Senior seeks advice from alums who took several years off before MD/PhD program.

Hi!  I’ve always wanted to do a MD/PhD program and go into clinical research, but I’m planning to take a few years off first so that I can have some experience with clinical research and know that’s what I want to do.  I’d like to talk to someone who’s been down this path before, about how to pursue short-term research jobs (I’m just starting my search) and who to make the most of this time before pursing graduate school.

Name: Leila “Rubi” Fettig
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Worcester, MA
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Seeking alums who completed MPH at Yale, BU or Emory.

I am a senior looking to talk to any recent alumni who went to Yale, BU, or Emory to complete an MPH (particularly if you were HSSP major while at Brandeis, and pursued your MPH immediately after completing your undergraduate studies). I am in the process of trying to decide which program to attend, so any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Name: Rebecca Miller
Majors: HSSP & Anthropology
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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Psychology student curious about social work

I’m a junior pursuing a degree in psychology. My primary interest is in clinical psychology, and I plan to earn a Masters in Social Work post-graduation. Throughout my time at Brandeis, I have worked as a psychology Research Assistant for the Aging, Culture, and Cognition Lab, a Teaching Assistant for Lemberg Children’s Center, a Peer Counselor, and an Undergraduate Representative for the Psychology Department. In the spring, I will be studying clinical psychology in Copenhagen and am now in the process of registering for a clinical practicum placement. I am curious about how approaches to mental health treatments differ across cultures. I am also curious about your thoughts and experiences regarding working with a diverse group of patients versus specializing in treating one demographic. If you have any thoughts about these questions or experience in the field of social work, I look forward to connecting with you!

Name: Lauren Puglisi ’19
Majors: Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY
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Insights into finance grad programs and internships

I will graduate in May 2019, and I am a junior student pursuing a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I want to apply to Master of Financial Engineering programs in graduate school. I am interested in quantitative finance and I want to learn more about it. I have multifaceted skills in programming, math modeling, and business.

I am trying to find an internship which is related to quantitative finance in Summer 2018. I would appreciate any insights/suggestions from alumni on what kind of internship I should look for, how to strengthen my skills during my undergraduate school, and different Masters of Financial Engineering programs. Also, I am passionate about start-ups, especially financial start-ups. I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni who are working in this field.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Name: Oliver He ’19
Majors: Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
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Senior seeking tips on art therapy graduate programs

I am a senior beginning my application process for a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. I am looking for advice about the field of art therapy, as well as advice about choosing a program. I am applying solely to NYC area schools so if anyone has attended Pratt, NYU, School of Visual Arts, or College of New Rochelle for AT, please reach out. Thank you.

Name: Ceara Genovesi ’18
Majors: Psychology and Art
Hometown: Blauvelt, NY
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Searching for Advice on Pursuing a Master’s in HR

I am a senior majoring in Psychology and Business with a minor in HSSP. I am an aspiring Human Resources Generalist who is interested in attending graduate school to earn a master’s degree in human resource management or development. After doing some research, I discovered that the senior leaders of some companies’ human resources departments do not have advanced degrees. Is it still valuable for me to pursue a human resources-related master’s degree (I would not be interested in an MBA) if I want to become an upper-level executive, or would my future bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience be sufficient? Thank you very much for any help you can provide me!

Name: Sadie-Rose Apfel ’18
Majors: Psychology and Business
Hometown: Stamford, CT
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Recent grad seeks legal experience before law school

I’m a recent grad looking for advice on how to gain experience in a legal setting before going to law school. If any alumni have any connections to any law firms seeking paralegals that would also be very welcome! Anything would be helpful; advice or if you can connect me to someone who could offer advice. Thank you!

Name: Ashley Morales ’17
Majors: Politics, International & Global Studies
Hometown: Queens, NY

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Leads on private school positions in NYC

I’m graduating this May and seeking full-time positions in New York City private schools for grades K-6! Do alumni have any leads on open positions for a recent grad?

Name: Rosie Ettinger ’17
Major: Psychology
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Seeking alumni with graduate degree in neuroscience

I am graduating this May, and am interested in going to graduate school to continue my studies in neuroscience. Have any other alumni gone on to a neuroscience program and what have you done after? Any suggestions?

Name: Yuki Dai ’17
Majors: Biology, neuroscience

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Senior exploring careers before business school

All my life, from my experiences living in India and traveling to numerous other countries, I have developed an immense curiosity for different governments, cultures, and the various problems societies face. I have also focused on development and government and NGOs’ role in promoting it. As a result, I tend to have an international perspective on the issues I care about, often looking at them through an anthropological lens.

