Archived Ad: Searching for Economics Career Insight

Hello! I am a senior at Brandeis University graduating with a major in economics and minors in computer science and business. Economics had always been my favorite subject in high school, and the microeconomics class that I took with Professor Coiner only intensified my interest. Since then, I have studied abroad in the heart of London’s financial services sector where I was able to intern at a high street firm that provided accounting services for small businesses and startups. Now I am looking to apply the analytical skills that I have gained during these four years towards a position in the private sector. I am eager to work for a large firm, preferably in its marketing or accounting and finance departments. Any insight on how to successfully enter this field would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Name: Sean Jeong ’17
Major: economics
Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Archived Ad: Seeking Physician Assistant Career Insight

I am senior graduating this upcoming May with a Bachelors in biology, and I am interested in learning more about physician assistant programs. I would like to know what potential pathways I can take towards becoming a PA, as well as how current PAs feel about their profession.

Name: Alexis Corrado ’17
Major: biology
Hometown: Baldwin, NY

Archived Ad: Seeking Advice on Business/Computer Science Careers

I am interested in software engineering, AI, edX, and consulting. I have combined skill sets of business and computer science as well as various intercultural experiences. I am seeking internship opportunities in both the computer science and business fields. I would like to hear from professionals working in both fields about their professional experience, industry insights, and career path. I am also interested in professional advice on how I can fully utilize my combined backgrounds. I am open to working anywhere in the states or even abroad. Additionally, I am earnest about entrepreneurship and startups. I would be happy to hear from founders of tech-related startups or alumni working in startups or incubators. Thank you so much in advance!

Name: Athena Xiao ’18
Majors: computer science, business
Hometown: Nancang, China

Archived Ad: Seeking Creative Career Direction

Hello! I would like to learn how best to break into a design career. I have creative interests that span from installation art and production to design strategy and product development. I love to work with people, evaluate ideas, and develop comprehensive solutions for improvement. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or information. Thank you!

Name: Megan Rubenstein ’16
Major/minors: psychology/sculpture, architectural studies, philosophy
Hometown: Ramsey, NJ

Archived Ad: Seeking Financial Aid Negotiation Advice

Hello. I am a recent Brandeis grad working as a paralegal in New York. I’m about to start law school in the fall. I am looking for advice from someone who successfully negotiated with a law school for an increase in financial aid. I’d like to hear about strategic ways to go about the negotiation. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Jessica Puterman ’15
Major: History
Hometown: New York, NY

Archived Ad: Experienced Intern Seeks HR and Accounting Guidance

Hello, my name is Steve Lee and I am a senior undergraduate student. I am searching for jobs at the moment. My main interests lie in the area of human resources, accounting, and business. Over the last four years, I worked as a compliance intern at Allianz Global Investors (financial services), accounting intern at GS Caltex (oil corporation), project intern at Towers Watson (HR consulting firm), and lastly as an HR specialist at the Ministry of National Defense. I have built up my experiences mostly in my home country, South Korea. My interests are not specific to one industry and I figured it would be worthwhile to have exposure to different fields. I have applied to companies that relate to my work experience, but I feel a bit discouraged because I have rarely heard back from them. I would appreciate it very much if someone could provide me with guidance and possible connections to reach out to. Thank you very much.

Name: Steve Lee ’16
Majors: Economics, psychology
Hometown: Springfield, PA

Archived Ad: Recent Grad Seeks Marketing Informational Interview

My name is Rawda Aljawhary, and I’m searching for a full-time position or internship in the field of marketing and communications. I have a year of experience in marketing, communications, and data analysis. I’m interested in client relationship management and online behavior analysis.

I’d like to meet for informational interviews to talk about how to stand out in the marketing industry. I’d love my next career opportunity to be at an exciting marketing agency or in-house department.

