Future HR specialist seeks advice on conveying soft skills

I am a junior majoring in Business, with a specialization in Human Resources and Leadership, and HSSP. Recently, I have found myself being interested in human capital management and applied for internships in this field. I have worked in India, Israel, and the United States in a variety of industries, which have helped me polish my self-monitoring and communication skills. I am also on the electoral boards of three clubs and work as the Front Desk Assistant at the library on campus. All these experiences have sharpened my communication skills. However, I am wondering what the best way to convey these soft skills through my job application is?

Name: Khushee Nanavati ’19
Email: khushee@brandeis.edu
Majors: Business and Public Health & Policy
Hometown: Mumbai, India
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Archived Ad: English & History Lover Seeking Advice on Library & Museum Careers

As an English and History major I love old things. I’ve had internships at museums and I work in the Brandeis library. With graduation approaching in May, I would also appreciate advice about library school, museum studies masters programs, or ideas about entry-level jobs in either field.

Name: Maya Riser-Kositsky ’14
Major(s): English and History
Hometown: Seattle, WA