Upcoming graduate interested in non-profit work

I am a senior who has a real passion and zest for the environmental field. As I have started looking for jobs after graduation in the spring, I have come across a lot of positions that both require a science-based degree and significant amount of experience. So far, I have found myself considerably overwhelmed with these job listings since I seriously lack credentials. I am most interested in education, advocacy, “some” research, and definitely hands-on work. I just finished an internship involving wildlife care, although I do not see myself doing that in the future. I want to know what it is like to work for non-profit environmental groups. I would love to hear more about the pros and cons of working for climate change-based groups like Audubon, Sierra Club, WWF, etc.

Name: Sabrina Pond ’18
Email: sabmarie@brandeis.edu
Majors: Environmental Studies and Psychology
Hometown: North Haven, CT
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Aspiring social worker seeking opportunities to gain experience

I’m a graduating senior looking for advice from professionals about the human services field. I major in psychology (but lately have gained more of an interest in a sociological world view) with minors in Hispanic studies and creativity, the arts, and social change. I am interested in going to graduate school for social work (to be a licensed clinical social worker) in a year or two, but it seems there are many paths to gain experience in the field including non-profit work, working as direct care staff in a mental health facility, etc. I am unsure of how to identify positions and job functions that allow for upward mobility, perhaps heading towards case management experience. I would love to hear more about beginning a career in the field of serving communities and marginalized populations and how to break in and get professional experience starting from zero. Activism is very important to me and some of my specific population interests include at-risk women (such as BARCC or Battered Women’s shelters), queer youth and young adults, and adults with disabilities.

Name: Morgan Winters ’17
Email: mwinters@brandeis.edu
Major: Psychology; minors in Hispanic studies, and creativity, the arts and social transformation
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Archived Ad: Leads on nonprofit work, women’s issues in San Fran

I’m an alumna, BA class of ’15 and MA class of ’16, looking to relocate from Boston to the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work at an agency that serves poor and homeless women in Boston, seeing clients on a one-on-one basis, providing information, referrals and support. I am relocating to the SF Bay Area in May of 2017, and am looking for opportunities to network with Brandeis alumni who have experience with women’s issues, close contacts with clients, and working with a vibrant team that is passionate and knowledgeable about the work, with opportunities to engage in systemic change. I am interested in experiences in nonprofit development, startups, grant writing and reviewing, and charitable foundations.

Name: Karen Lengler ’15, MA’16
Majors: International and Global Studies, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Archived Ad: Creative junior using art to empower youth

I am a junior majoring in anthropology and minoring in creativity, the arts, and social transformation. I am a creative thinker with an ability to recognize the unique talents and leadership qualities that my peers have in order to help them gain more self-empowerment. Born and raised in Somerville, MA, I have watched gentrification unfold in my hometown and seen thousands of Somerville residents forced to move out due to rising housing costs. With this experience in hand, I would like to continue pursuing my interest in supporting youth development and the arts in order to help fight the negative effects of gentrification anywhere in the United States, for this is a national trend. I want to know what kind of career paths would allow me to pursue these issues, and whether receiving additional schooling beyond my Bachelor’s degree would be essential in pursuing this work. Thank you!

Name: Marcelo Brociner ’18
Majors: Anthropology
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Archived Ad: Senior Abroad Hoping to Make Post Grad Plans Including Conflict Resolution or Law

Hello! My name is Mia and I am a senior currently studying abroad in Gulu, Uganda. I spent one semester studying international criminal law in The Hague which inspired a semester in Uganda to explore the reality of post-conflict justice on the ground. I’m currently conducting research towards a thesis on perceptions of International Criminal Court intervention in northern Uganda. I’m torn about what steps to take post-graduation. I’ve considered the Peace Corps, law school, and graduate school. I hope to make travel and academics a permanent part of my life. However, I have to strongly consider my finances. Any advice about continuing my education in conflict resolution or law in a financially feasible way would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Caseworker Seeking Advice on Direct Service Opportunities

I am a sophomore majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Health, Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP). I eventually would like to pursue an MSW, using this degree to help women and families. Currently searching for internships that will enable me to interact directly with people. I am interested in hearing about career paths in macro social work and casework, as well as other opportunities that relate to female empowerment and public health. Furthermore, I am seeking advice on how to combine my interest in policy and my desire to engage in direct service.  Thank you for your assistance and insight.

Name: Samantha Daniels ’16
Major(s): Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Syosset, NY
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Archived Ad: Junior Passionate About Women’s Rights Seeks Advice on Non-profit and Campaign Work

My name is Hailey Magee, and I am currently a junior who will be spending Spring 2014 in Washington DC at American University’s Washington Semester Program. I will be taking courses with AU and also interning for EMILY’s List. I am passionate about reproductive justice and women’s rights. I have served as president of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, WMGS UDR, and this semester founded and chartered NARAL Pro-Choice on the Brandeis campus. In the future, I would like to work for an non-profit or issue advocacy organization (like NARAL), work on campaigns for state and federal legislators, and one day run for office myself. In DC, I would love to chat or meet up with some Brandeis alum who can offer insight into non-profit and campaign work specifically with regards to reproductive justice or women’s rights. Advice about how to make myself more marketable to these fields, especially in the DC community, would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Name: Hailey Magee ’15
Major(s): Politics / Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Newton, NJ

Archived Ad: Passionate Senior Seeks Advice on Jumpstarting Non-profit Career

My name is Alyssa Green and I am a graduating senior at Brandeis University. Throughout my time here at Brandeis I have cultivated a personal passion for non-profit work. I have interned with youth empowerment, LGBT, and community organizations. I currently serve on a full-time student management team under the Director of Public Safety. I am hoping to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area next fall and begin my professional career at a non-profit organization. I would welcome any advice on how to network with employers across the country and how to begin my non-profit career.

Name: Alyssa Green ’14
Major(s): American Studies
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Archived Ad: Seeking advice, leads for international opportunities

2013 undergrad passionate about human rights aspiring to work in international development and conflict resolution. I have experience in interfaith community organizing, writing, communications and Middle Eastern affairs.  I would love to learn about your work with non-profits/NGOs in these fields. I am particularly interested in seeking employment or fellowship opportunities internationally and would greatly appreciate advice from those with experience working abroad.

Student: Erica Shaps ’13
: Northbrook, IL
: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, International and Global Studies