Archived Ad: BA/MA Student Interested in Finance Industry Subareas

I am currently a first year BA/MA student and I am interested learning more about the difference in various subareas within the financial service industry, like investment banking, assets management and risk management. If any alumni could share with me their industry insights, their opinion on what qualifications make candidates strong in each field, or give me some suggestions for job hunting I would greatly appreciate it.


Archived Ad: Econ/Math Major Seeks Internship and Grad School Advice

I am currently a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics, and also considering a minor in Business. I have had some internship experience in banking where I assisted managers and communicated with clients as well as a journalism internship that helped hone my interpersonal and research skills. I am interested in intern opportunities during the spring or summer in any organization relating to economics or math, especially consulting, analysis or research assistant. I’m open to most locations in the U.S. and China and would greatly appreciate any advice on where to start and how to reach out to organizations. Additionally, I really want to know more about the application process of applying graduate school. What was your experience applying? If you could go back to junior year, how would you have timed your graduate school applications? Or would you have decided to work immediately after graduation? Thank you very much for taking time to look at my Wisdom Wanted Ad, I look forward to hearing back from you.


Archived Ad: Future Consultant Seeks Case Study Interview Tips

I am a graduating senior who wants to work in a consulting firm. I hope to get some suggestions on how to best prepare for case interviews from alumni who have been successful in the field. Also, if you have any leads on entry-level opportunities, that would be awesome!

Name: Xinru Lu ’14
Major(s): Economics, Business
Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Archived Ad: Advice on Intercultural Marketing Careers

I am a marketer who is passionate about using my unique skill set to reach out to diverse, multicultural audiences. During my last marketing research internship, I was trained to gain strong communication and data analysis skills to develop customer insights around peoples’ motivations and needs. My double majors in Business and Anthropology allow me to interview and analyze a business strategy both in quantitative and qualitative ways. Although I am an early career candidate, I have the cultural insight, international experience, and educational background to reach the ever-evolving demographics of the US and beyond. I am interested in learning about opportunities to market to international audiences and would appreciate your advice on breaking into the field!

Name: Yifei Sun ’14
Major(s): Business, Anthropology
Hometown: China
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Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Advice on Gap Year Between Graduation and Law School

I am Xingyue Li and I am considering a law career. What specially interests me is corporate law. I want to have a gap year between my graduation and law school. I am just wondering what should I prepare (in terms of taking courses, internships, use of gap year)  for this corporate law career. Thank you!

Name: Xingyue Li ’15
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: China

Archived Ad: Business & Sociology Double Major Seeks Advice on Economic Consulting

Business and Sociology double major seeks advice and mentorship on economic consulting. I have gained invaluable and rewarding experiences in both public and private businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. I have cultivated strong research, analytical, and problem solving skills, and I established myself as a motivated, passionate, and organized leader who can cooperate with others to achieve goals in an efficient manner. Through past internships such as HBS and Bank of China, as well as my current role as a peer advisor at Hiatt Career Center, I have found myself particularly interested in data analysis, leadership development, and program design and implementation. I would welcome the opportunity to meet and speak with you about economic consulting and other relevant topics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Name: Sophia Wang ’14
Major(s): Business, Sociology
Hometown: China

Archived Ad: Social Justice WOW Fellow Seeks Alumni Experienced with NGOs or CSRs

Double major in International Global Studies and Economics with minor in South Asian Studies seeking advice and opportunities in NGO management and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I am enthusiastic about social work, and I have always wanted to work in this field. I interned at an NGO in China this past summer as a Brandeis Social Justice WOW fellow, and that internship has truly expanded my knowledge about NGOs. In addition, I plan to work at a corporate level (preferably in the CSR or Public Relations department) first before start working at an NGO. I would love to talk to Brandeisians who have working experience in NGOs or CSR field. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Name: Chenyu Li ’14
Major(s): IGS and Economics
Hometown: Beijing, China

Archived Ad: Economics/Business Major Seeks Alumni with Finance & Consulting Experiences and Advice to Share

2014 undergraduate with dual majors in Economics and Business looking for learning opportunity in the real consulting and asset management world. As a personal wealth management intern at China’s biggest asset management company, I consulted with clients and worked closely with my colleagues in the trust fund and financial leasing departments. I would love to meet or chat with alumni working in finance or consulting and learn about relevant experiences as well as future opportunities. Thank you very much for your time and help!