Over the past few months, I have become interested in business as well. I would like to pursue an MBA in five to six years from now. In the meantime, I want to employ my communications experience, among other skills, in addition to my curiosity and fields of study, in the private sector. I am keen on working for a large private company, ideally in its marketing department. In the long run, I hope to be involved with multiple businesses in different roles. Some may focus on my areas of study while others are in different industries.

I would appreciate any connections with whom I can get advice and learn about possible opportunities after I graduate in May of 2017. Thanks so much.

Name: Rohan Lal ’17
Major: International and global studies
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
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Junior seeks grad school, teaching advice

I am a junior interested in informal education. I enjoy teaching and tutoring in environments where students are allowed to let their interests guide their learning. I seek advice in fields where this is possible and advice for career or graduate school paths.

Name: Kristin Diamantides ’18
Major: Biology
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Aspiring social worker seeking opportunities to gain experience

I’m a graduating senior looking for advice from professionals about the human services field. I major in psychology (but lately have gained more of an interest in a sociological world view) with minors in Hispanic studies and creativity, the arts, and social change. I am interested in going to graduate school for social work (to be a licensed clinical social worker) in a year or two, but it seems there are many paths to gain experience in the field including non-profit work, working as direct care staff in a mental health facility, etc. I am unsure of how to identify positions and job functions that allow for upward mobility, perhaps heading towards case management experience. I would love to hear more about beginning a career in the field of serving communities and marginalized populations and how to break in and get professional experience starting from zero. Activism is very important to me and some of my specific population interests include at-risk women (such as BARCC or Battered Women’s shelters), queer youth and young adults, and adults with disabilities.

Name: Morgan Winters ’17
Major: Psychology; minors in Hispanic studies, and creativity, the arts and social transformation
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Middle East research opportunities before grad school

As a senior, I am currently working on a thesis project that focuses on Arab nationalism under the Iraqi Ba’ath regime and its use of education. My regions of interest are Middle East and Central Asia. I also have a growing interest in education. I would like to focus on this subject when I apply to graduate school. Before that, I want to gain experience in the sector, preferably through research. I am seeking advice in regards to what kind of a path I should be following for these goals. It would be very useful to hear about the challenges and rewards of this path as well. Thank you!

Name: Sumeyra Ekin ’17
Majors: International and global studies, history
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
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Archived Ad: Recent grad seeks alternative social science research paths

I graduated from Brandeis University in 2016 with a degree in psychology and sociology. I currently work at Brandeis at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, assisting in social science demographic research on Jewish communities. This is a two-year gig, and once it’s up I’d like to move onto something else. But I am completely in the dark with what I’d like to do! I am interested in human behavior and social science, however, I don’t know if social science research is the right path for me. From what I’ve seen, it contains sitting in front of a computer and dealing with spreadsheets all day. Additionally, I don’t want to go into academia. Is there a path that social science researchers can take that entails a more engaging, non-academic atmosphere? For what it’s worth, I also do not want to go into clinical psychology or the mental health field, either. Information such as what an average day of a social science researcher looks like, inside and outside academia, would be very helpful. Social justice topics interest me, such as crime, gender issues, etc, as well as general topical social issues, such as why people vote the way they do, how technology affects human relationships, etc. I just don’t really know what to do with these interests! Graduate school seems like an appropriate option, but I don’t even know where to begin. It’s hard for me to articulate what exactly I’m interested in, and because I’ve never experienced the field except at the low level I am in now, it’s hard to know if it is right for me. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Name: Naomi Weinblatt ’16
Majors: psychology, sociology
Hometown: Queens, NY

Archived Ad: Legal assistant work in NYC before law school

I am a December 2016 graduate currently applying to law school and searching for temporary job opportunities as a legal assistant or paralegal in New York City. I recently interned at the New York State Office of the Attorney General and the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission this past summer. From these experiences, I have strong legal research skills, practice preparing written memoranda, and familiarity with the civil litigation process. I would greatly appreciate any advice on where I might search for work opportunities as well as general insight on preparing for law school. Thank you very much!

Name: Aditi Shah ’16
Majors: History, HSSP
Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Archived Ad: Junior Seeking Health, Entrepreneurship Career Insight

As a junior at Brandeis, studying health: science, society, & policy (HSSP), I am interested in integrative healthcare, social entrepreneurship, political activism, graphic design and social media. I am goal-oriented and work well with others. I enjoy traveling, exploring diverse cultures and thrive in hand-on experiences.My previous work experiences include: assisting in the physical therapy department in an Israeli hospital, coaching a swim team and instructing individuals of all ages on proper swimming techniques for multiple summers, and teaching graduate students how to swim. I excel in social environments and in helping others achieve their potential. I am looking to complete the required observational hours for graduate school in physical therapy, and/or gain additional integrated healthcare experiences.I am looking to further explore career options that align with my studies and interests. I sincerely welcome the opportunity of speaking with you.

