Post 1 – Interning at Image Insight Inc.

This past fall semester, I took an Intro to Artificial Intelligence course which ignited my interest in AI and machine learning. One particular notion that fascinated me was the idea of how machine learning is an “enabling technology.” Just as the invention of programmable computers replaced the need to make a new circuit – drastically decreasing software development time – machine learning has this same potential to help software engineers do their jobs more efficiently. It was an exciting class, and after it ended I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet in the real-world.
This summer, my internship will give me the opportunity to apply many of the machine learning techniques that I have studied this past year. I’m interning for Image Insight Inc., a company whose mission is to provide low-cost radiation detection to the general public. Radiation is prevalent in many aspects of our lives at various levels, and high levels of radiation are dangerous and hazardous. The technology we’re developing can aid users at a multitude of levels, including the military, first responders, and people who receive radioactive treatments.
While many advancements have been made, there are still some problems that need refining in order for this technology to be utilized at its highest potential. For example, different cameras detect varying levels of radiation, and consistently standardizing what a normal level of background radiation looks like is difficult even between identical cameras.
This summer, I will use a machine learning approach to solve this problem as well as several issues from the nature of radioactive randomness. Solving these problems will allow for smoother transitions from device to device. In 2015, there were reportedly over 24,000 different types of
android phones on the market so it’s not realistic to individually tailor a solution for every single kind of phone on the market. Instead, new approaches and fresh techniques may be just what we need to broaden the scope of this technology to make it more accessible in the market.
This summer, I’m excited to have my first professional experience in a software development and machine learning setting. I hope to make a valuable contribution based on what I’ve learned in class, and see how it applies to Image Insight’s needs. I’m also looking forward to learning how to navigate a professional environment, even if I have to do it over conference call. Originally, the internship was planned to be onsite, and due to COVID-19 I will be working remotely. Luckily, I’ve already met the rest of my team and have begun working with them. I look forward to learning a lot and am very excited about what the rest of the summer has to offer.