Thank you very much,
Rawda Aljawhary

Name: Rawda Aljawhary ’14
Majors: Sociology, creative writing
Hometown: Boonton, NJ

Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Finance and Business Career Direction

Hello, my name is Daniel Yao, a senior about to graduate with a double major in chemistry and business. My unique background provides me with a more analytical base that I want to use in a business/finance setting. I have been an active member in the Brandeis community, from being a TA for Financial Accounting to working at Brandeis’ Student Financial Services, where I work with the Department of Education and other companies to promote responsible financing, to the Global Microfinance Brigade, where I lead a group of students on volunteer missions in impoverished nations like Honduras. If you have any career advice or job leads where I can continue to explore the business/finance industry, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you! Thank you for your consideration!

Name: Daniel Yao ’16
Majors: Chemistry, business
Hometown: North Andover, MA

Archived Ad: Health Major Looking to Enter Field of Journalism

My name is Madeline Rosenberg and I am a senior graduating in May 2016 studying Health: Science, Society and Policy and Environmental Studies. I have strong passions for public health, environmental studies, sociological phenomenon, and art, and have channeled these interests into social science research, writing, and reading.

My academic and work experiences are varied: I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Environmental Health and Justice JBS; a research assistant for a senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism; a research intern for a documentary series with Warrior Poets; a research assistant for a scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center; and a thesis candidate with the HSSP department focused on the relationship between tattoos, college age women, and health.

After reflecting on these experiences, I am gripped by and subsequently hoping to pursue work in the fields of journalism (written, broadcast, documentary), film/TV, and publishing.
For someone whose formal academic areas of study are different from these specific career paths, what should my next steps be? How do I catch up on knowledge of these fields that I would have studied in a classroom setting? Where should I be looking for jobs? How should I go about becoming a more competitive candidate to production companies, journalistic and news companies and organizations, and publishing firms?
Any advice regarding these fields or questions is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your time!

Name: Madeline Rosenberg ’16
Major: Health: Science, Society and Policy
Hometown: Scarsdale, New York

Archived Ad: Environmental Studies Major Seeks Job Advice

I am a senior at Brandeis graduating with a BS in biology and in environmental studies with a minor in chemistry. I would like to find a job that combines both my majors (biology and environmental studies) such as environmental health and research. Are there any Brandeis alums with a similar background to mine? I plan on continuing to graduate school after a couple of years of experience. Any advice would be appreciated!

Name: Sophia Glickman ’16
Majors: Biology, Environmental Studies
Hometown: Valhalla, NY

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Recruiting Career

I’m a senior on track to graduate in December. I am majoring in psychology with a minor in business. After graduation, I’m looking forward to returning to New York and starting life after Brandeis! I’m looking to be a part of the headhunting or recruiting industry, as I currently am an executive intern at MRI Networks – the Boston Group. I’ve had some experience in assisting the account executives in sourcing the best candidates for our clients’ open job positions, communicating with and interviewing potential interns, updating and renewing job postings on social media, etc. I find it both interesting as well as challenging to hear our account executives’ conversations with candidates, as they often are persuasive but not abrasive to discourage the potential candidates. Since I have some background experience in search and recruiting, I would very much like to gain more hands-on experience in the entire process of recruiting, and get a job as a recruiter in New York City. Considering my minor in business, I am also open to any marketing/business strategy positions. Any career advice, tips on how to get my foot in the door to these industries, or leads for entry-level jobs would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Name: Charley Kim ’15
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Rye, NY

Archived Ad: Advice About PhD Programs for Aspiring Legal Academic

My career goal is to go to law school, practice law for a while, and then become a legal academic. I understand that a disciplinary PhD has evolved from an interesting addition on the resume to a gold standard. My question is quite specific, but I am wondering what the difference might be between a classic academic PhD and a practitioner’s PhD (i.e. Doctorate in Public Policy) for my goal of securing a teaching job? Ideally, my dream job would involve straddling an appointment at a law school with a position at an undergraduate legal studies program.

