Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Advice on Gap Year Research

I’m a graduating senior majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Biology. Eventually I would like to go to med school but for the moment I’m interested in research positions in the South Florida area. If any alums have advice on how to make the most of research during a gap year or what I should try to look for during my search I would greatly appreciate it.


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Social Science Research Positions

I am a senior studying Sociology (research track) and Education Studies. I am passionate about research and have experience researching in both majors. My current focus is on understanding social media from a sociological perspective. While I plan to attend graduate school to obtain a PhD in Sociology in the future, I am hoping to first gain more research experience. I am interested in finding positions in social science research in the Northeast or South Florida. If you work in this field, I would love to hear about how you got to where you are, or any other advice you may have. Thank you!


Archived Ad: English/Political Science December Grad Looking to Make Most of Gap Year

My name is Gina Gkoulgkountina, I am a senior graduating in December. I am finishing up my majors in English and Political Science and my minor in Legal Studies. I am currently looking into finding a paralegal position for a firm that’s going to help me figure out what type of law I’m passionate about, and whether law school is the best next step for me. I would love to hear from you if you have advice for how to make the most of my gap year, or if you have any advice for this transitional period. Should I be studying for the LSATs? Should I focus on getting a legal job or would any job do?I look forward to hearing back from you!


Archived Ad: Aspiring Nurse Practitioner Seeks Advice

I want to attend med school or nursing school (Nurse Practitioner) within the next 1-2 years. However, in the mean time, I need to fulfill certain prerequisites (like chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and anatomy). I will hopefully take classes a few days a week while working part-time. I paid my way through Brandeis, so getting a job that pays the bills and is also relevant to my future career path is very important. Any advice on pursuing this path is much appreciated!

Name: Luke Hayslip ’14
Major(s): HSSP & Sociology
Hometown: Flagler Beach, FL
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Archived Ad: Junior Sociology/Education Major Interested in Learning about Criminology Field

Junior double majoring in Sociology and Education seeking advice or an internship in Criminology. I want to go to graduate school for a Sociology and Criminology degree with specific interest in gender as it applies to crime. I am really eager to learn more about the field itself. I would love to speak to someone on how they got into the field, and any advice they may have. I would really appreciate it!

Name: Kelsey Segaloff ’15
Major(s): Sociology, Education
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Archived Ad: Passionate Legal Studies Student Seeks Advice on Law Industry

My name is Gina Gkoulgkountina and my interest is Legal Studies; my law classes are my favorite especially this semester as I am in courses that include hands on legal research and mediation. I want to delve into the Legal Studies field with internships and hands on opportunities but I am not sure where to start. I would love as much exposure to law as I can get! I am fond of opportunities to work with attorneys, mediators or work in a legal firm or court. Other than my courses I also have a strong background in public speaking and legal argument through my experience in Mock Trial. I have leadership experience as a captain of competitive student run teams. I am excited to apply my skills in a work setting and develop my legal professionalism. I am passionate to explore legal studies and would love to communicate with someone who has law related experience. I would also like to speak about how to optimize gap years before law school. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your response!

Name: Gina Gkoulgkountina ’15
Major(s): English/Political Science
Hometown: Miami, FL

Archived Ad: Alumni Wanted with Marketing Experience to Share

My name is Dana Kandel and I’m a senior at Brandeis majoring in Business and Education Studies. I am passionate about helping people through brands that enhance every day life. I’m currently seeking a position at a Consumer Goods company in a rotational development program in marketing/brand management. I feel my past work experience both on the client side and agency side makes me a suitable candidate for leadership development programs. I am passionate about contributing to several departments across a company and working with multifunctional teams, be it in sales, marketing, brand management, and consumer insights. I would love to speak to someone who has either held a marketing/brand management position for a consumables brand and company and/or someone who has participated in a marketing rotational leadership development program in the past few years. I am interested in learning more about the “management track” and about the various company cultures and work experiences of Brandeis alumni.

Name: Dana Kandel ’14
Major(s): Business, Education Studies
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Archived Ad: Student Athlete Seeks Advice on Marketing Graduate Programs

I am a student-athlete seeking advice on Masters programs in the Greater Boston area. As an avid spectator of sports and life-time athlete I am excited to pursue a career in the sports and events industries. Last summer I was able to intern with the Brooklyn Nets, and I would love the chance to speak with someone who has some insight in the marketing, finance, or corporate sponsorships areas as well. I would also like to pursue a graduate program in marketing, not specifically sports marketing or sports administration. I am considering the new Brandeis University IBS BA/MBA program, and I am interested in what alumni and professionals think of this new program and others.

Full name: Alec Spivack ’15
Major(s): Business, Italian, Spanish
Hometown: Miami, FL
Varsity Sport: Soccer

Archived Ad: Passionate Senior Seeks Advice on Jumpstarting Non-profit Career

My name is Alyssa Green and I am a graduating senior at Brandeis University. Throughout my time here at Brandeis I have cultivated a personal passion for non-profit work. I have interned with youth empowerment, LGBT, and community organizations. I currently serve on a full-time student management team under the Director of Public Safety. I am hoping to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area next fall and begin my professional career at a non-profit organization. I would welcome any advice on how to network with employers across the country and how to begin my non-profit career.

Name: Alyssa Green ’14
Major(s): American Studies
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL