Post 1: Interning at Interlock Media

interlock mediaInterlock Media is an organization that creates documentaries about environmental and social justice issues. Currently, we have 4 projects that are works in progress. These projects include an animation for a doctor that works to eventually prescribe medicine via phone call or text. This was also described as being called tele-medicine. Another project known as Expass, is guided towards making documentaries of early environmental expeditions around Asia, Africa, and other places around the globe. The source material of these documentaries come from diaries and photos made by those whom took part in the expeditions. Another project is known as the Fuller film. This film views the lives of the children who undertook the Metco program. The Metco program was catered towards providing education to children of minorities. The last is about a pod cast made to address the possible corruption in certain nursing practices.

As a production Assistant, I am tasked with completing any tasks that are ask of me. More specifically, what I have done so far is this: move desks, chairs, AC units, audio speakers, locate wires for basic computer tech, clean coolers, computers, dishes, chairs, resupply a water fountain, decorate rooms for meetings, record voice overs, review scripts, search for images that relate to the documentary at hand, take photos of my colleges, edit photos, assist video editors, pick up donations from nearby businesses, call businesses to request donations, drive board members to meetings, and so on.

I will continue by trying my best to further complete any task that comes my way. I feel that these general tasks are actually helping a lot. By the end of this summer, as my interests are photography and film, I hope to gain more experience with photography and film.