Archived Ad: Searching for Economics Career Insight

Hello! I am a senior at Brandeis University graduating with a major in economics and minors in computer science and business. Economics had always been my favorite subject in high school, and the microeconomics class that I took with Professor Coiner only intensified my interest. Since then, I have studied abroad in the heart of London’s financial services sector where I was able to intern at a high street firm that provided accounting services for small businesses and startups. Now I am looking to apply the analytical skills that I have gained during these four years towards a position in the private sector. I am eager to work for a large firm, preferably in its marketing or accounting and finance departments. Any insight on how to successfully enter this field would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Name: Sean Jeong ’17
Major: economics
Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Archived Ad: Seeking Physician Assistant Career Insight

I am senior graduating this upcoming May with a Bachelors in biology, and I am interested in learning more about physician assistant programs. I would like to know what potential pathways I can take towards becoming a PA, as well as how current PAs feel about their profession.

Name: Alexis Corrado ’17
Major: biology
Hometown: Baldwin, NY

Archived Ad: Looking for Informational Interviews in Fashion and PR

I just finished my last semester at Brandeis and want to work in fashion, ideally, with a fashion magazine or a PR firm with an emphasis on luxury.

I have previously interned with Oscar de la Renta and Vogue India as a sales and marketing intern, respectively. In addition, while at Brandeis, I was one of the recipients of the 2014 YMA Fashion Fund Scholarship award.

I’m just beginning my job search and would love to conduct some informational interviews and glean any wisdom from alumns. I’d love any advice or guidance from alumns who have worked in the industry or know of someone who has. In addition, any kind words of support and encouragement while undertaking the daunting task of applying to jobs would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Kiran Gill ’15
Majors: Art history, business
Hometown: North Andover, MA

Archived Ad: Anthropology Major Seeks Undergrad Experience

Greetings to the Brandeis Alumni. My name is Marcelo Brociner and I am a sophomore here at Brandeis. I am an Anthropology major with a minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST). I wanted to ask any Anthropology majors out there (perhaps Sociology as well) what sort of first-hand experience I should seek out while I am still an undergraduate. I am pursuing a career in music after college, but during/after that journey, I plan to work as an anthropologist. I am doing a study tour in Vietnam next semester which is going to be fascinating, but I was curious to know if anyone knew of any specific projects I could undertake. Thank you for taking your time to read/respond to this inquiry. Have a wonderful day!

Name: Marcelo Brociner ’18
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Archived Ad: Searching for Clinical Research Advice Before Med School

I am currently looking for jobs in clinical research. In the future, I want to go to medical school and I believe that a job in the clinical field would be a great bridge between college and medical school. If alums have any advice on the best way to maximize my search and future position experience I would greatly appreciate it.


Archived Ad: Future Clinical Psychologist Seeks Advice on Research Positions

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice on how to get involved in clinical research. I would love to do research in a hospital (preferably in the Boston area), to get a different type of experience. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Senior Looking for Cause-Driven Organization Internships/Career Advice

Senior graduating in May with degree on Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and International and Global Studies looking for summer internship in the Boston area. Will be staying at Brandeis for another year to complete a Master’s in Women’s Gender and Sexualities and Public Policy. Experience interning in feminist non-profits such as The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights (research – international armed conflict) and Rosie’s Place (direct services – homelessness). Interested in any cause-driven organization providing good learning opportunities and/or speaking with any alumni in the area who may be able to provide advice. Thank you.


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Interested in Forensics/Criminal Psychology

I am a current senior double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies seeking advice in the field of forensics or criminal psychology. I am looking to work in that field upon graduation for a few years before attending a PhD program for clinical psychology with a focus on forensics or criminology (or possibly law school). I am also interested in how the law and psychology coincide. I have experience collecting data on sexually aggressive males and I conduct extensive research on wrongful convictions and eyewitness misidentification. I am eager to learn more about the field and how to get involved in it. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Recent Alumna Looking to Gain Experience in Neuroscience Research

I am a recent Brandeis alumna who has been having difficulty finding work in research. I made the mistake of majoring in psychology rather than neuroscience (which I found to be a far more engaging and satisfying direction) and am now looking to gain practical experience participating in neuroscience (or related biology) research before applying to graduate programs to gain a better understanding of the realities of a career as a researcher as well as to improve my foundation. I would love to be contacted by someone who can give me advice on how I can, having majored in psychology, best reposition myself for a scientific career and make this transition. Majoring in psychology seems to have been the a huge obstacle for me and I am afraid it will hinder any effort I make to break into science even though I have a solid science course background, having been on the premed track as an undergraduate and taken courses thereafter.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Doctor/Researcher Seeks Advice