Name: David Benger ’14
Major: Politics, Russian Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Recent grad seeks pre-med experiences

I am a recent Brandeis graduate where I was a triple major. I received a Bachelor of Science in Health: Science, Society and Policy, Biology and Hispanic Studies, with honors for my thesis. I am in the process of taking the MCAT and applying to medical schools, but I am first looking for clinical volunteer experience that enables me to interact with patients, shadowing opportunities where I will be able to interact with healthcare professionals and learn about their interactions with patients, and/or employment opportunities as a medical scribe, transcriptionist or secretary. I have office skills that I attained in my 2.5 years working in the office of The Arc of Massachusetts in Waltham, MA. I am able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. I am proficient in Spanish. I also have prior experience in entering patient information into a database from my clinical work with Global Medical Brigades in rural Honduras. In the triage station, I took down patient history, vitals, and symptoms, and I was able to shadow physicians in the consultation station, assist in the OB/GYN station, lead the education station teaching about personal hygiene, and fill prescriptions in the pharmacy. Prior volunteer experience includes being a Hospital Helper at Newton-Wellesley, a classroom volunteer through Junior Brandeis Achievers at Stanley Elementary School, a Health and Wellness Intern at the Chill Zone, a middle school rec program in Waltham, and an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for Hispanic Studies (as well as serving on the UDR council). I am wondering how to go about looking for these types of positions (aside from websites like Careerbuilder) and how to go about networking with former alumni.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Animal Behaviorist Seeks Advice

Hello! I am graduating this May and looking to go into animal behavior, wildlife conservation, zoology, or a combination of those fields. I am looking to work at zoos to gain experience before going on to earn a PhD in animal behavior. If anyone has experience in these areas I would appreciate any advice you have to give. It would be great to learn you got to where you are today. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Position in Health Policy

I am a senior at Brandeis University and will be receiving a B.A. in Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) with a minor in Legal Studies at the conclusion of this semester. I am currently a Peer Assistant in the HSSP department, and I have completed policy research internships with Health Care For All (a non-profit advocacy agency) and with the Healthcare Financing Committee of the Massachusetts State Senate. I am now looking for a job in the health policy field. Any advice or recommendations on position openings or general information about the field would be greatly appreciated.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Physician Assistant Looking for Experienced Alumni

My name is Lindsay Fitzpatrick and I am a senior at Brandeis University. My career aspiration is to be a physician assistant, and I am currently looking into fulfilling all of the requirements that go into the application process for PA masters programs. I am looking for advice on what jobs people have used to fulfill their hours, as well as any advice with the application process! I have had little interaction with PAs, so hearing more about why you love your job, and some insight into your daily life would be incredibly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you!


Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Marketing Internship Advice

My name is Talia Zapinsky and I am a junior at Brandeis University, majoring in business and psychology and am looking for a summer internship. Through my active involvement on college campus and a variety of summer internships, I have worked on various teams and projects creating and executing social media promotions, as well as growing extracurricular club awareness in the digital marketplace. Additionally, I have extensively researched consumer behavior and social media presence in different markets for prior summer internships. Presently, I am Vice President of Marketing of TAMID at Brandeis, a business consulting club on campus, conducting marketing research and analysis for start-ups. Through social media I encourage members to become involved in TAMID. In addition, I am a hard worker, highly efficient, and detail oriented. I am presently co-editor of advertising for the Brandeis University school newspaper, The Justice, where we actively reach out to local businesses in the Waltham area, manage ads for sponsors in weekly printed issues and create rates and administer online advertising. I am looking for a summer internship relating to marketing or brand/consumer marketing, specifically in New York City. I would love to work in the consumer product industry or media/entertainment industry if possible. Any advice, connections, or tips to help me along this summer internship process would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Senior Focused on Global Communication Seeks Advice

I’m currently senior studying Cultural Anthropology and International and Global Studies (IGS) with a focus in social media/global communication. I spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, studying international advertising and cross-cultural communication, and am looking to pursue a career within the advertising/marketing industry. I have background experience in account management, public relations, and nonprofit marketing, and most recently have been interning (for two semesters now) on the digital strategy team at Hill Holliday. I’m graduating in May and looking to pursue strategy/planning opportunities as well as account management roles. Do any alums have advice for me in terms of the best way to get my foot in the door? I’d be interested in connecting with alums within the industry—I’d like to learn about various agencies/specific roles, as well as any potential entry-level opportunities. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Pre-Med Senior Looking for Gap Year Recommendations

As a senior on the pre-med track, I am excited to pursue research opportunities in the medical field during my upcoming gap year. I am passionate about patient care, in particular the field of pediatrics. I have been looking for positions in the Philadelphia area, but am struggling to find opportunities appropriate for recent graduates. Ideally, I hope to build on my clinical and research experience before entering medical school. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice about how best to find a valuable experience for next year. Thank you!

