Class of ’17 alum weighing nursing or DO after MSN-RN degree.

I am a Brandeis Alum (2017) currently pursuing an MSN-RN at Columbia University. I am going to graduate in August and would love to work in the Boston area, preferably in a pediatric, OB, or psychiatric setting. I am planning on pursuing a medical or NP degree after working for a couple years, and would love to gain more experience in a supportive, fast-paced, diverse work environment that will help me become the best health provider possible, and that will invest in my potential. I am very torn between nursing and medicine, and also am unsure of what specialty I would like to pursue (thinking of peds transplant, cardiology, endocrine, or OB/GYN). My program provides very little support and resources, and I would love to speak to a Brandeis grad/connection who can give me a well-rounded and unbiased view of medicine, if it’s worth it with healthcare today to pursue medicine (note: I am interested in DO), and if being an NP is basically on-par with a physician. Thank you!

Name: Rachel Dobkin ’17
Majors: HSSP & Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
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Archived Ad: Aspiring Nurse Practitioner Seeks Advice

I want to attend med school or nursing school (Nurse Practitioner) within the next 1-2 years. However, in the mean time, I need to fulfill certain prerequisites (like chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and anatomy). I will hopefully take classes a few days a week while working part-time. I paid my way through Brandeis, so getting a job that pays the bills and is also relevant to my future career path is very important. Any advice on pursuing this path is much appreciated!

Name: Luke Hayslip ’14
Major(s): HSSP & Sociology
Hometown: Flagler Beach, FL
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Archived Ad: Future Nurse Practitioner Seeks Shadowing Opps

I am a graduating senior looking for a job in the healthcare field before heading to nursing school. I would prefer a job that deals with healthcare management or experience with patients. I would describe myself as a hard-working student, who appreciates the value built in to teamwork. I have experience with non-profits, which is another career avenue that I am looking to pursue. Finally, I would love to shadow a doctor or nurse. My final career aspiration is to be a neonatal nurse practitioner, but I require additional pre-reqs.

Name: Danielle Gross ’14
Major(s): HSSP & Sociology
Hometown: Manalapan, NJ
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