HSSP rising junior seeking informational interviews with professionals in fields of healthcare, law, politics

Hello! My name is Emma Wolters and I am a rising junior who is starting to explore possible career paths. While I eventually plan to attend law school, I first hope to work for a few years in a field that roughly pertains to my major. However, I would love the opportunity to chat with anyone about their field as it relates to health care, any sort of policy analysis, law, politics, data analysis, government etc.

I’m hoping to build a greater picture around the possibilities of work after graduation. Any advice, insights, or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Emma Wolters ’21
Majors: Health: science, society & policy
Home town: Denver, CO
Email: elwolters@brandeis.edu
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Any neuroscience grad school alums? Senior seeking advice to prepare.

In the next few years, I’m hoping to attend graduate school in neuroscience.  I’m hoping to connect with alumni who have started or completed degrees in this discipline to learn more about your selection and application process and the experience of being in school.  Thank you in advance!

Name: Emma Gao ’19
Majors: Neuroscience, psychology
Hometown: Beijing, China
Email: emmagao96@brandeis.edu
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Senior exploring other options after experience in tech, consulting, math research

I am a senior majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. I also studied abroad in an international business school in Switzerland before. Previously, I held a consulting internship at Deloitte, worked as a technical intern in a tech startup, and conducted summer research in discrete mathematics and machine learning at the University of Maryland.

Due to my vast interests and diverse experiences in computer science and business, I am not sure what career path fits my skill sets and interests the most.  I know I don’t want to work extremely long hours (like consulting), nor do I want to do software engineering for life (I can do at least a few years though). Overall, I see myself as a resourceful, entrepreneurial person who is curious about everything and not afraid of taking the road less traveled. I feel like I don’t fit the stereotype of a software engineer, but not sure where I should start my career with all these different experiences and coursework. I have been interviewing for data analyst, implementation specialist, and software engineer positions right now, but I am also want to explore other possible career paths for me.

Insights, advice or past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Name: Athena Xiao ’19
Majors: Computer science, business
Hometown: Nanchang, China
Email: chyxiao@brandeis.edu
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Junior seeking summer internship in environmental law/conservation policy

I’m a junior graduating a semester early with a B.S. in HSSP and minors in legal studies and philosophy. I studied international criminal law in The Hague last summer and spent my childhood living as an expat in Shanghai among other overseas experiences, which have made multinational communities feel accessible and endlessly inspiring.

Through independent studies and extracurricular pursuits I’ve developed a keen interest in environmental work and in particular, environmental law. This summer job or internship would be my first exposure to work in the environmental sector, so I’d like to work for a smaller-sized organization that would allow me more freedom to expand the breadth of my understanding of how conservation policy works. I can’t wait to channel my collaborative spirit and dedication to seeing things through into the people, projects, and mission I support this summer and beyond.

I’d appreciate your career advice or to hear about your own career journey.

Name: Kaitlyn Mok ’19
Major: Health: science, society, and policy
Minors: Legal studies, philosophy
Hometown: Irvine, CA / Shanghai, China
Email: keitaylo@brandeis.edu
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Senior looking to take on entry-level job in publishing, marketing, or digital media

I am a graduating senior looking to tackle an entry-level job ideally in marketing, publishing, or digital media. My internship and work experience have given me a thorough understanding of marketing and sales. However, with my majors being in politics and my minors being in creative writing and environmental studies, my practical experience is a unique blend of disciplines. I am currently a Marketing Assistant at Brandeis International Business School, Social Media Strategist for an environmental nonprofit, and an Amazon Prime Student Ambassador for the school year. I prefer to be busy, which is hopefully evident. My dream has always been to enter the publishing industry because I am a passionate reader and amateur book reviewer. I have found it difficult to get past step one when applying to publishing-related roles, so any advice there is absolutely wanted. I am always finding new ways to blend these passions of mine, but am finding it difficult to find a clear path forward. Any advice and discussion are valuable! Thanks.

Name: Charlotte Lang ’19
Majors: Politics, Environmental studies
Minor: Creative writing
Hometown: Hollis, NH
Email: clang5@brandeis.edu
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Senior seeking advice for entering the commercial video, TV, film industry

I am in my final semester at Brandeis and am searching for find a job in video for after graduation. I would ultimately like to have a career shooting and editing video. I have interned doing commercial video for American Eagle/Aerie and am hoping for advice on getting started in the commercial video, television and film industry. Additionally, my portfolio can be found at www.elizabethcayouettegluckman.com if you are interested in viewing my work. Thank you for your help!