Archived Ad: Business/Econ Junior Seeking Internship Advice

My name is Nicole Lenchner and I am junior at Brandeis University currently majoring in economics and business. I am searching for an internship for this summer in finance, consulting, or accounting. I am wondering what the best method is of going about applying for summer internships. Most of the internships I have gotten in the past have been through very specific means and I do not have much experience searching for internships in any other way. I have been trying to look through websites like,,, etc. and am just wondering if this is the best way to go about doing this. I would appreciate any tips, advice, connections, or opening positions. Anything and everything is helpful. Thank you in advance.

Archived Ad: Sophomore seeks CSR opportunities

My name is Heather Spector and I’m currently a sophomore at Brandeis. I’m double majoring in Business and Computer Science. I’m very interested in pursuing a career in Corporate Social Responsibility. Are there any alumni involved in this field that can recommend relevant experience I can get over the summer?


Archived Ad: Law School Bound Sophomore Seeking Advice on Planning Effective Gap Years

Hi, My name is Brandon Odze and I am a current junior looking to take two gap years between graduating from Brandeis and going to Law School. I would like to work in public finance, but was wondering if it would look better or make me look more appealing if I worked for a government agency or non-profit. I would eventually like to end up in business law but I also want to make my resume appealing to law schools and show that I used my gap years extremely efficiently. If you have any advice for me, please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to look at my Wisdom Wanted ad.


Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Alumni in French-Speaking Countries

Seeking alumni in French-speaking countries: Senior double major in International & Global Studies and French with a minor in Legal Studies. I studied abroad in Paris last semester and am nearly fluent in French. I would love to be able to work internationally, and would like to speak with alumni doing so, to possibly follow in your footsteps.


Archived Ad: History Major and Future Law School Applicant Seeks Advice

I am a History major and am also considering majoring or minoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy. I am interested in attending law school after I graduate and I was wondering if anyone has tips on what steps I can take that may help me prepare for law school. I am currently on an academic track that may allow me to graduate earlier than expected. I am passionate about history and interested in studying law as a way to allow me to incorporate my various academic and personal interests with my career. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I should approach my future career plans. Thank you very much.


Archived Ad: Business/Econ Junior Interested in Operations in Finance

I am a junior majoring in Business and Economics and am interested in the operations division at a financial services company. I would love to learn about what role the operations division has in a company and what a future career path in operations looks like. Any advice or experience in operations would be great!


Archived Ad: International & Global Studies/French Major Interested in Legal Careers

Senior double major in International & Global Studies and French with a minor in Legal Studies and an interest in journalism seeking advice on careers in the legal field including public international law and public service law. I work at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism as a research assistant with the Justice Brandeis Law Project investigating a possible wrongful conviction. I am also writing a thesis on the future of the law of genocide, inspired by my six weeks in The Hague this summer where I studied international law. Any advice from those in the field would be greatly appreciated.

Archived Ad: Recent grad seeks environmental/film leads in NYC

My name is Jenny Cheng and I recently graduated from Brandeis University with a major in Environmental Studies and minors in Business and Film, Television and Interactive Studies. I am based in New York City. I have various interests and would like to pursue a career that includes any combination of them. I am interested in sustainability, social issues (especially women’s rights), photography, and video editing. I am currently looking at administrative assistant jobs in organizations that have to do with any of my interests. Any opportunities that relate to my interests or advice on what path I could take would be very helpful. Thank you!


