First year with interests in art history and neuroscience seeks alumni in museum/urban design roles

Hi, I’m a first-year grappling between two polar fields: neuroscience and art history. I would really love to connect with any alumni currently working in creative spheres—specifically those relating to curation, museum direction, or urban design—to learn about what your current position entails, and the path that you took to get to it. Any and all insight is appreciated!

Name: Sasha Carnes ’23
Majors: Neuroscience, art history
Home town: Winchester, MA
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeking Advice on Opportunities in London

I am a Studio Arts major looking to get to London. I am open minded about job options (though preferably something creative and in the arts–visual display for retail and museum opportunities, specifically) and wondering how an American without EU work papers or citizenship can find employment in the UK. Work for a global company and hope to get transferred? Are there companies in England that recruit Americans? Would greatly appreciate strategy suggestions and advice!

Name: Sarah Bierman ’14
Major(s): Studio Art
Hometown: New York, NY
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeking Advice on Careers Combining Museum Work and Education

Senior majoring in Art History and East Asian Studies and current Lipper Intern at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. I am interested in working in a museum, possibly more on the educational side. With graduation quickly approaching, I would love to learn about others’ experiences, advice for entering the museum field, and more. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you!

Name: Hallie Frank ’14
Major(s): Art History, East Asian Studies
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
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Archived Ad: Linguistics/Anthropology Major Looking for Advice on Museum, Education, Archeology, Non-profit, & Government Fields

December 2013 Grad in Linguistics and Anthropology with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Looking for full time opportunities or advice in the museum, education, archaeology, non-profit, and government sectors. I have completed archaeology field school, interned at a museum, and am currently a Hebrew school teacher, an annotator/adjudicator for the Spatiotemporal Annotation Project, and a teaching assistant for Introduction to Linguistics. I am interested in networking with Brandeis alumni involved in any of these fields and learning about possible career paths. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you!

Name: Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting ’13
Major(s): Linguistics and Anthropology
Hometown: Robesonia, PA

Archived Ad: English & History Lover Seeking Advice on Library & Museum Careers

As an English and History major I love old things. I’ve had internships at museums and I work in the Brandeis library. With graduation approaching in May, I would also appreciate advice about library school, museum studies masters programs, or ideas about entry-level jobs in either field.

Name: Maya Riser-Kositsky ’14
Major(s): English and History
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Archived Ad: Summer experience before grad program in archaeology

I would like some advice about how to secure a summer job before I head to graduate school (a classical Archeology MA Program at Tufts). I’ve applied to a few customer service positions at Boston-based historical societies and museums, but I have not heard back yet. Any leads would be much appreciated!

Name: Hilary Cheney ’13
Major: Classical Studies
Hometown: Cumberland Center, ME 

Archived Ad: Museum Education & Special Education

Studio art major interested in speaking with professionals in career fields including museum education and special education, and also art therapy, art education, occupational therapy, museum studies, and other related disciplines. I am interested in learning about what steps I should take to enter these fields, as well as other career possibilities related to these interests. At Brandeis, I work at the art museum, and run a social skills playgroup for children with autism. Any kind of guidance in these fields is very welcome!

Student: Estie Martin ’14
: Newton, MA
: Studio Art; Anthropology

Archived Ad: Wisdom from the Art World

I am a Studio Art (painter) major graduating this May. I am also the Marketing and Communications intern at Hiatt Career Center, President of the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum, and a Roosevelt Fellow (peer academic advisor for first year students). I would love to hear from alums and parents who also have BAs in Fine Arts and have pursued careers in visual arts, museums, galleries, arts non-profits and higher education. What kinds of paths did you take to get to where you are today? What cities are best for young artists? As a person dedicated to making art, how did/do you manage to earn a living while making your art? For those who did not go down a studio route, how did you get involved in the museum or gallery world? What kinds of opportunities exist in the marketing and communications fields for the art world?

Student: Lenny Schnier ’13
: Long Beach, NY
: Studio Art

Archived Ad: Preserve. Conserve. Restore.

Creatively inclined Studio Arts major, class of 2014, seeking advice and guidance from alumni with careers in preservation, conservation and restoration. I was involved with an art replication project over the summer in Poland and had a fantastic experience. I would love to know if there are more opportunities like that out there and to learn more about what is involved in a preservation/restoration/conservation career. I’m also interested in working abroad, so I’m also eager to hear from people who have international experience in any artistic capacity (i.e. museum administration, residencies, curatorial experience, graduate school, full-time/part-time artist). Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to navigate the international art world? Could you share your professional timeline with me so I can better understand how arts careers can evolve? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Student: Sarah Bierman ’14
: New York, NY
: Studio Art