.  Thanks so much for your time and wisdom!

Name: Sarah Sue Landau ’14
Major(s): Business and Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY

Archived Ad: Passionate Legal Studies Student Seeks Advice on Law Industry

My name is Gina Gkoulgkountina and my interest is Legal Studies; my law classes are my favorite especially this semester as I am in courses that include hands on legal research and mediation. I want to delve into the Legal Studies field with internships and hands on opportunities but I am not sure where to start. I would love as much exposure to law as I can get! I am fond of opportunities to work with attorneys, mediators or work in a legal firm or court. Other than my courses I also have a strong background in public speaking and legal argument through my experience in Mock Trial. I have leadership experience as a captain of competitive student run teams. I am excited to apply my skills in a work setting and develop my legal professionalism. I am passionate to explore legal studies and would love to communicate with someone who has law related experience. I would also like to speak about how to optimize gap years before law school. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your response!

Name: Gina Gkoulgkountina ’15
Major(s): English/Political Science
Hometown: Miami, FL

Archived Ad: Aspiring Lawyer Seeking Alumni Advice About Law Careers

I am a senior majoring in Business and in Film and very interested in pursuing a career in law. Mergers and acquisitions, environmental practice, public company advisory practice, restructuring and bankruptcy are the fields that I find very interesting. If you work in any of those fields, I would like to learn how you got started, where you are now and what you did to succeed. I would appreciate any advice you might have for me and would love to arrange some sort of communication to interact with you.

Name: Roman Bulgakov ’14
Major(s): Business and Film
Hometown: Cheboksary, Russia

Archived Ad: Boston-based legal experience needed

Graduating senior searching for legal-related positions in the Boston area. Mainly interested in Mental Health Law but also drawn to helping disadvantaged populations in general. Looking for any legal-related work. My current search has led me to apply for Paralegal, Secretarial, and Legislative Advocacy positions. Do you have any advice for me as I continue my job search? Places to investigate? Skills to build? People with whom I should connect? Thank you!

Name: Heather Stoloff ’13
Major(s): Psychology, minors in Social Justice Social Policy and Hebrew
Hometown: South Plainfield, NJ

Archived Ad: From History To Law

Enthusiastic, hard-working, and efficient learner. I am a graduating senior looking to attain more information about the legal profession. My interest in the law started with my passion for learning history in the academic setting. After taking two classes on legal history, I would appreciate the opportunity to shadow a practicing attorney to better understand diverse legal specialties and differences in practice. Thank you.

Student: Linda Li ’13
: Queens, NY
: History; American Studies

Archived Ad: Exploring Journalism & Advocacy

Sophomore double major in IGS and French with minors in Journalism and Environmental Studies seeks policy or advocacy focused experience, or experience at an established newspaper. Looking for guidance in getting tips from alumni established in international law, government and diplomacy, or print journalism on finding an internship and/or being prepared to go into their respective fields for the summer and/or after graduation. Classroom experience in writing policy memos and international negotiation exercises. Journalism experience includes writing, editing, layout, photography. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign on Mac and PC. Speak, read, and write French at an intermediate to advanced level.


Student: Alyson Eller ’15
Hometown: Plainview, NY
Major: IGS, French and Francophone Studies

Archived Ad: Prelaw Hoping to Speak to Legal Professionals

2013 Undergraduate majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. Very interested in pursuing a law career. I have decided to delay applying to law school in order to gain experience and assurance that it is what I want to do. I would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your own experience as a legal professional.


Student: Alex Kramer ’13
Hometown: North Andover, MA
Majors: Philosophy, Psychology

Archived Ad: Time Off Before Health Care Law

Psychology major with a strong interest in law, particularly health care law. I plan to take some time off before going to law school and would like to hear some suggestions as to how I can make the most of this time. I would love to talk to a current health care lawyer or a current law student interested in health care law to discuss what this path demands and what motivated them to choose this area.

Student: Brittany Bell ’13
: Queens, NY
: Psychology

Archived Ad: JD vs. MBA

Motivated and organized Business/International & Global Studies major seeks information about careers in law and marketing. I have had professional experience at LivingSocial, the American Cancer Society and I would love to meet or chat with alumni working in law or marketing and learn about relevant experiences and future opportunities. I’m interested in hearing about how you got to where you are today, and what, if anything you would have done differently. I would also like to speak with those who have pursued a JD or MBA to learn about the application process.

Student: Rachel Rubin ’14
: HSSP; Business

Archived Ad: Aspiring Human Rights Lawyer

2015 History major and Legal Studies and French minor seeks advice as an aspiring law professional! My goal is to gain meaningful experiences that expose me to the legal field and strengthen my skills as a potential law school student. I hope to attend law school one day and would like advice on the best ways to prepare. I am particularly interested in human rights and civil rights law. What type of law are you involved in? How did you choose this area of study? As a sophomore, is it too early to be thinking about these things?

Student: Jasmine Etesse ’15
: Boston, MA
: History