I am a Brandeis University senior. I have future plans to become a bio-medical researcher and doctor. I am hoping to find a position as a clinical research assistant or a related research assistant. I would also be interested in shadowing doctors of various specialties, as I have always enjoyed the atmosphere in a hospital. In a hospital, the atmosphere feels very supportive and hopeful even in the face of serious maladies. Any recommendations for places or people that may align with my interests would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Aspiring author seeks publishing advice

I am a current first year student at Brandeis studying Language and Linguistics. At the moment I am seeking advice on finding an agent and breaking into the publishing industry. My interest in this matter is due to the fact that I myself am an aspiring author and I would like to know more about the process. More specifically I am interested in the publication of young adult fiction and fantasy novels. I have past experience with reviewing books in these genres as I created and ran a book review blog for the Framingham Public Library during my senior year of high school and the summer before. I am very appreciative of any wisdom that you have to offer, as well as the time spent doing so.

Archived Ad: Senior Passionate about Social Justice and Economic Equality Seeks Career Advice

My name is Meredith van der Walde and I am a senior at Brandeis, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with minors in Legal Studies and Social Justice & Social Policy. I am extremely passionate about social justice and economic equality; in particular, workers’ rights, children in the foster care system, poverty, and mental health and illness. As I consider my options for next year, I am eager to find a job where I can help people and make an impact, while also achieving a sense of financial stability for myself. I am hoping to work at an organization, such as a law firm, non-profit, or state agency, where I would be exposed to both law and social work so that I can decide which profession I may ultimately want to pursue. Any advice pertaining to law or social work in general, or specific organizations that I should research, would be incredibly appreciated! Thank you!


Archived Ad: Graduating Neuroscience Major Looking to Learn about Chronic Pain/Stress Management Careers

I am a graduating Neuroscience major looking to learn more about chronic pain and/or stress management, and what careers I could pursue in this field, clinical or otherwise. Working alongside a chiropractor this summer helped me realize that I want to help people to lead functional and productive lives despite their health issues. However, I do not think I am ready to become a clinician just yet, so I would like to know more about types of positions where I could gain practical experience in the interim between now and graduate school. I am particularly interested in the use of complementary therapies, but I would appreciate any type of information or advice that you could offer. If you work in this field, I would love to hear about the steps that you took to get where you are now, and what you would recommend I do in the next few years. Thanks!

Archived Ad: Wellness Management Experience for New Master’s Grad

I am preparing to graduate with a Master’s of Science in Wellness Management accompanied by a minor in Business Essentials from Ball State University. I completed my undergraduate degree from Brandeis University in 2012, studying American Studies and Studio Art. Being a Massachusetts native I would like to return to the New England area. I am seeking an internship or full-time position that will help me to gain real world experience and further develop my skill set. The focus of my graduate study has been work-site wellness and positive behavior change. I would greatly appreciate ideas and/or opportunities.

Name: Brighid Courtney ’12
Major(s): MS, Wellness Management; BA, American Studies & Studio Art
Varsity sport: Basketball
Hometown: Southampton, MA
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Archived Ad: Pre-med Grad Seeks Gap Year Experience

I am currently applying to medical school, and looking for a gap year job (in research or a hospital setting) before I hopefully matriculate in Fall 2015. Do any alumni have suggestions as to where I could look for such a job? Thank you for your time and any thoughts!

Name: Elizabeth Allen ’14
Major(s): Biology, Classical Studies
Hometown: Norfolk, MA
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Archived Ad: OT Shadowing Opportunity for Passionate Senior

I am passionate about working with individuals with disabilities in settings such as schools and community organizations. I am planning on pursuing a Masters program in Occupational Therapy. Looking for any connections and opportunities for observations in OT or related field or environment working with individuals with various disabilities. Any assistance extremely helpful!

Name: Estie Martin ’14
Major(s): Studio Art/Anthropology
Hometown: Newton, MA
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Archived Ad: Graduating Journalist Seeks Reporting & Research Opps

Graduating senior and aspiring journalist with experience in conducting research and writing for print and broadcast news outlets looking for reporting and research opportunities as well as advice from those in the field. I contributed writing for the local NPR station’s Morning Edition newscasts, local ABC affiliate’s evening newscasts as well as the campus newspaper’s News and Arts sections. I also have experience in conducting research for projects appearing in major print and broadcast media outlets, and was named the Michael Ratner Scholar in Investigative Journalism as a result of my contributions to investigative projects through the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. I am fluent in Greek and proficient in Spanish, and have lived in both Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens) and Spain (Salamanca).