Name: Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman ’19
Majors: Film, television and interactive media; Interpersonal and mass communications
Hometown: Salem, MA
Email: ecayouette@brandeis.edu
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Are co-sci classes necessary to succeed in AI/machine learning? Neuroscience student looking to pivot.

I’m an BS/MS in neuroscience candidate in my last year, with most of my research consisting of neural simulations and computational work. I am interested in applying to jobs in the field of A.I/ machine learning after graduation but did not complete many computer science courses while at Brandeis. How much is coursework in CS valued in the industry as compared to the experience I’ve already had in neuroscience, and what are some things I could do in the next year to strengthen my resume?

Name: Jose Alejandro Garcia ’19
Major: Neuroscience
Email: Josegarc@brandeis.edu

BA/MA student seeking roles that leverage multicultural, communication, and relationship building skills

I am a BA/MA grad student studying comparative humanities. I have strong multicultural communication and relationship cultivation skills, and excel at visual and content marketing. I am hoping to speak with alumni who currently use these skills in their daily roles to get a better sense of how I can employ them after graduation. I greatly appreciate any help!

Name: Xinyi Du ’18 (BA)
Major: Comparative Humanities
Email: cathydu@brandeis.edu
Hometown: Beijing, China
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Sophomore co-sci major looking to transition to consulting/business fields

Hi!  I am a computer science and business double major sophomore. I got experience working at a top-level tech giant when I interned at JD.com as a software engineer this summer. I really want experience working in business or consulting next summer. Any advice for transitioning and leveraging my skills would be appreciated.

Name: Hangyu Du ’21
Majors: Computer Science, Business
Email: supremeethan@brandeis.edu
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2012 grad seeking jobs that promote equity through advocacy/education in NYC

Hi everyone, I am a 2012 alum looking for jobs in NYC working for a foundation, doing corporate social responsibility work, and/or working for the city government. I have my BA in Public Health and MA in Education Policy. For the past three years, I have and currently work for a small non-profit organization doing educational policy and advocacy work on behalf of Native American students.

I am incredibly passionate about serving disadvantaged communities and driven by working towards equity for all communities. Please email me if there are any individuals or organizations that you recommend I follow up with. I am looking to move to work NYC by the end of the summer so any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Name: Dimple Patel ’12
Major: HSSP
Email: pdimple13@gmail.com
Hometown: Washington
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Bio major explores different avenues in healthcare: research, med school, and community outreach.

I am seeking advice on opportunities in public health (specifically community outreach), clinical research, and medical school.  Also, any information about doing MD/MPH programs vs. separate degrees would be helpful.  Mentorship and general life advice would be great.  Thanks!

Name: Linda Forrester
Email: lynfor@brandeis.edu
Major: Biology
Hometown: Bronx, NY
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Med-school bound senior seeking mentorship, advice, and networking with alums in health professions.

I am pursuing a career in medicine and health-related fields.  I would like to connect with alumni who work in these professions or are on their journey to medical school for mentorship, networking and career opportunities.

Name: Magdalena Skumial
Email: mskumial@brandeis.edu
Majors: HSSP & Biology
Hometown: New York, NY
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Licensed elementary ed grad seeking first job working with students in Massachusetts.

I am graduating with a BA in English and minors in linguistics and elementary education, as well as a license in elementary education in Massachusetts.  I am open to positions, both full and part-time, working with children in schools.  Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Caitlin Kelly
Email: ckelly96@brandeis.edu
Major: English
Hometown: Ellington, CT
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Rising junior seeking internship in marketing/strategy in law or health industry.

I have a strong passion for marketing and business strategy, and would love to apply my knowledge from the classroom and previous positions . I am interested in the fields of business, law, and health. I have worked both nationally and locally, from a non-profit start up in Tel Aviv, Israel to a legal research institute in the New England area. I want to utilize my summer as an intern to make a long-lasting impact. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your organization and explain in more detail my previous experiences and coursework.

Name: Jamie Jason ’20
Email: jamiesj98@brandeis.edu
Majors: Business, Hispanic Studies, Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
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No marketing major, no problem? Graduating senior seeks advice on California marketing positions.

I am an Economics major looking at career options in California (L.A. or San Francisco preferably) and am very open to different positions. I am particularly interested in careers that are marketing-related and am looking into advertising agencies. Any advice on where to start, especially without a major in marketing, would be helpful. Thank you!!

