“This semester, I had three great conversations with Brandeis alumni in fields I previously did not know too much about. The alumni who participate in Wisdom Wanted are enthusiastic about their work and love speaking with Brandeis students about possible career paths. I am interested in bio-pharmaceuticals, and one alum even offered to give me a tour of any research lab at Alnylam and introduce me to PIs – I am going next week!” – Stephanie Heimler ’17

“I graduated this past May with a double major in Business and Health: Science, Society and Policy. I submitted a few Wisdom Wanted ads my senior year. The Wisdom Wanted ads gave me the opportunity to be connected with several alums that advised me based on their own experiences. This platform increased my confidence in the decisions I made regarding my job search and career path. It is motivating to know that my network is limitless to the connections I made on campus and alumni already in the workforce. I am constantly amazed at the level of commitment showcased within Brandeis’ community. The Wisdom Wanted ad is one example of how Brandeisians continue their hands-on involvement in the community. As a recent graduate, I encourage students to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and alumni to continue making Wisdom Wanted ads possible by providing their wisdom.” -Oyemen Ehikhamhen ’17

“I had many conversations with alumni through the Wisdom Wanted program, especially my senior year. One of the stand-out exchanges was with Shira Straus ’11. She calmed my fears about applying to Boston-area law schools with a sub-par LSAT score and helped put things into perspective. Shira was candid about her own score and encouraged me that it would work out. She also gave me honest feedback about applying to lower ranked schools as a back-up. We corresponded back and forth via email, and she never tired of my questions. Overall, it was great, useful, and relevant advice that I really needed at the time.” – Jasmine Etesse ’15

“Wisdom Wanted led me to my very first job! Within days of my post, I received invaluable advice from an alum who not only shared his experiences with me but alerted me to openings in his workplace that I would not have otherwise discovered. Months later I applied, interviewed and was offered a position. I also owe tremendous thanks to those at Hiatt who helped me through every stage of the process!” – Yael Bellin ’14

“I’m now the research assistant for a Brandeis alumnus who contacted me through Wisdom Wanted. He’s doing what I want to do when I grow up, so to be able to work with him so closely is incredible. I thought I should let you know what this program has done for me. Thank you so much!” – Kelsey Segaloff ’15