Name: Jonas Singer ’17
Major: Health: science, society, & policy
Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Archived Ad: Advice About PhD Programs for Aspiring Legal Academic

My career goal is to go to law school, practice law for a while, and then become a legal academic. I understand that a disciplinary PhD has evolved from an interesting addition on the resume to a gold standard. My question is quite specific, but I am wondering what the difference might be between a classic academic PhD and a practitioner’s PhD (i.e. Doctorate in Public Policy) for my goal of securing a teaching job? Ideally, my dream job would involve straddling an appointment at a law school with a position at an undergraduate legal studies program.

Name: David Benger ’14
Major: Politics, Russian Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Business Major Seeks Grad School vs. Workforce Insight

My name is Melissa Darling and I am currently majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Economics. I am seeking advice on what my next steps should be going forward with my future. I cannot decide if I should apply to the BA/MBA program here at Brandeis and get my masters in one more year, or if I should try entering the work force, specifically a rotational program, to get experience and then go back to school in the future and possibly have my business pay for me. I am looking to hear from alumni who had to make a similar choice, what they did, and if that was the right choice for them.

Name: Melissa Darling ’16
Majors: Business, Psychology
Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Archived Ad: Pre-Health Advising Staff Seeks Brandeis Alumni for Mentor List

The Brandeis pre-health advising team is compiling a list of Brandeis alumni who are currently enrolled or have graduated from medical, dental or veterinary school to connect with current undergraduate and post-bac Brandeis students embarking on the application process. While pre-health staff members function as the primary advisors, we are looking to connect students with an additional resource in the health care field. If you are interested in serving as a mentor (primarily over email), please email for more information.

Archived Ad: Ed.D. seeks opportunities to apply education, finance experience

I am a 1986 Brandeis alum, and I recently earned my Ed.D. in educational leadership from the University of Georgia this past December. After graduating from Brandeis, my career in the mortgage industry in Atlanta, GA, was successful until the economic downturn of ’08. In the summer of 2009 I immediately went back to school, earned a Master’s in Special Education and began teaching special education in the fall of 2010. While teaching, I continued my education through the University of Georgia, and earned my doctorate in educational leadership. I am currently teaching special education in Atlanta, and I am looking to secure a position where my education, training, and experience in both the field of education and the financial industry can be fully applied.

Archived Ad: Recent grad seeking research assistant leads

My name is Clifton Masdea. This past May I received my Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. My goal is to work as either a research assistant or a technical assistant in the Greater Boston area before I begin applying for graduate programs. I was wondering if anybody knows of any laboratories that are currently looking for a research assistant?


Archived Ad: HSSP Senior Aims to do Research Before Grad School

I am a graduating senior looking for a position ideally for a year or two before continuing on to graduate school for public health. I would like to work as a research assistant at a think tank or do some sort of nonprofit work related to health and/or poverty. I would appreciate any advice or experience you may have in the field. Thank you!


Archived Ad: HSSP/Biology Senior Seeks Clinical Experience Pre Grad School

I’m a graduating HSSP/Biology senior interested in getting clinical research experience dealing with children/pediatrics and diabetes before applying to graduate programs in public health or bio-medical science. Any advice on how to effectively break into the field or opportunities I should be aware of would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if any alums have a similar experience I would love to find out how you got to where you are today. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Future Clinical Psychologist Seeks Advice on Research Positions

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice on how to get involved in clinical research. I would love to do research in a hospital (preferably in the Boston area), to get a different type of experience. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Aspiring Animal Behaviorist Seeks Advice

Hello! I am graduating this May and looking to go into animal behavior, wildlife conservation, zoology, or a combination of those fields. I am looking to work at zoos to gain experience before going on to earn a PhD in animal behavior. If anyone has experience in these areas I would appreciate any advice you have to give. It would be great to learn you got to where you are today. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Senior Looking for Cause-Driven Organization Internships/Career Advice

Senior graduating in May with degree on Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and International and Global Studies looking for summer internship in the Boston area. Will be staying at Brandeis for another year to complete a Master’s in Women’s Gender and Sexualities and Public Policy. Experience interning in feminist non-profits such as The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights (research – international armed conflict) and Rosie’s Place (direct services – homelessness). Interested in any cause-driven organization providing good learning opportunities and/or speaking with any alumni in the area who may be able to provide advice. Thank you.


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Interested in Forensics/Criminal Psychology

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice in the field of forensics or criminal psychology. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics or criminology (or possibly law school). I am also interested in how the law and psychology coincide. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Aspiring Physician Assistant Looking for Experienced Alumni

My name is Lindsay Fitzpatrick and I am a senior at Brandeis University. My career aspiration is to be a physician assistant, and I am currently looking into fulfilling all of the requirements that go into the application process for PA masters programs. I am looking for advice on what jobs people have used to fulfill their hours, as well as any advice with the application process! I have had little interaction with PAs, so hearing more about why you love your job, and some insight into your daily life would be incredibly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you!


