Archived Ad: Business Senior Looking for Help Focusing Career Goals

Im a senior currently interested in Business, but not sure what I want to do. I like finance, marketing, analysis, international business, and consulting, but I don’t know how to narrow down what I want to do. Until I know what I want, I feel that I can’t really connect with the right people. How did you start your job search, and how and why did your goals change? I have had several networking opportunities, interviews, and even internships, but I am unsure of both how to describe myself and to describe what I seek in a job, which could present an issue during interviews. That said, I would love to hear and speak with any and everyone, to really help me hone in my future. Thanks in advance!


Archived Ad: Aspiring Pediatric Occupational Therapist Seeks Advice

I am currently a junior double majoring in Neuroscience and HSSP and am very interested in pursuing a career in pediatric occupational therapy. I have had experience shadowing and assisting occupational therapists but would appreciate any insight into organizations/programs that may offer interns a more integrated experience. I appreciate your time and insight.

Archived Ad: December Grad Looking for Advice on Using Business Skills to Create Social Change

My name is Danielle Mizrachi and I will be graduating from Brandeis this December. Ever since high school, I have been committed to learning more about social entrepreneurship. I believe that my majors in Business and Psychology and minors in Economics and Social Justice and Social Policy have truly helped me gain a stronger understanding of how business skills can be used to create social change. I have also become increasingly interested in corporate social responsibility. I am searching for an opportunity that will help me gain some more experience in the field, and am looking for advice as to how to pursue this type of career.


Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Law & Business

I am currently a senior with a variety of interests. I have been looking at job opportunities that combine the areas of business and law. In terms of business, I have been focusing on positions in the finance and accounting fields as well as business intelligence. With respect to the legal field, I am very interested in entertainment law, contracts, and business law (such as mergers and acquisitions as well as working with companies undergoing financial fraud investigation). I would really appreciate any advice from alumni who have some experience with either of these industries and suggestions or ideas as to how I can get my foot in the door. Thank you!

Name: Jonathan Greengarden ’15
Major(s): Business; Film, Television, and Interactive Media
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
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Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Advice on Environmental Econ Careers

Hi! I’m a graduating senior with a double major in Economics and Business with double minor in Environmental Studies and IGS. I’m interested in pursuing a career in a field that combines both economics and the environment – resource management, environmental consulting, etc. I am interested in understanding the relationship between economics and the environment, and how economics can be used to better understand how to manage our environment. Particularly, I’m looking for opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area – also looking for potential networking opportunities!

Name: Mary Chun ’14
Major(s): Economics, Business
Hometown: Brookfield, CT
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Archived Ad: Advice on Using Theatre to Give Voices to the Voiceless

I want to learn any and all ways to use theatre to create community and facilitate dialogue.  I just finished a thesis project and paper, “Applied Theatre for Conflict Exploration: A Workshop Experiment,” and I am looking for more experience and professional development.

Name: Gabriella Feingold ’14
Major(s): Theatre for Social Change
Hometown: West Hartford, CT
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Archived Ad: Basketball Playing Senior Looking to Translate Her Skills Into a Career

Women’s basketball senior looking for advice regarding job/career choices that fit well with athletes.  I am very interested in working in a fast-paced, hands-on, team-oriented atmosphere focused on results. At Brandeis I have enjoyed being president of the Brandeis Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), creating and organizing events for all types of students and having an impact.  I would love to speak with alumni who can help me figure out how my background and skills translate into different careers. Sports fanatic, with particular love of basketball and football.

Name: Kasey Dean ’14
Major(s): Business & American Studies
Hometown: Southbury, CT
Varsity Sport: Basketball
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Archived Ad: Sophomore Looking to Explore Careers in the Health Field

I am currently a sophomore with an undeclared major but am interested in pursuing a double-major in Neuroscience and HSSP (Health, Science, Society, and Policy). I am interested in learning what alumni have gone on to do with these majors. I am looking to form a career in the health field but due to its vastness, I would appreciate learning what variety of opportunities are out there. Any and all advice is appreciated! Thank you for your time!

Name: Sheetala Balasubramanian ’16
Major(s): Neuroscience, HSSP
Hometown: Orange, CT

Archived Ad: Networking opportunities for career in disability policy

Rising Brandeis senior interested in working in disability policy, advocacy and research after graduation. Interested in advice and networking opportunities with alums working in human services (government, non-profit or agency) broadly, and disability issues more specifically.

Name: Leah Igdalsky ’14
Major(s): Psychology, Hispanic Studies Minor, Social Justice & Social Policy
Hometown: Hartford, CT

Archived Ad: Early Grad Seeking HR Advice

Rising senior and business major graduating in December 2013. Interested in exploring the field of human resources. Looking to gain experience in the field via summer internship in New York or Connecticut area. I am the President of Hillel Group on campus with about 200 active members and also currently a student supervisor for the Brandeis Phonathon. I have an outgoing personality and am eager to learn. I would love the chance to learn from alumni about careers in human resources.

Student: Kimberly Kfare ’13
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Major: Business