Story Pitch Idea: Brandeis Parking

January 28th, 2016

I plan to have a story about Brandeis parking policies and situations. The reason why I want to have this story is because I have many friends who got fined because they were not clear with the campus parking policies. So I hope to answer their questions and help them deal with the parking problem via this story.

I want to have three sources: the first one is the Parking Appeals Committee representative (Muhammad Ilyas, who I am waiting for his response). I want him to talk about the Brandeis parking policies.  I would like to ask  questions including What is the parking policy on campus? Where could undergraduate students park? What should they do if they receive a fine ticket? What will be the possible results if they do not pay for the fine ticket?

In the interview with my second source (which should be a students who owns a car), I would like to ask about his or her parking experience before, like how does he or her think about the current parking policy. Are you clearly knowing where you are allowed to park? How do you think about the current Brandeis policy? Do you have any parking problem or experience would like to share with us?

I hope I can get the representative’s response soon and then I can start early. The location should be on campus, in the representative’s office and in a quiet place like classroom in Mandel when interviewing the student.

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