2 People, 2 Stories

Culture has an immense impact on people and their shaping from childhood itself. It gives belief, hope and values to hold onto as children grow into teenagers and then adults as they map their way through life.

For my first potential story, I thought of focusing on the culture and experience of an acquaintance who has lived his life in India, Africa and finally pursued his education at Brandeis University. These transitions and his experiences in various living situations are enriched with culture and emotions. As he thrives at Brandeis, he is running for student council and part of BADASS, going forth to put across his perspectives on important and current issues. I would like to explore the plethora of reasons he has for making such choices and the events that brought him here eventually.

Continuing on the cultural theme, I am part of a Bollywood fusion dance club, resident at Brandeis, called Chak De! The group consists of girls and boys from   various backgrounds, all of whom have come together to embrace the music and dance of a culture that could vary from theirs. Each of them has their own reasons for choosing to take the bold step to come out and audition for an alien art, and yet as they perform on stage they have their unique emotions. What may not have been their’s as first, can be called their’s now and has eventually come to be a part of them.

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