Name: Yuhan Mo ’14
Major(s): Economics and Business
Hometown: Beijing, China

Archived Ad: Asset, Private Equity & Hedge Fund Management

2014 undergrad seeks advice on entering a career in asset, private equity and hedge fund management in the US/UK. Currently studying philosophy, economics and business. Through my internship experiences and extensive readings, I have become extremely passionate about investing and enjoy the excitement of making an impact. Previous internships include Proprietary Investment Summer Analyst at China Investment Corporation (Sovereign Wealth Fund), Portfolio Management Summer Analyst at GE Asset Management and Hedge Fund Summer Analyst at a Long/short equities hedge fund in Hong Kong. These experiences not only extended my knowledge in fundamental investment analysis for different industries, but also helped me understand more about different investment strategies. I would welcome the chance to talk to well-rounded professionals in private equity, hedge fund, asset management industries or any investing related area (including investment banking) to have the chance to learn about your career path and the industry.

Student: Lei Li ’14
: Shenzhen, China
: Philosophy; Economics


Archived Ad: Quantitative Senior Seeks Investment Management Advice

As an Economics major, I enjoy using my knowledge and quantitative skills to solve problems. Before my current role as a Risk Management Intern at Sovereign Bank, I have done research on actively managed ETFs at a division under the Oliver Wyman Group and assisted a Brandeis Economics Professor in his research and data analysis work (using STATA). After Brandeis, I want to continue understanding fundamentals and conducting quantitative analysis. Therefore, I have a passion for any position related to investment management, marketing/data analytics, valuation, and economic consulting. As a graduating senior, I am looking for entry level opportunities in the Greater New York City area and I look forward to meeting or chatting with alumni working in these industries. Thank you in advance for your help; I am all ears, for any experience you are willing to share and any advice you may have!

Student: Feifei Yang ’14
Hometown: China
Major: Economics

Archived Ad: Graduate School vs. Trading & Economic Research

Mathematics & Economics major graduating in 2014 with a strong interest in applying macroeconomic reasoning to financial markets. Generally, I love anything that’s about making and evaluating market-related arguments. Right now I’m trying to decide between pursuing a career in macro research, trading, or grad school. I would be particularly interested in speaking with those who work in trading or economic research. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about choices and opportunities in research, trading, or any other economics/finance paths. I appreciate and am very grateful for your time and effort to read this.

Student: (Osmond) Hong Bo Wang ’14
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: Mathematics; Economics

Archived Ad: Careers in Human Capital Management

Business and Sociology double major seeks advice on human resource consulting! I have gained invaluable and rewarding experiences in both public and private businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. I have cultivated strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build good relationships with supervisors and colleagues. I also established myself as a motivated, passionate and organized leader who can cooperate with others to achieve goals in an efficient manner. Through past internships in Bank of China and a current role as peer advisor at Hiatt Career Center, I have found myself particularly interested in employee relations, inspirational leadership development, and HR infrastructure design and implementation. I would welcome the opportunity to meet and speak with you about human capital management and other relevant topics.

Student: Yifan Sophia Wang ’14
: Changchun, China
: Business, Sociology

Archived Ad: Health Care Analysts Wanted

2013 undergrad double-majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) and Business. I had several internships at different hospitals in Boston, working on projects in various areas including Development, Clinical Research and Marketing. I have been working as a research assistant for Brandeis professor for two years and this experience has strengthened my research and data analysis skills. I am interested in being a market researcher/analyst in the health care industry, and would like to know how I can reach my goal of being a healthcare consultant. I would like to know what kind of skills and experiences are the most important and what steps I should take to get into the healthcare consulting industry. I would love to speak with alumni who work as healthcare analysts or consultants to learn more about their career path.

Student: Julie Yiu ’13
: Hong Kong, China
: HSSP; Business

Archived Ad: Banking Bound

2013 undergrad looking for full time opportunities or advice on breaking into investment banking and management consultancy! I am currently studying abroad at Oxford University and have found myself interested in investment banking and management consultancy industries through my past work experiences at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and The Oxford Student Consultancy. This summer I will intern at Eaton Partners, a leading alternative asset placement agent, and work with my colleagues to raise capital for investment managers through private equity, real assets, real estate and hedge fund strategies. I would love to meet or chat with Brandeisians working in finance or consulting and learn about relevant experiences and future opportunities.

Student: Kaiyan Chen ’13
Hometown: China
Major: Economics; Mathematics