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Social Science Research Positions

I am a senior studying Sociology (research track) and Education Studies. I am passionate about research and have experience researching in both majors. My current focus is on understanding social media from a sociological perspective. While I plan to attend graduate school to obtain a PhD in Sociology in the future, I am hoping to first gain more research experience. I am interested in finding positions in social science research in the Northeast or South Florida. If you work in this field, I would love to hear about how you got to where you are, or any other advice you may have. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Seeking Advice on MD/PhD Programs & Gaining Experience in Food Science

I have been interested in the science of nutrition and food since middle school and hope to incorporate those passions into my career. I have worked at Dr. Hayes’ diabetes lab for 1.5 years studying dietary influences of various foods and compounds on development and prevention of dyslipidemia and Type 2 Diabetes. It was the most rewarding and enjoyable job I have ever had, but was unable to return to work after studying abroad in Thailand. Originally, I was thinking of going into research, but now I am also considering medicine. An MD/PhD focusing on nutrition science and preventative medicine seems like the best of both worlds, but I don’t know if I’m qualified enough or if it is possible to do research and practice medicine because of grant competition. For those in medicine and research, do MD/PhD programs have any advantages over other degrees? What else should I consider when deciding on a post-graduate program? What should I do now to prepare? Are there any particular graduate programs I should consider – medical or research based? I have emailed many PIs at universities and hospitals for research positions and opportunities, but everyone said they were full. How can I get into a lab and gain more research experience?

Archived Ad: Econ/Math Major Seeks Internship and Grad School Advice

I am currently a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics, and also considering a minor in Business. I have had some internship experience in banking where I assisted managers and communicated with clients as well as a journalism internship that helped hone my interpersonal and research skills. I am interested in intern opportunities during the spring or summer in any organization relating to economics or math, especially consulting, analysis or research assistant. I’m open to most locations in the U.S. and China and would greatly appreciate any advice on where to start and how to reach out to organizations. Additionally, I really want to know more about the application process of applying graduate school. What was your experience applying? If you could go back to junior year, how would you have timed your graduate school applications? Or would you have decided to work immediately after graduation? Thank you very much for taking time to look at my Wisdom Wanted Ad, I look forward to hearing back from you.


Archived Ad: English/Political Science December Grad Looking to Make Most of Gap Year

My name is Gina Gkoulgkountina, I am a senior graduating in December. I am finishing up my majors in English and Political Science and my minor in Legal Studies. I am currently looking into finding a paralegal position for a firm that’s going to help me figure out what type of law I’m passionate about, and whether law school is the best next step for me. I would love to hear from you if you have advice for how to make the most of my gap year, or if you have any advice for this transitional period. Should I be studying for the LSATs? Should I focus on getting a legal job or would any job do?I look forward to hearing back from you!


Archived Ad: Graduating Neuroscience Major Looking to Learn about Chronic Pain/Stress Management Careers

I am a graduating Neuroscience major looking to learn more about chronic pain and/or stress management, and what careers I could pursue in this field, clinical or otherwise. Working alongside a chiropractor this summer helped me realize that I want to help people to lead functional and productive lives despite their health issues. However, I do not think I am ready to become a clinician just yet, so I would like to know more about types of positions where I could gain practical experience in the interim between now and graduate school. I am particularly interested in the use of complementary therapies, but I would appreciate any type of information or advice that you could offer. If you work in this field, I would love to hear about the steps that you took to get where you are now, and what you would recommend I do in the next few years. Thanks!

Archived Ad: History Major and Future Law School Applicant Seeks Advice

I am a History major and am also considering majoring or minoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy. I am interested in attending law school after I graduate and I was wondering if anyone has tips on what steps I can take that may help me prepare for law school. I am currently on an academic track that may allow me to graduate earlier than expected. I am passionate about history and interested in studying law as a way to allow me to incorporate my various academic and personal interests with my career. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I should approach my future career plans. Thank you very much.


Archived Ad: Senior Seeks Advice on Forensics / Criminal Psychology Field

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice in the field of forensics or criminal psychology. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics or criminology. I am also interested in how the law and psychology coincide. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Law School Bound Senior Looking for Legal Career Advice

Motivated senior majoring in History and minoring in Legal Studies seeks advice about succeeding in law school. I am applying to law schools this semester and would like to know is there anything that you would have liked to know when you were applying to law schools? I am also interested in speaking with someone who is enthusiastic about their legal career. How did you choose your current career and why were you drawn to it?