Name: Yoonjoo Moon
Email: ymoon@brandeis.edu
Majors: Economics, Psychology
Hometown: Carbondale, IL
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Seeking alums who completed MPH at Yale, BU or Emory.

I am a senior looking to talk to any recent alumni who went to Yale, BU, or Emory to complete an MPH (particularly if you were HSSP major while at Brandeis, and pursued your MPH immediately after completing your undergraduate studies). I am in the process of trying to decide which program to attend, so any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Name: Rebecca Miller
Email: rmmiller@brandeis.edu
Majors: HSSP & Anthropology
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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Math major exploring career options upon graduation.

I am a senior, graduating in May with a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in economics. I am looking to enter the job market, but at the moment I am not sure what career path I would like to pursue. I am originally from Long Island, N.Y. but am planning on moving away after graduation. The city that piques my interest the most is San Diego, although I am open to living and working anywhere.

My previous working experience is varied; I have had internships in residential real estate as well as in government, and since my sophomore year have had an on-campus job in the athletic department.

Potential career-related interests of mine include sports and public transit, and I would definitely be interested in jobs in those fields. Working in the public sector or for a non-profit also piques my interest, but I am willing to consider anything.

If anyone was in a similar situation towards the end of their undergraduate years or has any advice to offer, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Name: Corey Cohen ’18
Email: cocohen@brandeis.edu
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Plainview, NY
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Seeking advice on research positions in public health & health policy

I am graduating this coming May with majors in Political Science and International and Global Studies. During my time at Brandeis and through internships that I participated in, I became very interested in health policy and public health research, taking multiple courses in this area to further my academic knowledge. I have been applying to various research positions within these fields, for example at Dartmouth College, MGH, Boston Childrens, RTI and others. I was wondering if you have any advice for a young professional who is seeking to enter the health policy and public health field. I would also like to hear about your experience within this field, how you got started, what your job search process looked like and your experience so far.

Name: Helena Voltmer ’18
Email: hvoltmer@brandeis.edu
Majors: IGS and Politics
Hometown: Windsor, VT
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Business-turned-law senior seeking info on securing entry-level paralegal positions in NYC.

I’m a graduating senior studying Sociology and Business. However, my true passion is law. Although I am not studying law, I have taken course such as Introduction to Law and Business Law to help solidify my interest. After graduation I am moving to NYC and taking a year off before applying to law school. Within that year, I would really enjoy working for a law firm of any sort (small or large) to gain valuable experience before law school. I have begun the process of applying for jobs and find it difficult to obtain a paralegal/legal assistant position without attending law school first. I am searching for any advice a past Brandeis Alum may have to help me better understand how to acquire a job in the legal field. I appreciate any and all feedback!

Name: Eve Hart ’18
Email: ehart@brandeis.edu
Majors: Business & Sociology
Hometown: Manasquan, NJ
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Senior Basketball Player Seeks to Combine Marketing and Athletics

I am a Sociology major with a minor in business. I am also captain and member of Brandeis Women’s Basketball. My interests in the future is marketing. With my background in athletics, I have found that sports marketing has particularly grabbed my interest because it combines two things that I have a passion for. My internship this fall semester dealt with sports apparel at a start up in Boston and it was a positive and valuable experience. However, I am also eager to doing marketing work with sporting organizations like the NBA. I am grateful for all advice in how to continue to pursue a marketing career, what companies to put on my radar, or just general insight on how to tackle the career field as a senior.  Thank you for your time!

Name: Noel Hodges ’18
Email: nhodges@brandeis.edu
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Southampton, New York
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Archived Ad: Sophomore in search of quantative research experience

I’m a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Anthropology. I enjoy research and would like to get a job this summer that involves quantitative research.

In my classes, I’m working with SPSS and ArcGIS, and I enjoy using both software packages. Last year, I was a legislative intern at the Massachusetts State Senate where I wrote reports on pending legislation and did quantitative research using Excel. I am currently the programming director for the Brandeis Diversity Conference; in that role, I developed the schedule and invited several speakers to participate. Next academic year I’ll be studying abroad at the London School of Economics.

I’m hoping to talk to alumni who work with data about career options involving quantitative research. I’m also hoping for recommendations about ways I can get real world experience with data this summer. As an anthropology major, I would be interested in advice about career options that combine quantitative research with qualitative research.

