Archived Ad: Senior Interested in Biotech/Pharma Management

I am a senior double majoring in Biology and HSSP. Through my research position in a drug-development lab at Brandeis University, I gained many invaluable lab skills and realized that I want to go into Biotech/Pharma industry. In the future, I am also looking into getting an MBA and get involved in the management side of a biotech firm. As I am approaching to the end of my undergraduate life, I would love to learn more about how other alumni, who had a similar career pathway, found their first job, and what they did to reach their end goal.

Name: Sinan Isim ’14
Major(s): Biology and HSSP
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Archived Ad: Future Clinical Psych PhD

Psychology and Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) major working on thesis about the experience of illness of epilepsy and diabetes for young adults who have experienced the college campus atmosphere, with Prof. Conrad, chair of Sociology and HSSP program. Also working at Aging, Cognition and Culture lab with Laura and Prof. Gutchess on cross cultural differences of categorical memory in the US, Israel and Turkey. My true passion is working directly with children. I now volunteer in three organizations for low-income children fun enrichment programs and spent my summer as a camp counselor in Istanbul. I hope to complete a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after getting work experience in the healthcare/mental healthcare/childcare fields in the US. I seek advice about options for entry level positions with that goal in mind.  Where do healthcare, childcare and education converge? What do employers look for in such fields? What advice do you have for a college senior hoping to start a career in these fields?

Student: Rozi Levi ’13
: Izmir, Turkey
: Psychology, HSSP