Name: Jasmine Etesse ’15
Major(s): History
Hometown: Medford, MA

Archived Ad: Senior Abroad Hoping to Make Post Grad Plans Including Conflict Resolution or Law

Hello! My name is Mia and I am a senior currently studying abroad in Gulu, Uganda. I spent one semester studying international criminal law in The Hague which inspired a semester in Uganda to explore the reality of post-conflict justice on the ground. I’m currently conducting research towards a thesis on perceptions of International Criminal Court intervention in northern Uganda. I’m torn about what steps to take post-graduation. I’ve considered the Peace Corps, law school, and graduate school. I hope to make travel and academics a permanent part of my life. However, I have to strongly consider my finances. Any advice about continuing my education in conflict resolution or law in a financially feasible way would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Psych major seeks grad school, gap year advice

I am a rising senior studying Psychology at Brandeis, hoping to do clinical work someday. I would like to talk to someone about the process of applying to a graduate program for Psychology, taking the GREs, whether I should first pursue a master’s and then a doctoral degree, and anyone who has gotten a master’s degree in Psychology at Brandeis. I am very confused about this whole process and any insight would be helpful! I would love to talk to anyone who has pursued a PsyD and what their path was to graduate school. I am considering taking the GREs this fall and applying to grad school, but possibly taking a year or two off before going. Any advice on jobs I could get in between college and grad school would be excellent, or just hearing about your own personal path. Thank you!


Archived Ad: HSSP Senior Looking at Health Industry Jobs before MPH

I’m a graduating HSSP senior looking to network with and meet professionals in the healthcare and health policy field. I would like to be involved in healthcare either as a research assistant, clinical administrative support specialist, or similar position for a couple of years before I pursue my masters in public health (or perhaps another graduate degree). Any advice on applying for these positions and making the most out of my time before graduate school would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Name: Amelia Lundkvist ’14
Major(s): HSSP
Hometown: Portland, ME

Archived Ad: Wellness Management Experience for New Master’s Grad

I am preparing to graduate with a Master’s of Science in Wellness Management accompanied by a minor in Business Essentials from Ball State University. I completed my undergraduate degree from Brandeis University in 2012, studying American Studies and Studio Art. Being a Massachusetts native I would like to return to the New England area. I am seeking an internship or full-time position that will help me to gain real world experience and further develop my skill set. The focus of my graduate study has been work-site wellness and positive behavior change. I would greatly appreciate ideas and/or opportunities.

Name: Brighid Courtney ’12
Major(s): MS, Wellness Management; BA, American Studies & Studio Art
Varsity sport: Basketball
Hometown: Southampton, MA
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Archived Ad: IT Jobs in Higher Ed Before Grad School

I am a graduating senior with a double major in Classical Studies and HSSP and a minor in Anthropology. I am considering working towards a PhD in Ancient History to eventually become a professor, focusing on ancient medical practices. Before I go into graduate school, however, I wanted to work in IT for higher education.  I have worked four years at the Brandeis International Business School where I have done general help desk work, installed new systems for classrooms and professors, and helped maintain media systems within classrooms. I am hoping to use these skills and experiences to work in the Boston area. I am also hoping to take classes to prepare myself for graduate school. If anyone has worked in Higher Education while taking classes, I would love to hear about the path you took to get there and if you think it was worth it. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Name: Joshua Yankell ’14
Major(s): Classical Studies; HSSP
Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
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Archived Ad: Aspiring Public Health Pro Seeks MPH Advice

Aspiring public health professional seeks advice on graduate programs. I will be starting an MPH program at the Yale School of Public Health this fall and am looking for any advice from current or former MPH students (from Yale or elsewhere). Were there any things you wish you had known before you started your program? Are there any courses you would recommend (e.g. taking more quantitative courses in graduate school)? I would greatly appreciate any general advice about completing an MPH.

Name: Jennifer Mandelbaum ’14
Major(s): Health: Science, Society and Policy; Sociology
Hometown: Londonderry, NH
View Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Aspiring Actress Seeks Leads on Auditions

I am an aspiring actress and singer. I’ve done multiple shows during each semester of my time at Brandeis, including operas in the music department, theatre department shows with local directors, and Shakespeare productions with Hold Thy Peace, the Shakespeare club. I am looking for auditions and acting work, and I am willing to travel. I would love to speak with any alumni who work in the theatre, especially if they have any leads on acting jobs in any capacity! I’m also interested in graduate school, but I would like to gain some professional experience first.

