Archived Ad: Aspiring Bilingual Educator Seeking Guidance

Hi Alumni! I’m graduating with a degree in Spanish and minor in Education Studies. I’m looking to work in the education world, either as a teacher or within international education (working abroad and maybe through a program or as a teacher). I’m considering working for a year at home then teaching English for a year abroad. If anyone has suggestions for teaching abroad or working in bilingual education on the west coast, I’d love your input! I’d also love to incorporate my love for music and the arts however possible. Thank you!

Archived Ad: Breaking into the World of Television Production

I’m a graduating senior double majoring in Music and American Studies. Ideally, I would like to find a job in tv production, specifically working on a scripted series, but I’m having some trouble finding opportunities. The one I have found is at a start up but I’m not sure if that’s the right fit for me. I would love to speak with any alums who have advice to give on breaking into the field and what my next steps should be.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Actress Seeks Leads on Auditions

I am an aspiring actress and singer. I’ve done multiple shows during each semester of my time at Brandeis, including operas in the music department, theatre department shows with local directors, and Shakespeare productions with Hold Thy Peace, the Shakespeare club. I am looking for auditions and acting work, and I am willing to travel. I would love to speak with any alumni who work in the theatre, especially if they have any leads on acting jobs in any capacity! I’m also interested in graduate school, but I would like to gain some professional experience first.

Name: Miriam Esther Goldman ’14
Major(s): English/Creative Writing, Theatre Minor
Hometown: Houston, TX
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Archived Ad: Seeking creative Chicago-area internship in film/music/healthy living

I’m looking for an internship in the Chicago area this summer. I am open-minded regarding which field I work in, though I do have a passion for film and music. An internship in either of these fields would be ideal. I am also interested in foreign cultures and international relations. An internship at an NGO or something comparable would also be great. I am a strong writer and a creative thinker, and I’d like to be involved with something in which I either create, help others create, or observe and learn as others create. I also have a strong passion for the outdoors and nature and living a healthy, active life, so something involving these principles would be ideal as well.

Name: Alec Siegel ’15
Major(s): IGS, Anthropology
Hometown: Deerfield, IL