Archived Ad: Seeking Mentorship & Career Advice in PR

I’m incredibly interested in the public relations field and would love to meet/speak with alumni who have their own PR firms or occupy senior level positions in other firms. I’m specifically interested in corporate communications, government relations and folks working in PR in the entertainment space. In terms of the experience I already have, I established my own nonprofit organization last year called Voices of Conservative Youth that is dedicated to changing the way young people perceive the Republican Party. I’ve done my own PR for the group and have been able to garner a significant amount of media placement in the process. I’m looking for mentorship in the PR field and would love it if you’d connect me with someone who’s willing to provide it. Thanks in advance for the consideration and I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Name: Josh Nass ’14
Major: Politics
Hometown: New York, NY
View Josh’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Future Veterinarian Seeks Advice

My name is Ariana Boltax, and I am very interested in science education at the University level. After Brandeis, I will be attending veterinary school at Cornell University. My goal is to obtain a DVM followed by a PhD and to integrate the health sciences through education. Veterinary science is a fascinating combination of disciplines in a medically relevant fashion, and I am excited by the contributions that veterinary science has to offer to other health sciences, particularly human medicine.

Name: Ariana Boltax ’14
Major(s): Chemistry, Biology
Hometown: Great Neck, NY
View Ariana’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Experienced Grad Seeking Jobs at Boston/NYC Ad Agencies

A 2014 graduating senior seeking full time opportunities in Boston or New York. I am particularly interested in pursuing careers in either the account management, content, or strategy departments at full-fledged advertising agencies. I have recently wrapped up an account management internship at Hill Holliday, having worked on the Liberty Mutual account for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the Novartis account with their upcoming drug campaign launch. During my internship, I’ve had opportunities to learn about each department within the agency and build a network of contacts. Additionally, I have also been part of the IPG Summer Intern program as a marketing intern for IW Group, Inc. last summer. I would love to speak with anyone who has advice on what next steps I should take to be able to enter into the ad agency world full-time, and any tips or strategies on standing out as the best candidate to employers.

Name: Jennifer H. Kim ’14
Major: Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Roslyn Heights, NY
View Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Aspiring Film Actress/Educator Heading to NYC

I’m a graduating senior who will be moving to NYC, looking to break into the acting industry. I’m interested in both stage and film, although I’ve been leaning towards film recently. I’ll graduate in May with my Massachusetts Elementary Education certification, so I’m hoping to find some kind of teaching part-time job as well. Any advice about breaking into the NYC acting field or education community would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Corrie Legge ’14
Major(s): Biology (minors: Theater Arts, Elementary Education)
Hometown: Falmouth, ME
View Corrie’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Social Work Experience Before Grad School

I am a graduating senior majoring in Psychology. I’m considering pursuing a career in clinical psychology or psychiatry, but am planning to take a year or two off before applying to graduate school. Currently, I’m searching for a job as a research assistant or for a position in the social work field. I’m specifically interested in working with children and adolescents, and am also interested in exploring a career in forensic psychology or psychiatry. Any advice from those who have experience in the above mentioned fields would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Name: Claire Fishman ’14
Major: Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY
View Claire’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Breaking Into Event Planning / Finance with Experience Abroad in China

I am a 2013 graduate that has recently returned to the states after spending a gap year in China working as an event coordinator/English teacher. I am hoping to break into either the financial world or the event planning field. Ideally I would like to incorporate Chinese into the work place so that I can continue developing my language skills, though this is more a bonus than necessity. Looking for ideas on appropriate next steps.

Name: Michael Fodera ’13
Major(s): Economics/Philosophy
Hometown: Queens, NY
View Michael’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeking Advice on Opportunities in London

I am a Studio Arts major looking to get to London. I am open minded about job options (though preferably something creative and in the arts–visual display for retail and museum opportunities, specifically) and wondering how an American without EU work papers or citizenship can find employment in the UK. Work for a global company and hope to get transferred? Are there companies in England that recruit Americans? Would greatly appreciate strategy suggestions and advice!

Name: Sarah Bierman ’14
Major(s): Studio Art
Hometown: New York, NY
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Archived Ad: HSSP Senior Interested in Research & Policy that Benefits Older Adults

I am a senior studying HSSP. I am interested in the field of aging and pursuing work that benefits older adults. Ideally, I would like a job that allows me to use my healthcare knowledge from my HSSP courses and experiences in a way that relates to older adults. I am interested primarily in research and policy, rather than in direct clinical care such as social work. Work at a non-profit, policy organization, government institution or other organization interests me. Ultimately, I see myself attending graduate school, possibly pursuing an MPH, MPP, MPA or gerontology degree. However, as I am unsure yet what degree I want to pursue, I would like to gain experience before attending graduate school. Any guidance or suggestions on careers and graduate school are appreciated!

