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What kind of stories do community cable-access news television stations cover? Most cover any local news happening around town. However, things are different at Arlington Public News. In addition to local news, Arlington Public News also reports on events in the greater Massachusetts area, and even other parts of the world. What makes APN so special is its robust commitment to training future journalists and producers, and the special relationship the station has with its college interns who provide much of this international view. In addition to training interns’ basic skills, such as investigating, reporting and editing, this television station also gives its interns the freedom and choice to decide what kind of news stories matter to them, which helps make this news program unique and captivating to its audience.


Arriving at the office early, Savana Williams starts her work immediately. As a junior student learning TV production at Emerson, this is her second year working at the Arlington Public News, a community cable-access news television.


In the interview, Savana introduces her major responsibility is to discover news from the greater Boston area; she works with her colleagues to prepare interviews, edit news segments, and controls equipment in the studio. But more importantly, she hosts her own TV program to the television once a week.


Savana is not the only college intern working for APN. This community based television station takes up to ten interns from different colleges around Boston. How do these young journalists make Arlington Public News unique?


Eve Liu, a college intern who is a Chinese student from Boston University told us how these college interns provide new perspectives for the station’s audience. Her international background also brings new resources to the station that it might not otherwise have. After the Paris attack, Eve interviewed a journalist source in Paris and was able to receive first-hand information. This first-hand information helps the audience in the Arlington community feel more connected with the other parts of the world.


As Eve brings a new angle and provides a broader spectrum of topics to the community, she also benefits from this experience. She gets the opportunity to learn American culture through her interactions with community members as an intern journalist, and her English improves a lot.


James Milan, the News Director of Arlington Public News, has also noticed theis mutually beneficial model between the college interns and the television station. An intern from India initiated her news program on APN too called World in 60. These interns introduce about new ideas to APN, and that is one of the reasons why this station is unique from others. The station is also providing opportunities for them to get some real-world journalistic experience.


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