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Story Pitch Idea: Brandeis Parking

I plan to have a story about Brandeis parking policies and situations. The reason why I want to have this story is because I have many friends who got fined because they were not clear with the campus parking policies. So I hope to answer their questions and help them deal with the parking problem via this story.

I want to have three sources: the first one is the Parking Appeals Committee representative (Muhammad Ilyas, who I am waiting for his response). I want him to talk about the Brandeis parking policies.  I would like to ask  questions including What is the parking policy on campus? Where could undergraduate students park? What should they do if they receive a fine ticket? What will be the possible results if they do not pay for the fine ticket?

In the interview with my second source (which should be a students who owns a car), I would like to ask about his or her parking experience before, like how does he or her think about the current parking policy. Are you clearly knowing where you are allowed to park? How do you think about the current Brandeis policy? Do you have any parking problem or experience would like to share with us?

I hope I can get the representative’s response soon and then I can start early. The location should be on campus, in the representative’s office and in a quiet place like classroom in Mandel when interviewing the student.

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Yigu’s Introductory Blog

Hello all, my name is Yigu Liang and I am currently a Brandeis senior. I am majoring in Education Studies and minoring in Economics. I found my great interest and passion in Journalism last summer, and then started my journey to take journalism classes, sharpen my writing skills, doing related internship in order to practice, learn and explore more.

In terms of my interests as a journalist, currently I do not have a specific topic, because I am still learning about journalism, so I am open to all topics. My journalist idol, Jing Chai, who is an investigative journalist in China. Her reports and interviews focused on societal problems including air pollution, justice and human rights etc. Her bravery reports have provoked much discussions in China and have enacted many positive changes in the country. Motivated by Chai’s remarkable work, I hope one day can also enact positive change through my journalistic work, as her has done and continues to do.

I am interested to produce a news segment about  “Parking issues” at Brandeis. Many friends of mine complained about the limited parking spots for undergraduate students on campus, which resulted them to violate the university parking regulation to park at where they are not allowed to. They complained that if they did not do so, they would be late for class. Is that an understandable excuse?  What is the parking policy on campus? Where could undergraduate students park? What should they do if they receive a fine ticket? What will be the possible results if they do not pay for the fine ticket?  I want to produce a news segment answering all these questions by interviewing students, police and traffic department at Brandeis, and I want this news segment to be easily understood for students who are confused about the university parking policy.

In terms of the off-campus story, I saw an event : Second at the MIT Museum: A Celebration of Polaroid and Edwin Land at MIT museum. This event will take place in MIT museum Jan 22rd. It is about to celebrate Edwin Land’s invention of instant photography through historical and technological stories told by the people who worked at Polaroid with Land. It will explore the science of Polaroid innovations through hands-on activities and mini-talks. This is just a tentative thought about my coverage of off-campus story, and I will post other stories if I discovered.

Thanks for reading, and please do not hesitate to leave comments if you have any suggestion for me and my idea.

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