Name: Ilana Mittleman ’14
Major(s): HSSP
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
View Ilana’s LinkedIn profile.


Archived Ad: Graduating Senior Seeks Advice on the Media/Entertainment Industry

Hi, I am looking to get into the media/entertainment industry in the marketing, strategy, and development departments. I will be graduating in May and have been applying to jobs, but I really would love some advice on the job search and the best ways to begin my career.

Name: Morris Didia ’14
Major(s): Business, Politics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
View Morris’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: Aspiring Caseworker Seeking Advice on Direct Service Opportunities

I am a sophomore majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Health, Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP). I eventually would like to pursue an MSW, using this degree to help women and families. Currently searching for internships that will enable me to interact directly with people. I am interested in hearing about career paths in macro social work and casework, as well as other opportunities that relate to female empowerment and public health. Furthermore, I am seeking advice on how to combine my interest in policy and my desire to engage in direct service.  Thank you for your assistance and insight.

Name: Samantha Daniels ’16
Major(s): Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Syosset, NY
View Samantha’s LinkedIn profile.


Archived Ad: Aspiring Psychologist Looking for NYC Specific Advice

I have recently moved to NYC, I live in Murray Hill and have only been here a few months. I also have recently decided I would like to go into Psychology as a profession and would love any and all advice as well as any information on internships/jobs/volunteering that I can be doing in NYC while I go through this process. Any advice would help! I ideally want to work with individuals who are battling mental illness such as depression, family problems, couples, and addiction. Mainly focusing on young adults but really any age.

Name: Stephanie Plaine ’12
Major(s): American studies and Politics
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
View Stephanie’s LinkedIn profile.


Archived Ad: Sophomore HSSP Major Seeks Advice on Physical Therapy and Other Healthcare Careers

Sophomore majoring in HSSP seeking advice about physical therapy and other healthcare careers. I am interested in learning what factors influenced your decision into becoming a specific health professional. I would also like to know what I can to do to prepare for a career in the health care field. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!

Name: Maryanne Cai ’16
Major(s): HSSP
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
View Maryanne’s LinkedIn profile.

Archived Ad: HSSP/Psychology Major interested in Health Communication & Health Education

I am a double major in HSSP and Psychology graduating in December of 2014. I recently had an “ah-ha! moment” and realized that what I would truly like to do is become a health educator at the high school level. Before going into teaching, however, I’d love to gain some experience in the health communications field with organizations geared towards the prevention of diseases such as eating disorders and obesity. I’ve also been looking into masters programs that combine Health Communications & Health Education and would love to talk to anyone who has any experience with this type of graduate program and/or the field itself. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Sara Hazelnis ’14
Major: HSSP & Psychology
Hometown: Liberty, NY

Archived Ad: Senior Seeking Advice on Human Resources, Organizational/Industrial Psychology & Law Fields

I am a senior majoring in Business and Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies seeking advice on how to best utilize my majors and minor.  I am hoping to enter a field that will combine aspects of these three areas for my impending job search.  I have been told to look into Human Resources, Organizational/Industrial Psychology or Law.  I would really appreciate your advice about any of these specific careers or other careers that I might explore based on my interests.  Thanks so much for your time and wisdom!

Name: Sarah Sue Landau ’14
Major(s): Business and Psychology
Hometown: New York, NY

Archived Ad: Future Business Major Seeks Information on Finance/Financial Services/Consulting Industries

Sophomore with intended majors in Business and Economics, seeking information on different career paths. I am looking to learn about internships and job opportunities that are available in the  Finance/ Financial Services/ Consulting fields, and what factors influenced your decision to go into a specific field. I would also like to know what I can do to prepare for a career in any of those three fields and get exposure to those fields as a sophomore. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!

