Advice for first year student seeking summer internship in computer science

Hi! I’m currently a first-year at Brandeis University, planning to major in computer science and biological physics. One goal I have is to secure an internship this summer, preferably in the Boston area, that specializes either in research or CS-related work. However, I noticed that I am disadvantaged as a first-year, since I am competing with other upperclassmen who have taken more relevant coursework and have more experiences than me. How could I stand out as an applicant for these internships?

Name: Daniel Hariyanto ’23
Majors: Computer science, biological physics
Home town: Jakarta, Indonesia
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Archived Ad: Recent grad seeking research assistant leads

My name is Clifton Masdea. This past May I received my Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. My goal is to work as either a research assistant or a technical assistant in the Greater Boston area before I begin applying for graduate programs. I was wondering if anybody knows of any laboratories that are currently looking for a research assistant?


Archived Ad: Physics Major & Film Minor Seeks Advice on Combining Interests

Phyics Major and Film Minor seeks advice for integrating physics and film together into a career. I have recently discovered my love for film creation, but also have my long time love of physics. These two interests often conflict, which makes finding a career including both very difficult. If anyone knows of, or is in, a career that incorporates both of these subjects, I would love to talk with you about it! Suggestions need not be “normal” careers, seeing as the integration of physics with film will likely not reside within a “normal” job.

Name: Edan Chen-Zion ’16
Major(s): Physics
Hometown: West Hills, CA
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