Another milestone for the books. My internship at Central Square Theatre is officially coming to a close but I am so happy for the opportunities and insights it has given me. Over the course of working at CST, I have not only learned a lot about myself as an intern, but as a person, student and professional.

I am a diligent, go-getter who keeps plugging along even when the going gets rough. There were some tough spots during my internship where I had to stop and re-strategize. Each experience has helped shape who am today and what I hope to pursue in the future. 

This summer I helped launch our last show of the 2016-17 season, The Midvale High School Fiftieth Reunion and took to the streets by my own volition to hand out postcards. I started an initiative to get CST postcards to all hotel concierge services in the area and into guestrooms. I also attended the Central Square Flea Market where CST had a table and I passed out pamphlets all day and discussed one-on-one what the theatre is all about. Lastly I contacted local television stations to hopefully bring CST beyond the stage and to the greater community via television.

So what’s next for me? We shall see! I am grateful for the experiences I had this summer and for the connections I made through the theatre. It was a pleasure to work with the other interns in gearing up for our brand new season. It is rewarding to know that my work at the theatre will not go unrecognized and that I had a hand in the upcoming productions.

I want to say thank you to CST and WOW for making this experience possible.

Tricia Cordischi


Fifty days in. Can you believe it? Central Square Theater is in full swing and things have really picked up for the upcoming season. Walking into our cozy office, you will see nine interns clustered around a table all typing on their Macs, charging up on coffee from the Mariposa Bakery next-door.I am already beginning to learn a great deal not only about theater but about being an intern and what it means to be in marketing. I had no idea coming in the intensity of the research I would be responsible for or the need to prioritize work.

The wonderful thing about this internship in particular is that it is completely malleable. I have the ability to initiate projects and propose my own ideas to the marketing team. My initial picture of working at the theater is drastically different from my present status as an intern. I have had the opportunity to set up one-on-ones with my supervisor to really cater my experience to my needs and talents.

So much has happened since we last checked in. We’ve had our last show of the 2016-2017 season, The Midvale High School Fiftieth Reunion which featured Gordon Clapp, star of NYPD Blue and Chicago Fire. I was the main photographer for this event and was instrumental in the social media campaigns surrounding the production. I also walked around the entire city in my little black dress and heels hanging up posters and rallying new patrons.

I have also been taking lots of pictures for Youth Underground which is CST’s education program that “investigates social issues relevant to young people and our world” (CST Website). I really enjoy the face-to-face interaction that comes with going to these events and photographing the performers.

Currently I am in charge of some secret projects regarding our plans for the upcoming season but I guarantee they are exciting and are sure to engage our current patrons and future audience members!

Patricia Cordischi ’18

My Debut

With my chocolate muffin and latte in hand, I buzzed into the intercom at the Central Square Theatre entrance. First day jitters were in full force but immediately quelled once I stepped into the office. My fellow interns welcomed me with smiling faces and my supervisor, Tabitha, rushed over to greet me.

Our first week was designated to preparation and continued research on the upcoming plays for the season. We spent our initial day reviewing scripts and noting themes, honing in on fundamental issues each piece presented. My second day, I spent a significant amount of time discussing with our staff responsible for education and community connectivity to figure out how we can go beyond the text and into our surrounding environment.

As a Theatre Arts major, I have always been interested in the
production aspect and inner workings behind a theatre company. As an actress, I feel it is important to understand the managerial side and comprehend the process of keeping your theatre running. In the future, I too hope to start my own theatre company and by delving into the world of the theatre this summer, I hope to gain the knowledge and develop a support network to make my business endeavors a reality. Though I will be focusing on marketing, I will have the opportunity to interact with other departments to get a full view of what I would need to run a successful theatre company in the future.
As Central Square Theatre’s summer marketing intern I will be assisting in promotion and marketing analysis. I have already begun working closely with Nicholas and Tabitha, the heads of the marketing department, to begin to get a full understanding of the overall brand and goals for the upcoming season. I will also be advertising in the surrounding community and developing relationships with the ‘potential audience and other stakeholders’ in the Boston area.
I look forward to growing not only academically through getting first-hand experience in the field I’m studying but also personally in the various responsibilities I will be expected to complete. I am excited to be taking on this new endeavor and cannot wait to get started.

Tricia Cordischi