Name: Miriam Esther Goldman ’14
Major(s): English/Creative Writing, Theatre Minor
Hometown: Houston, TX
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Archived Ad: Social Work Experience Before Grad School

I am a graduating senior majoring in Psychology. I’m considering pursuing a career in clinical psychology or psychiatry, but am planning to take a year or two off before applying to graduate school. Currently, I’m searching for a job as a research assistant or for a position in the social work field. I’m specifically interested in working with children and adolescents, and am also interested in exploring a career in forensic psychology or psychiatry. Any advice from those who have experience in the above mentioned fields would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Name: Claire Fishman ’14
Major: Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY
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Archived Ad: Clinical Psych Experience Before Grad School

I am graduating Brandeis this May with a degree in psychology and I am hoping to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I am looking to find some more experience in the field before going to graduate school for a PsyD. I have had experience working with many populations, such as the Columbia Psyc ER and at a group home for individuals with mental disabilities. I am looking to get more hands-on experience and would love any career advice on how to go about finding such work. Thank you for your time!

Name: Gabriella Podolski ’14
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
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Archived Ad: Career Path / Grad School Options for East Asian Enthusiast

Hi! I’m graduating and hoping to find a career involving East Asian Studies. I’m really passionate and I know a lot about East Asian literature and history. I really would love to find a career where my passion can flourish. Additionally, I’m interested in learning about what graduate programs would suit my interests best.

Name: Adrienne Thompson ’14
Major: East Asian Studies
Hometown: Nashua, NH

Archived Ad: Clinical Research / Gap Year Ideas Before Med School

Biology and business double major seeks advice on gap year between graduation and medical school. I am graduating in May and would like advice on clinical research opportunities close to home in Southern California. I have done research for a semester at Brandeis in a project lab course and would love to have more experience in clinical research before applying to medical school. Any advice ranging from clinical research opportunities to general gap year advice would be much appreciated!

Name: Jessica Jiwon Yang ’14
Major(s): Biology & Business
Hometown: Corona, CA
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Archived Ad: Speech-Language Path Experience Before Grad School

I am graduating in May with a double-major in Language & Linguistics and German Studies. I am very interested in pursuing Speech-Language Pathology in the future, and am looking for some work experience before applying to graduate school. So far, I have been looking at assistant teaching positions at schools for special needs kids, as well as research assistant positions. I would also be interested in a job where I could put my German language skills to use. I am very experienced with technology, including PC/Mac, projectors, and software such as Microsoft Office and Praat. I would love any advice on what kind of jobs are out there for someone with my background and interests.

Name: Alexandra Patch ’14
Major(s): Language & Linguistics; German Studies
Hometown: Danville, VT
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Archived Ad: HSSP Senior Interested in Research & Policy that Benefits Older Adults

I am a senior studying HSSP. I am interested in the field of aging and pursuing work that benefits older adults. Ideally, I would like a job that allows me to use my healthcare knowledge from my HSSP courses and experiences in a way that relates to older adults. I am interested primarily in research and policy, rather than in direct clinical care such as social work. Work at a non-profit, policy organization, government institution or other organization interests me. Ultimately, I see myself attending graduate school, possibly pursuing an MPH, MPP, MPA or gerontology degree. However, as I am unsure yet what degree I want to pursue, I would like to gain experience before attending graduate school. Any guidance or suggestions on careers and graduate school are appreciated!

Name: Ilana Mittleman ’14
Major(s): HSSP
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
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Archived Ad: Junior Interested in Neuromarketing, Consumer Behavior, & Brand Equity Research Seeks Advice

I am a junior with a background in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics. I have an interest in neuromarketing, consumer behavior, and brand equity research and would like to get involved in marketing that uses neuroscience (e.g. EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics) or some sort of science to study consumer behavior. I find this intersection fascinating and want to contribute to this uprising field. For this summer, I hope to gain hands-on experience in marketing and neuroscience before graduation in May 2015. As of now, my plan is to work for 2-3 years after college and then jump into graduate school for a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology (or a related field). After that, I plan on coming back to the industry. I am currently seeking advice from anyone who has experience in marketing and neuroscience and whether graduate school is necessary for this field. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from any alumni.

Name: Alicia Park ’15
Major(s): Cognitive Science
Hometown: Waltham, MA
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Archived Ad: Junior Psychology/English Major Seeks Advice About Criminal Psychology Careers

Junior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice in the field of forensics or criminal psychology.  I am looking to work in that field upon graduation, and then attend graduate school for forensic psychology or criminology.  I am also interested in how the law and psychology coincide.  I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it.  Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Eliza Kopelman ’15
Major(s): Psychology, English
Hometown: Brookline, MA
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Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Advice on Gap Year Between Graduation and Law School

I am Xingyue Li and I am considering a law career. What specially interests me is corporate law. I want to have a gap year between my graduation and law school. I am just wondering what should I prepare (in terms of taking courses, internships, use of gap year)  for this corporate law career. Thank you!

