Post 1: Summer of 2018! :)

I have been in the United States for about three years and moved to this country from Cape Verde during the summer of 2015. I believe I will not have another summer as busy as this one. The summer of 2018 has been the busiest one so far.Thus far, my internship with State Representative Evandro Carvalho is keeping me very busy as I work with the Committee to Elect Evandro Carvalho for District Attorney. I am working on this campaign since Daniel Conley isn’t seeking re-election this year.

Rep. Carvalho represents the Roxbury and Dorchester communities. I ended up working with Rep. Carvalho because a few months after my arrival in the U.S., a high school counselor spoke to me about Rep. Carvalho’s journey– how he went to UMass Amherst and Howard Law School and left a great law firm in Washington D.C. to give back to his community. My counselor told me that working with a successful Cape Verdean man at the State House would look good on my resume. I did in fact end up working with his secretary at the State House and enjoyed organizing paperwork (letters, budgets in spreadsheets, etc.) and opening/closing issues that people called about.

I wish I had the opportunity to actual work with him personally, but Rep. Evandro was always in meetings and/or section. Recently, he reached out to me about his candidacy and I jumped right in without thinking about the pros and cons of a campaign. I really admire his willingness to leave a prestigious law firm in D.C. to give back to the community in which he grew up. Therefore, it is a big deal for me to work for him.

My first day of work had me confused, as my letter of offer stated May 28 as the starting date. “But isn’t that Memorial Day?” I thought. I didn’t think I had to work that day but learned if you are a politician running for any office (specially the DA’s office) you want to be everywhere to interact with people and connect with the community. On Memorial Day, I was THE DRIVER and bodyguard for Rep. Carvalho, but it wasn’t bad at all. I got to be part of at least three Memorial Day events in Boston to demonstrate my appreciation to the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

Memorial Day at Cedar Grove Cemetery. 🙂

After that day, my tasks have been calling voters to explain what Rep. Carvalho stands for and his qualifications for DA. I have encouraged people about how much their support is essential for him to continue his job as a leader.  As I speak to the voters and gather support, I ask if they would like a lawn sign to be placed at their residency. Upon consent I drive to their home I place the signs in the lawn, fences or porches. I recruited many friends to volunteer. 🙂

That’s me putting up a sign on Adams St! 🙂
My friends and I supporting Rep. Evandro before a Debate at Saint Marks Church on Dorchester Avenue. #It’s_Time!

I also create events on Facebook and send them out to his supporters. As I continue to call and gather support from voters, I hope to assist Rep. Carvalho have victory on September 4 as the next DA. His victory is what I hope to accomplish this summer . #Carvalho_for_DA.

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