Name: Tifani Ng ’16
Major(s): Business and Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Archived Ad: Installation Artist Seeking Opportunities in Visual Merchandising

I’m a senior majoring in Studio Art with a sculpture concentration and minoring in Creative Writing. I want to put my technical and creative skills to good use by designing and creating window and floor displays for stores like Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Fishes Eddy, The Container Store etc. Currently job searching for post-graduation in New York City or London. I would love to hear about career paths in retail, get advice on breaking into the world of visual merchandising, or other opportunities where I can put my studio abilities to good use. I’d like to work for a global company and people with experience working abroad or familiarity with global companies would be particularly helpful! Thank you for your help and insight.

Name: Sarah Bierman ’14
Major(s): Studio Art
Hometown: New York, NY

Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Marketing/Advertising/PR Seeks Advice from Experienced Alumni

Graduating senior, member of the Women’s Soccer team, majoring in Business, seeking advice about breaking into the consumer products, sports, or fashion/retail industry at the corporate level. My dream is to fulfill a marketing/advertising or public relations leadership position within a large, global retailer. Post-graduation I plan on moving to New York City, Washington D.C., or staying in Boston for a full-time position. I am currently an Account Management Intern at Blitz Media in Waltham, MA where I support strategic media planning and research for clients such as Carbonite, Sears, American Dental Partners, and Elements Massage. This past summer, I interned at an athletic event services company in Somerville, MA, where I acquired skills and experience in marketing/communications, business development, and social media planning. I would love to chat with anyone working in these various industries about their career path. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Name: Megan A. Kessler ’14
Major(s): Business
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Varsity Sport: Soccer

Archived Ad: Employer Relations Intern Seeks Advice from Marketing/Advertising/PR Alumni

Graduating senior seeking full-time opportunities in the account management or strategy departments at an advertising or marketing agency. I am currently the Employer Relations Intern at the Hiatt Career Center. I have also interned at an ad agency this past summer. I have taken classes that range from biology and organic chemistry, to marketing management and financial accounting, as well as courses in sociology and Hispanic studies. I am particularly interested in marketing, advertising, public relations, market research, event planning, and consulting. I would love to speak with anyone that has experience in any of these fields and industries and discuss what path they’ve taken after graduation.

Name: Jennifer H. Kim ’14
Major(s): Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Roslyn, NY

Advice Wanted: Trying to Beat the Curve in Marketing

I am currently a junior with a dual major in Business and Psychology and a member of the Women’s soccer team. I had the opportunity to work with a growing business-
to-business company this past summer as the marketing intern and would like
to gain insight into what is the next best step into pursuing a marketing career
after I graduate. I am curious as to whether it is best to intern with more than
one company, or to return to the same company? What do the different roles of marketing entail? I would like to speak with alumni to gather as much knowledge from others’ experiences as I can in furthering my career.

Name: Corinne Bortniker ’15
Major(s): Business and Psychology
Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
Varsity Sport: Soccer
View Corinne’s LinkedIn profile.

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Archived Ad: Aspiring Neuroscience and/or Public Health Researcher Seeks Advice

Hello! I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience and HSSP. I am primarily interested in cancer research but I am also interested in general neuroscience and public health related research as well. Seeking advice on a career in research (academia and industry) and how to apply to lab positions. I have worked in three labs so far, two as a student researcher (currently working on a thesis) and one as a lab technician. I am investigating the factors contributing to the differences seen in glucocorticoid sensitivity between older and younger women and men. I would love to talk to you about your career path, how you got to where you are now, and other relevant or future opportunities. Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it!

Name: Kristin Ha ’14
Major(s): Neuroscience and HSSP
Hometown: New York, New York
Varsity Sport: Fencing

Archived Ad: Creative & Enthusiastic Senior Seeks Advice on Careers that Help Others

I am an enthusiastic, hard worker with exceptional organizational skills! I am interested in jobs in college admissions, television production, event planning, human resources and counseling. Through any of these areas I hope to put my skills to good use in an active environment where I can be creative and work to help others. I would love to speak to alumni who have experience in any of these fields or have advice for finding a job in which every day is a new experience!

Name: Laine Meyer ’14
Major(s): Psychology, Sociology
Hometown: Westchester, NY

Archived Ad: From History To Law

Enthusiastic, hard-working, and efficient learner. I am a graduating senior looking to attain more information about the legal profession. My interest in the law started with my passion for learning history in the academic setting. After taking two classes on legal history, I would appreciate the opportunity to shadow a practicing attorney to better understand diverse legal specialties and differences in practice. Thank you.

