Midway Point

I’m halfway through my internship and it has been an amazing experience so far. You can learn a lot in the classroom and through textbooks, but you’ll never actually absorb the industry until you have gone out and experienced it. I have witnessed this first hand since starting my internship this summer. Being an intern at Artist Partner Group has exposed me to an environment I don’t usually experience. An environment filled with ambition and drive to succeed in the music industry. But it’s not the standard music industry ambiance that I was introduced to last summer at Warner Music’s headquarters in NYC. It’s way different. The anti-corporate aroma and entrepreneurial spirit are the engines at APG. Everyone is hungry to make things happen for each other and contribute to the company.

At the beginning of my internship, I honestly had sentiments of being underestimated in what I was capable of, but I quickly realized that I just had to be patient and ready. I had to be trustworthy and execute tasks efficiently. Now, as I continue to build reliance and confidence with my co-workers, I’m being trusted with more and more things to do every day. Here are just some highlights and tasks that I’ve taken on since the beginning:

  • Alec Benjamin Photoshoot: Alec Benjamin is one of APG’s exciting new artists. I have been at APG to witness his rise, and all the effort and work put into creating a superstar. Alec has now accumulated millions of sales since I’ve been here (he released new music the week I started). I was fortunate enough to contribute to this in a small way by helping to orchestrate a photoshoot for his cover art. I helped with the setup and angles for the shoot. It was also a great opportunity to converse and get to know Alec in person.

    This is Alec Benjamin! I took this while at the photoshoot.
  • A&R Listening Sessions: Every Thursday I’m at the A&R Department, listening to a bunch of new, undiscovered music and highlighting ones I think have potential. I venture on different websites that shoot out streaming and viral analytics in order to track down up and coming talent that are performing well on the web. At the end of the day, I meet with my supervisor and go over some of the artists I tracked down throughout the day. It is a great experience to bond with my supervisor over new music and also help the firm with potential new artists to sign. I also spend a lot of time discovering new DJs in order for the label to commission remixes for their recent releases.
  • Setting up Artist Showcases: Every so often, the company hosts artist showcases, which are basically small intimate concerts with their artists. These showcases are for internal company employees only and usually occur in a private setting (not at the office). Recently I was tasked with helping set up one of the showcases and helping it run smoothly. Later, I was assigned to create a photo book of pictures from some of the showcases for the office.

    This is an example of an Artist Showcase I was fortunate to attend, featuring Rita Ora.
  • Social Media Audits: This is by far one of the coolest and most educational things I’ve done at the office. My supervisors have taught me the metrics and ways to analyze social media accounts. By doing this, I can now scan through social accounts of company artists and perform a social media audit of their accounts. What this means is that I go through their accounts, gather their engagement stats, monitor their best and worst performing posts, and then create a 10-page report on it. On the report, I highlight what they shouldn’t be doing and I also create suggestions for them based on my research; all of this in order for the artists to perform better on social. This is a unique digital marketing skill that I truly value and will definitely be able to use in any future endeavors.

    One sheet of streaming statistics for the past week that I have to look over every week. I had to blur out the content because of confidentiality.

These were just some of the highlights and tasks that I have done so far. I’m very excited to continue building trust with the company and find out what exciting tasks lie ahead!