Reflecting on my Internship Experience

While reflecting on my learning goals from the beginning of the summer, I believe that I have satisfied them. Not only has my writing improved as the summer went on, but I also believe that my ability to read with an editor’s, critiquing eye has enhanced. Compared to the beginning of the summer, I now write my coverage much more quickly and in a concise manner. At the beginning of my internship, I had a hard time condensing an entire story to a two-page synopsis. This skill has improved greatly to the point that I think that I have become a more concise writer who is able to express her ideas directly and to the point. In regard to my editing skills, I have learned the difference between reading for pleasure and reading for problems. When you are reading with the intention to find lapses, holes, and problems within the story, it shifts the way you read and understand. I have learned that if I actively read a story with the hope to make it better for the next person that reads it, I have the creativity and eye to find things that I would have previously glossed over. Therefore, I have learned a great deal from my internship. On top of fine-tuning my reading and editing skills, I have learned what kind of stories and writers are out there and what makes a story unique and noteworthy.

In regard to my career interests, this internship has taught me that publishing is a field that I would love to pursue. I thought I knew for sure that I wanted to stick with books, but this internship has also exposed me to the world of screenplays, film, and tv shows. These are fields that I have discovered that I am equally interested in. In the workplace, I now feel more confident in my writing knowing that esteemed writers have read my comments and agreed with them. This will make me a more successful worker. It has given me a boost of confidence knowing that my writing and ideas are valid and fit in within an established workplace.

To anyone interested in an internship in this industry/field, I would give the advice of not being intimidated by the size and length of some of the projects. It can be intimidating to receive a 500-page book and expect to read the whole thing quickly while also brainstorming comments. In this scenario, it’s important to accept that it’s okay to read quickly, jotting down significant notes and plot moments as you go.  I would also give the advice of trusting your own ideas because an author might find value in them.

example comments

As a final reflection on my internship, I am most proud of the fact that some authors read and agreed with my suggestions. I am proud that my ideas could come to fruition in a finalized project while knowing that I played a role in that very publication.