Archived Ad: Investment Banking Career Questions

My name is Chi Duong. I am an international student from Vietnam and is currently a junior at Brandeis University. I am a double major in Business and Economics. I am interested in the financial industry, especially investment banking. I would like to know what kind of skills, quality, characteristics, and experience that investment banks usually look for in a candidate.

Name: Chi Duong ’18
Majors: business, economics
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Archived Ad: Seeking Dentistry Gap Year Advice and Insight

Hi, I’m a career changer trying to make my way into dentistry from social work. I will be completing my postbac predental program at Brandeis University by May, 2016 and start my application cycle for dental school from there. I’ve been shadowing 2 general dentists and 1 orthodontics and learned some assisting skills. It will be a great honor to receive advice from you about dentistry in general as well as how to wisely spend the gap year. Thank you!

Name: Zheqing Jiang ’16
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Quzhou, China

Archived Ad: December Grad Seeks Neuroscience and/or Psychiatry Research Advice

I am a senior graduating in December with a B.S. in Neuroscience & Biology. I am looking for help in finding organizations or labs that are looking for someone to start towards the end of January/early February. My specific interest is in neuroscience and psychiatry, but I am open to other research areas as well. I’d love some guidance in who to reach out to and the best way to do so.


Archived Ad: Chicago Internship in Sports Management/Marketing/HR

2015 undergrad and captain of the women’s varsity softball team who is double majoring in Business and Sociology (with a minor in Economics), seeking practical experience/internship in Chicago.  I would love to incorporate my ambition to succeed in business with my love of sports.  I am reaching out to learn about your experience mixing these two passions and would also appreciate speaking to Brandeis alums in the Chicago area who have advice or leads for me regarding professional opportunities in Chicago.

Name: Cori Coleman ’15
Major(s): Business and Sociology
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Varsity Sport: Softball

Archived Ad: Chicago-based summer internship in journalism/social media/activitism

Rising junior and news editor who is studying English and journalism seeks a summer internship that utilizes my skills in communications and my passion for social activism. Interested in journalism, publishing, social media, and any nonprofit position.  I would like to speak with people who are hiring immediately for Chicago summer internships, paid or unpaid, in any of these fields.

Name: Rachel Hirschhaut15
Major(s): English, Journalism, Business, Social Justice & Social Policy
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Archived Ad: Chicago-based glide year suggestions for pre-med student

Neuroscience and technology double major on the pre-health track with interests in clinical research, especially having to do with neurobiological diseases. Planning to go to medical school but considering a glide year. I’m looking for possible ideas for the glide year, and I would ideally like to stay in the Chicago area to do so and would love to get some advice on paths to take!

Name: Elizabeth Zharovsky15
Major(s): Neuroscience, Biology
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Archived Ad: Seeking creative Chicago-area internship in film/music/healthy living

I’m looking for an internship in the Chicago area this summer. I am open-minded regarding which field I work in, though I do have a passion for film and music. An internship in either of these fields would be ideal. I am also interested in foreign cultures and international relations. An internship at an NGO or something comparable would also be great. I am a strong writer and a creative thinker, and I’d like to be involved with something in which I either create, help others create, or observe and learn as others create. I also have a strong passion for the outdoors and nature and living a healthy, active life, so something involving these principles would be ideal as well.

Name: Alec Siegel ’15
Major(s): IGS, Anthropology
Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Archived Ad: Pre-med with passion for obstetrics, writing and patient narratives

I am a pre-med student, an aspiring obstetrician, and a children’s book author who is actively seeking literary representation. I am active with the March of Dimes and other Chicago women’s health charities such as Expanding Lives. I have also spent about 5.5 years doing scientific research and have found I am interested in gynecologic oncology. Recently, however, I’ve pursued research and investigative journalism through the Schuster Institute and am finding inspiration in health writing and narrative medicine. This summer I will be traveling to Bulgaria to collect patient narratives and intern in an under-sourced obstetrics hospital as a Sorensen Fellow. I would love to meet Brandeis alumni in the healthcare fields who can share their career trajectory narratives with me. I would appreciate any advice on how to get my children’s book published as well. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Name: Damiana Andonova ’15
Major(s): HSSP, Biology
Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Archived Ad: Chicago opportunities in finance/banking/consulting

I graduated Brandeis in 2012 cum laude with high honors in history. I am currently working at Itadaki (an upscale sushi restaurant on Newbury Street). I really enjoy both working as a manager and doing the back office work assisting them in their finances. Besides my experience at Itadaki I was also a sales/marketing intern at Ifbyphone (a tech startup in downtown Chicago), and an investment analyst intern at Lincoln Investment Planning. I am skilled with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Stata. I have studied Mandarin Chinese for four years, which includes six months both studying and working in Beijing. I would ideally like a career that combines my quantitative and interpersonal skills in the financial, banking, or economic consulting fields in the Chicago metropolitan area. If an alum knows of any appropriate opportunities for someone with my skills and experience, I would love to get in touch.

Name: Alexander “Yoni” Katz12
Major(s): Economics, History
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Archived Ad: Seeking entry-level advocacy, public policy opportunities

Senior sociology major seeking advice and entry-level opportunities in advocacy, public policy, and community organizing. I have internship experience in environmental organizing, health policy, and immigrant rights. Most recently, as a Brandeis Legacy Social Justice World of Work Fellow, I worked as a public policy intern with a consumer rights organization in Washington, D.C. where I contributed to research to advance federal regulations concerning telecommunications, food safety, and labor. I would love to learn about your experiences working toward social change.

Student: Lillian Gecker13
Major(s): Sociology
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Archived Ad: Seeking advice, leads for international opportunities

2013 undergrad passionate about human rights aspiring to work in international development and conflict resolution. I have experience in interfaith community organizing, writing, communications and Middle Eastern affairs.  I would love to learn about your work with non-profits/NGOs in these fields. I am particularly interested in seeking employment or fellowship opportunities internationally and would greatly appreciate advice from those with experience working abroad.

Student: Erica Shaps ’13
: Northbrook, IL
: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, International and Global Studies

Archived Ad: Combining Anthropology & Hispanic Studies

Anthropology major with a concentration in sociocultural studies. I am interested in learning about fieldwork as well as developing language skills and cultural knowledge. I would love to work and study abroad in order to achieve these goals. My previous work experience has been focused on children and arts programming. I would welcome any advice on career paths that would help me marry my interests in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies, and the appropriate setting to do so. Thank you!

: Mara Flack ’15
HometownBuffalo Grove, IL
Majors: Anthropology; Hispanic Studies