Name: Lydia Emmanouilidou ’14
Major(s): American Studies, Minors: Journalism, Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Newton, MA
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Archived Ad: Seeking shadowing opportunity in occupational therapy

I just recently discovered occupational therapy as a career path and am intrigued about getting a chance to channel my creativity while integrating children back into their communities and social spheres. I am interested in shadowing an occupational therapist who works with children in any setting this summer and learning more about the field and the kinds of skill sets and commitment it requires.

Name: Ina Karanxha ’15
Major(s): Psychology, Education Studies
Hometown: Stoneham, MA
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Archived Ad: Aspiring Public Policy Maker Looking to Gain Insight on the Field

Hi my name is Roberta Bergstein, I am an HSSP & Psychology double major on the Varsity Women’s tennis team and I am part of the Master of Public Policy program at Heller. I am looking to take time off over the next few years to gain experience in the public policy field, ideally with a focus in health. I have experience working with autistic children and would love to work for an organization that works towards helping these children. I am looking to speak with Brandeis alumni who are in the public policy field to gain insight on the job search and the demands of the field. Thank you!

Name: Roberta Bergstein ’14
Major(s): Health, Science, Society & Policy and Psychology
Hometown: Hingham, MA
Varsity Sport: Tennis
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Archived Ad: 2013 Alumnus Seeking Advice on Breaking into Journalism Field

2013 graduate with a double major in philosophy and psychology. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Journalism at Stony Brook University. I am still refining my interests within journalism. My current program focuses on science, health, and environmental reporting. I am also interested writing about sports. I am seeking advice about how to break into professional journalism  and would love to speak with you about your experiences.

Name: Alex Kramer ’13
Major(s): Philosophy & Psychology
Hometown: North Andover, MA
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Archived Ad: Future Spanish/English/ESL Teacher Looking for Advice

I am a senior studying Spanish Comparative Literature and Linguistics who is interested in teaching Spanish, English, and/or ESL at a Massachusetts public school. Looking to talk with any public school teacher who has gone through the process and could offer some advice!

Name: Ryan Nicoll ’14
Major(s): Anthropology, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Hometown: Lancaster, MA
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Archived Ad: Future Business Major Curious About Investment Banking

My name is David Maher, I am currently a sophomore on the varsity baseball team. I am an undecided major; however, my plan is to pursue a business major with a computer science minor. For the past few years I have observed my uncle and the work he has done for Barclays on Wall Street. His job is very interesting to me. I love trying to figure out how the market works. I like the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to stocks; it makes the job fun. Any advice that you could give me on the field of investment banking would be much appreciated. I would love to learn more about this field! Thanks for your time.

Name: David Maher ’16
Major(s): Undeclared
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Varsity Sport: Baseball

Archived Ad: Fashionable Alumni Advice Needed

2014 graduate who is majoring in Business with minors in Art History and Italian Studies. Seeking advice on breaking into the fashion/retail industry at the corporate level! My dream job is a leadership position within a large retailer in the U.S. who is currently or has interest in expanding internationally. My experience in the industry is working for the past two years at a Banana Republic concept store here in MA. I am about to leave for the semester to study Art History and Italian abroad in Siena, Italy. I would love to be able to chat with any Brandeis alum working in the industry about their career path. Thank you for your time and consideration!
Student: Megan Ann Kessler ’14
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Major: Business


Archived Ad: Administration Experience in Pharmaceutical Industry/Healthcare

Health and Business double major, looking for advice about health care industry, in particular, pharmaceutical industry. Previous experiences include working at a health IT start-up and alongside a Nurse Manager at a hospital. I’m looking into understanding more about the opportunities that exist within the pharmaceutical industry (on the corporate/administration side). I would like the opportunity to speak with professionals who have worked in the industry for a while and could really help me understand more about the different facets of the corporate side of the pharmaceutical industry.

Student: Irena Kats ’14
Hometown: Marblehead, MA
Majors: HSSP; Business

Archived Ad: Healthcare Experience & Competitive Business School Application

2011 Brandeis graduate working as a Research Assistant at Harvard School of Public Health studying health care financing and health system design. Double majored in Economics and Music. Captain of the cross-country and track teams. Looking to get more work experience outside the academic world before going to business school for health care management. Goal in the meantime is to find the best way to leverage background in health policy research in the health industry and get some hands-on experience developing and implementing new health care payment and delivery models. Would love to speak with somebody about the health care payer/provider space, and the types of experience that might be most valuable for a competitive business school application.


Student: Paul Norton ’11
Hometown: Amherst, MA
Major: Economics; Music

Archived Ad: Prelaw Hoping to Speak to Legal Professionals

2013 Undergraduate majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. Very interested in pursuing a law career. I have decided to delay applying to law school in order to gain experience and assurance that it is what I want to do. I would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your own experience as a legal professional.


Student: Alex Kramer ’13
Hometown: North Andover, MA
Majors: Philosophy, Psychology