Name: Xingyue Li ’15
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: China

Archived Ad: Aspiring Public Health Researcher Seeks Advice

My name is Yael Bellin and I am a senior at Brandeis majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP).  I am seeking alumni who work in public health research in the Washington, D.C. area. My past experience includes internships at groundbreaking research organizations such as Montefiore Hospital’s Care Management Organization in Yonkers, NY and The Sax Institute in Sydney, Australia. I am projected to complete a senior honor’s thesis entitled, “The Pursuit of Patient Education and Empowerment in the Midst of Chronic Kidney Disease” in April 2014. I would like to learn how I can use the skills I have acquired through these experiences into career opportunities in Washington, D.C.  I posses strong writing and analytic abilities as well as superior organizational and interpersonal skills. Specifically, though not exclusively, I am interested in connecting with those who work in clinical research labs or research institutions such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and the American Institutes for Research.

Name: Yael Bellin ’14
Major(s): Health: Science, Society and Policy
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
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Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Biotech/Pharma Management

I am a senior double majoring in Biology and HSSP. Through my research position in a drug-development lab at Brandeis University, I gained many invaluable lab skills and realized that I want to go into Biotech/Pharma industry. In the future, I am also looking into getting an MBA and get involved in the management side of a biotech firm. As I am approaching to the end of my undergraduate life, I would love to learn more about how other alumni, who had a similar career pathway, found their first job, and what they did to reach their end goal.

Name: Sinan Isim ’14
Major(s): Biology and HSSP
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Archived Ad: HSSP/Psychology Major interested in Health Communication & Health Education

I am a double major in HSSP and Psychology graduating in December of 2014. I recently had an “ah-ha! moment” and realized that what I would truly like to do is become a health educator at the high school level. Before going into teaching, however, I’d love to gain some experience in the health communications field with organizations geared towards the prevention of diseases such as eating disorders and obesity. I’ve also been looking into masters programs that combine Health Communications & Health Education and would love to talk to anyone who has any experience with this type of graduate program and/or the field itself. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Sara Hazelnis ’14
Major: HSSP & Psychology
Hometown: Liberty, NY

Archived Ad: Junior Sociology/Education Major Interested in Learning about Criminology Field

Junior double majoring in Sociology and Education seeking advice or an internship in Criminology. I want to go to graduate school for a Sociology and Criminology degree with specific interest in gender as it applies to crime. I am really eager to learn more about the field itself. I would love to speak to someone on how they got into the field, and any advice they may have. I would really appreciate it!

Name: Kelsey Segaloff ’15
Major(s): Sociology, Education
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Archived Ad: Interdisciplinary Complex (Dynamical) Systems Major Seeking Advice on Non-Academic Research Careers

Interdisciplinary complex (dynamical) systems major looking for advice about non-academic research careers! My major combines physics, neuroscience, and economics on a foundation of mathematics and computer science. After working in a lab, I have a strong interest in continuing working in research but I’d like to understand what options are available for me outside of research in academia. I’m also unsure whether to rush straight to grad school or explore options before pursuing further education. I would love the chance to learn about your career path. Thank you very much for your time and help!

Name: Vincent Wong ’14
Major(s): IIM Complex Systems
Hometown: Muncie, IN

Archived Ad: Student Athlete Seeks Advice on Marketing Graduate Programs

I am a student-athlete seeking advice on Masters programs in the Greater Boston area. As an avid spectator of sports and life-time athlete I am excited to pursue a career in the sports and events industries. Last summer I was able to intern with the Brooklyn Nets, and I would love the chance to speak with someone who has some insight in the marketing, finance, or corporate sponsorships areas as well. I would also like to pursue a graduate program in marketing, not specifically sports marketing or sports administration. I am considering the new Brandeis University IBS BA/MBA program, and I am interested in what alumni and professionals think of this new program and others.

Full name: Alec Spivack ’15
Major(s): Business, Italian, Spanish
Hometown: Miami, FL
Varsity Sport: Soccer

Archived Ad: English & History Lover Seeking Advice on Library & Museum Careers

As an English and History major I love old things. I’ve had internships at museums and I work in the Brandeis library. With graduation approaching in May, I would also appreciate advice about library school, museum studies masters programs, or ideas about entry-level jobs in either field.

Name: Maya Riser-Kositsky ’14
Major(s): English and History
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Archived Ad: Summer experience before grad program in archaeology

I would like some advice about how to secure a summer job before I head to graduate school (a classical Archeology MA Program at Tufts). I’ve applied to a few customer service positions at Boston-based historical societies and museums, but I have not heard back yet. Any leads would be much appreciated!

Name: Hilary Cheney ’13
Major: Classical Studies
Hometown: Cumberland Center, ME 

Archived Ad: Recent grad ready for her spotlight

Seeking career advice from alums in the film industry. Would love to speak with producers in television, film, commercials, directors, and assistant directors. Hoping to find a graduate program to propel my career in the film industry. Any advice available for how to go from production assistant work into a full-time career?

