Archived Ad: Senior Looking for Cause-Driven Organization Internships/Career Advice

Senior graduating in May with degree on Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and International and Global Studies looking for summer internship in the Boston area. Will be staying at Brandeis for another year to complete a Master’s in Women’s Gender and Sexualities and Public Policy. Experience interning in feminist non-profits such as The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights (research – international armed conflict) and Rosie’s Place (direct services – homelessness). Interested in any cause-driven organization providing good learning opportunities and/or speaking with any alumni in the area who may be able to provide advice. Thank you.


Archived Ad: Senior with Focus on Women’s Rights Looking to Break into Non-Profit Field

International and Global Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexualities Studies senior looking for advice on entering the non-profit field, preferably with a focus on women’s rights and feminist organizations. Particularly interested in opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area, but open to mostly any location.


Archived Ad: Aspiring International Women’s Rights Advocate Seeking Advice

Junior majoring in International and Global Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. Experienced in advocacy and empowerment for migrants in organizations such as the Brazilian Women’s Group of Boston and the Charles River Public Internet Center. Particularly interested in working on women’s rights, preferably with cross-cultural implications. Interested in speaking to alumni in similar field of interest and getting advice on how to break into the field.

Name: Karen Lengler ’15
Major(s): International and Global Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Brazil