Name: Christof Rindlisbacher ’19
Majors: mathematics and anthropology
Hometown: Boston, MA

Archived Ad: Creative junior using art to empower youth

I am a junior majoring in anthropology and minoring in creativity, the arts, and social transformation. I am a creative thinker with an ability to recognize the unique talents and leadership qualities that my peers have in order to help them gain more self-empowerment. Born and raised in Somerville, MA, I have watched gentrification unfold in my hometown and seen thousands of Somerville residents forced to move out due to rising housing costs. With this experience in hand, I would like to continue pursuing my interest in supporting youth development and the arts in order to help fight the negative effects of gentrification anywhere in the United States, for this is a national trend. I want to know what kind of career paths would allow me to pursue these issues, and whether receiving additional schooling beyond my Bachelor’s degree would be essential in pursuing this work. Thank you!

Name: Marcelo Brociner ’18
Majors: Anthropology
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks to Combine Math and Writing in Leadership Role

As a major in Math, I am looking to stay in the Boston area after graduation. I am looking for work environments that offer leadership opportunities, especially in ways that allow me to use the skills I learned at Brandeis in both of my majors. I love writing and math and I would love to talk to alumni who share these interest. Thanks!


Archived Ad: Pre-Med Senior Looking for Gap Year Recommendations

As a senior on the pre-med track, I am excited to pursue research opportunities in the medical field during my upcoming gap year. I am passionate about patient care, in particular the field of pediatrics. I have been looking for positions in the Philadelphia area, but am struggling to find opportunities appropriate for recent graduates. Ideally, I hope to build on my clinical and research experience before entering medical school. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice about how best to find a valuable experience for next year. Thank you!

Archived Ad: Senior Passionate about Social Justice and Economic Equality Seeks Career Advice

My name is Meredith van der Walde and I am a senior at Brandeis, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with minors in Legal Studies and Social Justice & Social Policy. I am extremely passionate about social justice and economic equality; in particular, workers’ rights, children in the foster care system, poverty, and mental health and illness. As I consider my options for next year, I am eager to find a job where I can help people and make an impact, while also achieving a sense of financial stability for myself. I am hoping to work at an organization, such as a law firm, non-profit, or state agency, where I would be exposed to both law and social work so that I can decide which profession I may ultimately want to pursue. Any advice pertaining to law or social work in general, or specific organizations that I should research, would be incredibly appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Psych major seeks grad school, gap year advice

I am a rising senior studying Psychology at Brandeis, hoping to do clinical work someday. I would like to talk to someone about the process of applying to a graduate program for Psychology, taking the GREs, whether I should first pursue a master’s and then a doctoral degree, and anyone who has gotten a master’s degree in Psychology at Brandeis. I am very confused about this whole process and any insight would be helpful! I would love to talk to anyone who has pursued a PsyD and what their path was to graduate school. I am considering taking the GREs this fall and applying to grad school, but possibly taking a year or two off before going. Any advice on jobs I could get in between college and grad school would be excellent, or just hearing about your own personal path. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Aspiring Nurse Practitioner Seeks Advice

I want to attend med school or nursing school (Nurse Practitioner) within the next 1-2 years. However, in the mean time, I need to fulfill certain prerequisites (like chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and anatomy). I will hopefully take classes a few days a week while working part-time. I paid my way through Brandeis, so getting a job that pays the bills and is also relevant to my future career path is very important. Any advice on pursuing this path is much appreciated!

Name: Luke Hayslip ’14
Major(s): HSSP & Sociology
Hometown: Flagler Beach, FL
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeking Advice on Opportunities in London

I am a Studio Arts major looking to get to London. I am open minded about job options (though preferably something creative and in the arts–visual display for retail and museum opportunities, specifically) and wondering how an American without EU work papers or citizenship can find employment in the UK. Work for a global company and hope to get transferred? Are there companies in England that recruit Americans? Would greatly appreciate strategy suggestions and advice!

Name: Sarah Bierman ’14
Major(s): Studio Art
Hometown: New York, NY
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Archived Ad: 2013 Alumnus Seeking Advice on Breaking into Journalism Field

2013 graduate with a double major in philosophy and psychology. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Journalism at Stony Brook University. I am still refining my interests within journalism. My current program focuses on science, health, and environmental reporting. I am also interested writing about sports. I am seeking advice about how to break into professional journalism  and would love to speak with you about your experiences.

Name: Alex Kramer ’13
Major(s): Philosophy & Psychology
Hometown: North Andover, MA
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