Name: Tricia Miller ’13
Major: Film, Television & Interactive Media
Hometown: Cambridge, MN

Archived Ad: From History To Law

Enthusiastic, hard-working, and efficient learner. I am a graduating senior looking to attain more information about the legal profession. My interest in the law started with my passion for learning history in the academic setting. After taking two classes on legal history, I would appreciate the opportunity to shadow a practicing attorney to better understand diverse legal specialties and differences in practice. Thank you.

Student: Linda Li ’13
: Queens, NY
: History; American Studies

Archived Ad: Museum Education & Special Education

Studio art major interested in speaking with professionals in career fields including museum education and special education, and also art therapy, art education, occupational therapy, museum studies, and other related disciplines. I am interested in learning about what steps I should take to enter these fields, as well as other career possibilities related to these interests. At Brandeis, I work at the art museum, and run a social skills playgroup for children with autism. Any kind of guidance in these fields is very welcome!

Student: Estie Martin ’14
: Newton, MA
: Studio Art; Anthropology

Archived Ad: Graduate School vs. Trading & Economic Research

Mathematics & Economics major graduating in 2014 with a strong interest in applying macroeconomic reasoning to financial markets. Generally, I love anything that’s about making and evaluating market-related arguments. Right now I’m trying to decide between pursuing a career in macro research, trading, or grad school. I would be particularly interested in speaking with those who work in trading or economic research. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about choices and opportunities in research, trading, or any other economics/finance paths. I appreciate and am very grateful for your time and effort to read this.

Student: (Osmond) Hong Bo Wang ’14
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: Mathematics; Economics

Archived Ad: Healthcare Experience & Competitive Business School Application

2011 Brandeis graduate working as a Research Assistant at Harvard School of Public Health studying health care financing and health system design. Double majored in Economics and Music. Captain of the cross-country and track teams. Looking to get more work experience outside the academic world before going to business school for health care management. Goal in the meantime is to find the best way to leverage background in health policy research in the health industry and get some hands-on experience developing and implementing new health care payment and delivery models. Would love to speak with somebody about the health care payer/provider space, and the types of experience that might be most valuable for a competitive business school application.


Student: Paul Norton ’11
Hometown: Amherst, MA
Major: Economics; Music

Archived Ad: Prelaw Hoping to Speak to Legal Professionals

2013 Undergraduate majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. Very interested in pursuing a law career. I have decided to delay applying to law school in order to gain experience and assurance that it is what I want to do. I would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your own experience as a legal professional.


Student: Alex Kramer ’13
Hometown: North Andover, MA
Majors: Philosophy, Psychology

Archived Ad: Wisdom from the Art World

I am a Studio Art (painter) major graduating this May. I am also the Marketing and Communications intern at Hiatt Career Center, President of the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum, and a Roosevelt Fellow (peer academic advisor for first year students). I would love to hear from alums and parents who also have BAs in Fine Arts and have pursued careers in visual arts, museums, galleries, arts non-profits and higher education. What kinds of paths did you take to get to where you are today? What cities are best for young artists? As a person dedicated to making art, how did/do you manage to earn a living while making your art? For those who did not go down a studio route, how did you get involved in the museum or gallery world? What kinds of opportunities exist in the marketing and communications fields for the art world?

Student: Lenny Schnier ’13
: Long Beach, NY
: Studio Art

Archived Ad: Aspiring Speech and Language Pathologist

As a senior double majoring in Psychology and East Asian studies, I am seeking advice as an aspiring speech and language pathologist (SLP) /behavioral therapist. I am driven to be an SLP due to my determination to work with underprivileged children with disabilities in the future. In the past few years, I have learned more about what being an SLP entails and the research research opportunities in the field through multiple internships and shadowing. As I gained more knowledge about the behavioral sciences throughout my Brandeis career, I am also interested in becoming a behavioral therapist. I am confused and I would love to hear your story, whether you are a certified therapist or a student in the discipline, that way I can make a well informed decision about becoming an SLP or behavioral therapist.

Student: Katherine Wong ’13
: Hong Kong
: Psychology, East Asian Studies

Archived Ad: JD vs. MBA

Motivated and organized Business/International & Global Studies major seeks information about careers in law and marketing. I have had professional experience at LivingSocial, the American Cancer Society and I would love to meet or chat with alumni working in law or marketing and learn about relevant experiences and future opportunities. I’m interested in hearing about how you got to where you are today, and what, if anything you would have done differently. I would also like to speak with those who have pursued a JD or MBA to learn about the application process.

Student: Rachel Rubin ’14
: HSSP; Business