Student: Linda Li ’13
: Queens, NY
: History; American Studies

Archived Ad: Quantitative Senior Seeks Investment Management Advice

As an Economics major, I enjoy using my knowledge and quantitative skills to solve problems. Before my current role as a Risk Management Intern at Sovereign Bank, I have done research on actively managed ETFs at a division under the Oliver Wyman Group and assisted a Brandeis Economics Professor in his research and data analysis work (using STATA). After Brandeis, I want to continue understanding fundamentals and conducting quantitative analysis. Therefore, I have a passion for any position related to investment management, marketing/data analytics, valuation, and economic consulting. As a graduating senior, I am looking for entry level opportunities in the Greater New York City area and I look forward to meeting or chatting with alumni working in these industries. Thank you in advance for your help; I am all ears, for any experience you are willing to share and any advice you may have!

Student: Feifei Yang ’14
Hometown: China
Major: Economics

Archived Ad: Exploring Journalism & Advocacy

Sophomore double major in IGS and French with minors in Journalism and Environmental Studies seeks policy or advocacy focused experience, or experience at an established newspaper. Looking for guidance in getting tips from alumni established in international law, government and diplomacy, or print journalism on finding an internship and/or being prepared to go into their respective fields for the summer and/or after graduation. Classroom experience in writing policy memos and international negotiation exercises. Journalism experience includes writing, editing, layout, photography. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign on Mac and PC. Speak, read, and write French at an intermediate to advanced level.


Student: Alyson Eller ’15
Hometown: Plainview, NY
Major: IGS, French and Francophone Studies

Archived Ad: Wisdom from the Art World

I am a Studio Art (painter) major graduating this May. I am also the Marketing and Communications intern at Hiatt Career Center, President of the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum, and a Roosevelt Fellow (peer academic advisor for first year students). I would love to hear from alums and parents who also have BAs in Fine Arts and have pursued careers in visual arts, museums, galleries, arts non-profits and higher education. What kinds of paths did you take to get to where you are today? What cities are best for young artists? As a person dedicated to making art, how did/do you manage to earn a living while making your art? For those who did not go down a studio route, how did you get involved in the museum or gallery world? What kinds of opportunities exist in the marketing and communications fields for the art world?

Student: Lenny Schnier ’13
: Long Beach, NY
: Studio Art

Archived Ad: Time Off Before Health Care Law

Psychology major with a strong interest in law, particularly health care law. I plan to take some time off before going to law school and would like to hear some suggestions as to how I can make the most of this time. I would love to talk to a current health care lawyer or a current law student interested in health care law to discuss what this path demands and what motivated them to choose this area.

Student: Brittany Bell ’13
: Queens, NY
: Psychology

Archived Ad: Preserve. Conserve. Restore.

Creatively inclined Studio Arts major, class of 2014, seeking advice and guidance from alumni with careers in preservation, conservation and restoration. I was involved with an art replication project over the summer in Poland and had a fantastic experience. I would love to know if there are more opportunities like that out there and to learn more about what is involved in a preservation/restoration/conservation career. I’m also interested in working abroad, so I’m also eager to hear from people who have international experience in any artistic capacity (i.e. museum administration, residencies, curatorial experience, graduate school, full-time/part-time artist). Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to navigate the international art world? Could you share your professional timeline with me so I can better understand how arts careers can evolve? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Student: Sarah Bierman ’14
: New York, NY
: Studio Art

Archived Ad: Broadening Outlooks on the Health Profession

I aspire to improve the health and wellness of those around me by gaining experience in the medical or public health field. Recently, I completed a summer internship at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in the Bureau of Tuberculosis Control. My research experience includes work at the Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. My questions are for medical school students and physicians: What was the best and most informative experience you had before applying to medical school? How did this experience change the way you view health and medicine? If you took time off, how did you spend that time in a meaningful way? What skills and values do you think are most important in the health profession? How do you see medical education changing in the future?

Student: Aaron Schluger ’14
: Millwood, NY